Monday, July 23, 2007

Chopstick helpers

Ethan gave me some awesome chopstick helpers!! I used them the other day - aren't they awesome!?!?!??!

Cute pics

Kade sleeping...not really sure what he's dreaming about.

Tucker on Jackie.

Chet in a sleeping bag.

Jazelle on the couch.

Chantelle in a orange chicken box.

Video as promised

Here is Kyle getting stuck - the water skiing video wasn't that cool. Just me water skiing, so if you really want it, I'll put it up. If not, then I won't. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Water skiing

Eric, Brandon, his kids, and I all went water skiing. I was the only one to get up...I blame it on the boat. We just need a faster one. :)
Like the American Fork blog, the videos will come later.

I finished my bedroom - aint it gorgeous?

Ugly bedroom to pretty bedroom!

Now my stuff is all over my room - still haven't organized it all. Just finished organizing all the for all the other stuff. One day I'll sleep on my bed again!

The shelf

Ricky and I built a shelf - it is now deemed the "pantry" and it's awesome! Don't worry - it will look way more beautiful when its painted, and the hall doesn't look so gross.

TUH DA!!!!

All right...I'm blogging...

All right - so it's been almost a month since I have blogged so let me start with all the pictures I haven't put on here! First off we have our off roading trip in American Fork canyon, where Kyle - our new friend - got his toyota stuck in the mud pit and we ended up having to tow him down the trail. Videos will come later when I have a higher internet speed to upload them.

Kyle's toyota sinking...

Rickster and Mike in the mud in Mike's jeep

Look at that mud fly!

Christie, Brian, and Joe in Brian's jeep:

Mike's jeep going down:

Fun fun fun.