Monday, August 27, 2007

This last weekend videos...

This last weekend

We went to price and met up with Kyle, and this dude named Chad, and this lady with her husband - Ricky and Allen. It was sooo fun! Maybe too much fun! :) We went through the trash compactor at Pinnacle II and did some good body damage...oops. Here's some pics and some video - once I get the rest off Ricky's comp, I'll put them on here.

Kyle lost his tire...we weren't on the trails was sad.

I my hand all muddy. No broken bones. It's cool. :)

Kyle's toyota going up the waterfall.

The jeep in the trash compactor.

The Edward's vehicle leaving the trash compactor.

The trash compactor without vehicles in it.

And this is where the body damage comes in...

Eric putting the strap on the jeep...the boys were gonna keep it from falling anymore.

Eric saved the fig newtons!!

Cliffhanger videos

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Golds gym

I just called Golds for my mom and sister, to find out when they close on Saturday. Well, I called, and I said... "I just wanted to know when you close today."
The guy on the phone said, "Are you a current member?"
I said, "Um yeah..."
He said, "okay we close at 9."

What was that about? I'm trying to find out when they close...that doesn't mean I will sign up right then. A simple phone call to find out the time they Are they soliciting because I called them? What a weirdo. That's all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The retard at American Fork

All right - first off - Tucker will not stop farting. It's pretty gross. But on a funnier note, here are videos, photos, or whatever, about the retard that tried to fall on a cliff at American Fork - we call him cliffhanger. :)
I have some videos too, but those will come later, once they'll blog off google.