Thursday, December 20, 2007

Proposal Story

So on December 18th, Tuesday, Eric asked me to marry him!

Eric asked me to go to lunch with him in Springville. As I was on my way to drop off my brother before I went down, Christie and Brian told me they wanted to come. So we, including Tucker, all jumped in the car, and went down to Springville. When we got there, Christie and Brian got out of the car right away and went inside, and I put Tucker around the back. Eric was then standing on the front porch with a big bag that said Merry Christmas on it, wearing his tacky sweater for the tacky sweater party.

Eric told me he wanted me to open my Christmas presents. I told him I could just take them home with me, and open them on Christmas. He insisted that I open them right then, but I complained that I didn't have his presents with me and it wouldn't be fair! He said he didn't we got into my car, because he wanted to open them in there.

As soon as we get in, Eric told me he was switching CD's because my music is crappy. That was weird, but I was just like, whatever.

Sidenote: BEFORE we were dating, he told me that he wanted to play Coheed and Cambria: The Suffering, when he asked someone to marry him - because of the "Listen well... will you marry me?" lyric.

So all of a sudden I hear The Suffering come on, and I said all right, where we are going and what are we doing? Eric just said oh nothing, now open your christmas gifts. He started driving to the park in the neighborhood - and eventually parked in the playground parking lot.

Anyway, I started opening my gift and pulled out french bread, cuz I love it; skittles, my favorite candy; chocolate in a candy cane; and a t-shirt that reads "you shook me all night long" and AC DC on the back. Then I pulled out all this tissue paper, and then unwrapped a little white box. I gave it to Eric and told him I couldn't open it and he said hold on one second.

Just then, the line "listen well....will you marry me" came on. He opened the box and said, so will you marry me? I couldn't believe what my ring looked like...I was speechless.

I kissed him, then told him "of course I will."

It was really amazing and we are totally engaged now!! YAY!! Start the wedding plans!

Now, I have my fingernails done - THANK YOU NATALIE AND ETHAN!!! - so now I can show off my ring to everybody while having beautiful nails!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pictures of the ring!

So yes, it's a gorgeous, beautiful, absolutely perfect ring! :) And we are so in love and so getting married!!! :)

I'll have the pictures up once Eric or Ethan sends them my way. And I'll tell you the story then so you can follow along in pictures a little bit. Or at least see what I'm talking about.



so we are engaged, and its awesome, i love jackie and i am going to marry her, and now she has the ring to prove, hopefully she will put up some pictures of the ring, and maybe she will even tell the story

thats all,


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Yesterday, I had a job interview in Orem with a law firm as their receptionist - won't know about that until January.

Tomorrow I have a job interview doing public relation stuff in Bedminster, NJ, over the phone.

Friday, I have a job interview in St. George at their newspaper. They'll be doing other interviews more than likely, so I won't know about that for a while.

Monday, at 3 pm I have a job interview in Redwood for a administrative assistant position that pays 14 dollars an hour.

Tuesday, I have a job interview at 3 pm in Ogden at The Standard Examiner.

More than likely...I'll be staying in Utah. Who knows how close to Provo. We'll see.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Random pictures I finally uploaded off my phone...

Me at Lagoon

Kade and some cell phone

Some lady ran into Eric...her entire bumper fell off, eric's tire went flat...Eric taped the bumper back on so she could drive home - don't we just love the Ricker? Always so sweet - even if you just ran in to him. Good thing it was a way older lady...maybe Eric wouldn't have been so nice. lol

Addison making the weirdest face at me. She's just so cute!

Flogging Molly

Eric and I went to a flogging molly concert in Salt Lake City last night. It was a lot of fun, but standing for a long time really sucked. Don't worry - there was a dude who tried to step in front of me and I elbowed him and threw him to the side when he wouldn't move. (I did ask him politely at first :) )

Pretty cool band...especially the girl who plays the violin!

Do I look stoned in these pictures, or just getting over strep throat? Which, by the way, SUCKS. Any of you who had to deal with me during that time, would know kind of how much it sucks. Not fully though...unless you've had it and your body just aches and you want to die...and yeah.

Eric drove over grass and a sidewalk to park where we did....we didn't go through the actual I think we missed that we had to pay. Yes, we got a $25 parking ticket. And did I was snowing like CRAZY! And guess who called it? Yup, that would be me. It always gets warm one day, rains the next, and then SNOW!! Way correct two weeks in a row...not to mention last year. I'm just the best weather man ever! :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

No one has written...

So I have been obsessively checking my fav blogs...and NO ONE has updated. What is that about?

These are some pics that I forgot to put up -one of Eric's pumpkin, one of my Frankenstien pumpkin, and one of Kade cutting his KADE pumpkin.