Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So, I got here Friday morning - and it wasn't raining - and picked up Eric that night - and it still wasn't raining. We had dinner at home with Virginia, who left for her mission on Monday. We had baby back ribs, and lots of delicious food - including baked potatoes.

Saturday, we went to the garage sale and REI, and got a lot of cool stuff. ;) Including boots, hiking sticks, a frisbee thing for Tucker, some slippers, a panama straw hat, a camp stove, etc.

We then went and took our engagement photos in Seattle - sooooo beautiful. Notice, it was not raining. And we have way more than this - Nat, you'll have to pick some of your favorites too!


We also went to costco to see if we could find our wedding invitations for cheaper, since they have a costco printing place up here, but we did not.

Later that night, my cousins all came over and met Eric.

Sunday, it was raining in the morning until the afternoon - LOVED MY LIQUID SUNSHINE - and then it was sunny, sunny, sunny. We went to church, and back home for a delicious pot roast, bake potatoe dinner - bet none of you could have guessed that. ;)

My granddad was over too - and it was so nice to see him! I just love spending time with him.

That night we dyed eggs in Seattle at my cousin's house on the water.

Monday was a nice, relaxing, yet busy day, full of hiking and pike place market - buying our favorite jelly - and talking about all the pictures we can put in our new house that represent Seattle and Jersey. We also went and hung out with AJ's family. His sister took us out to a karaoke bar, and boy did we have fun. We are just that great of singers. :) Eric did a wonderful job with American Pie and Piano man! And let's not forget, the trio singers for Love Shack!! Also, it did not rain all day either.

Between all that, we went to the wisdom tooth people and they took an x-ray of my teeth. The doctor was shocked I didn't have braces on the bottom of my teeth- they've just always have had a good arch I've been told. Also, if he had to guess how old I was from my dental x-rays, he would have guessed 17 or 18. I guess that's what happens when you lose your last 8 baby teeth in high school, with your last one at the age of 17.

This morning was the dreaded morning of no eating, no drinking, while getting ready for surgery. Eric dropped me off that the butcher's place, and they took me into another room.

I was given nitrus - weird stuff - and then an IV to be put to sleep. I literally don't remember anything until I woke up and people were walking around. Soon I saw Eric and they told him a bunch of stuff about my teeth that I don't remember.

Now I have a numb face - which is the worst part really. And have been keeping a nice ice head wrap on it since this morning. I've been able to drink smoothies, soup, and juices. My mom even made me a delicious milk shake. Eric, the wonderful person that he is, has had to help me drink these things, if not with a spoon, cuz I can't feel my lips. :(

My face in my ice head wrap - haven't really gotten too swollen.
My face without the ice pack - Eric gets angry when I'm not wearing it.
The four lovely teeth
See...I still have all my wisdom teeth :)
Apparently that one in the front, that doesn't have a pointed tip, had to come out of my bone or something - Eric said they told him they had to chop part of my bone apart. EWWW. This is why they tell him and not me. And I probably wouldn't remember.

And it rained...only this afternoon.
So all of you who think it rains every day - IT DOES NOT. :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


So tomorrow I head to Washington. I hope we get some good ole rain. I miss it. When it rains here, like today, it just means it will snow soon - either tonight or tomorrow. We'll see, right?

Anywho, I'm leaving tomorrow, and get back next Saturday. It should be lots of fun with the exception of getting all four of my wisdom teeth out. :(

But first we'll take super fun engagement photos! Hopefully we'll have some sun - but then again, it could be cool with rain...hmmmm...

Now I need to pack and pick out what to wear!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Chuck Norris

So Chuck Norris? I think so.

As a side note, Addi and Kade wanted to watch cars today. So they sat on the couch, and Kade wanted some popcorn. I told him I would make him some - and he said, "Jackie, you're the best aunt Jackie in the WHOLE world." I love those kids.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Our walk

Kade, Addi, Dara, Eric, Molly, Tucker, and I decided playing outside would be great! Then, we went on a walk too!

Tucker thinks that he should have HUGE sticks to play with.

Addi ran over to Eric to be picked up!

"I am the leader!!!!!" - Kade

And Molly and Dara walking...

And just Molly...

And Tucker shopping, :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Long Day

Today was a long, yet relaxing day of work and house stuff, etc. I worked at Rue 21 until 1:30. I was only scheduled until 1, but stayed later today. It means tomorrow I'm off a half hour early. :) Then I went to Gym, and then Eric met me there and we went and talked with Fieldstone homes. Looks like this could be really good for us. We'll find out tomorrow/wed what our loan would really be like. We'll see. Anyway, that's it for now. Unfortuntely I don't think I have any pictures really. I'll blog some more pictures soon! For now, here is a cute picture of Molly excluding the creepy green eyes. lol

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Random post - but just thinking about it lately

So I feel retarded that I have a BA and a min. wage job, ya know? It makes me feel stupid to be like, yeah this is what I do.

But, for now, I really like my job at rue 21, but I don't think I'm gonna get as many hours as I want - which is a bummer - but we'll see. And I really don't make a lot at all. But it's flexible - still get to babysit Addi and Kade on Wednesdays, and do gymnastics on Mondays, and could basically change my schedule to whatever I need. So that's good - but yeah.

Honestly, there are three jobs I wish I could do all day long -

1. Babysit Kade and Addison - If I could do that all day, heck I'd be so happy. :) But I only do it on Wednesdays. :( And occassional other times when they need someone to watch them. If I could only do it more.
2. The Daily Universe - editing at the DU was the best way to pass time while making money. LOVED IT.
3. Teaching gymnastics - sometimes the kids can be a pain, or even their parents, but I still love watching kids learn new things.

And those would be my dream jobs.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Leap day continued

For those of you who don't know Eric would take a break from work around 10 to go get chicken from pit stop - this was his last day at work.

Eric walking to pitstop for his last chicken breakfast:

This is what we always get - three chickens, an egg roll, and a pizza stick.

Eric gets a side of ranch, and adds sweet and sour sauce. I use just ranch.

We always get a Sobe, but Eric got this mango drink also.

Eric going back to work after his last chicken breakfast.

Chantelle was hiding in our picnic blanket that we got for free for signing up for amex with Nat. You should all do it too. :)

Tucker fell asleep and Eric put this hat on Tucker. lol

Chantelle and Oliver love to sleep up on top of this mattress - Chet felt very left out.

Yesterday, there was an ambulance and firetruck at our neighbor's house - they brought out a person on a stretcher. Not really sure what happened. Hope the person was okay.

This morning I woke up and Tucker had ripped the inside out of his new toy, and chewed up a block of wood that Eric and Brian let him bring inside.