Tuesday, April 29, 2008


First off, the happy thing:

Natalie and Sally threw me a wonderful bridal shower. Unfortunately, Stephanie has all the pictures of me and people, but here's the food and favors. The favors were so cute, and the food was DELICIOUS!

Second, the very very sad thing that happened today. Molly, my precious little puppy, decided to jump out of the jetta while we were traveling down Lehi main street to see our house. (Or if you ask Eric, she was defending herself against a cougar).

Fortunately, the car behind us saw her jump out of the car, and pulled over immediately. Stephanie had been watching out the side mirror, and screamed "OH MY GOSH!!"
I slammed on the brakes immediately, and said "WHAT?" in a very panicked voice.
Stephanie then said "Molly just jumped out."
I pulled the car over, and Stephanie ran outside. I moved the car all the way over, and put the flashers on while she ran to Molly. Eric, who was still on his way to Lehi from work/walmart, was coming down main street, and pulled over after seeing that we were causing a small road block.

Molly is fine though. She has a few cuts and scrapes, but is doing well. She ran away from the accident just fine, except for the fact that I was holding her hysterically. She ran around our house in Lehi and we hope her cuts will heal well. We are so grateful to the lady who pulled over immediately instead of running our little girl over. I'm so happy that she did not break anything, or get hit by a car. She is one lucky girl, and we love her. Here are some pictures of her cuts. She cut up her butt pretty good, and the edge of her lips, but I didn't post pictures of that.

Random things about our house

Another picture of my ponds - with duckies!

This will be where I will run, maybe take the dogs to play in the river.

This is the stake Ethan showed me that shows us our property line.

This is our yard leveled out...

And this is a video illustrating how big our yard is!

Lots of pics - House update

They put our utility lines in such as our gas line - see the pretty colors on the ground?

Our Foundation - AWESOME!
And that's our garage's foundation

And our sewer pipe :)
Eric in our kitchen
Our dirt all filled in - garage is all full, patio is full, sewer pipe is covered - YAY!
Eric and I on our filled patio
And today they put the rocks down for our garage!!!

And these, for everyone's info, are my pelicans. Okay, so there's these huge ponds going to our house - and they're not really MY pelicans...but I call them that.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The house update!!!

First off - our beautiful sign.

As you can see - it was sold...TO US!

The beginning of a foundation...YAY! - I have pictures of just the hole without the foundation beginnings but it was too dark, and not that cool of a picture.

And look! Me in the house!! I'm standing in our living room/family room, and next to where the stair case would be.

Look, I'm almost shorter than the rebar- that means our crawl space will be a lot bigger than expected...the foundation walls have to cover the rebar, right? Exactly.

And the truck full of wood to keep building up our foundation!

In this picture, you can see the new walls of foundation they have up - and see that I'm pretty much as tall as it. The picture below this one is a picture brightened and stuff so you can actually see it.

And again, just how tall the walls are.

Kade, Tucker and Add

Kade likes to watch Spongebob at my house - but is only allowed to on special occasions - or while Addi sleeps - because I'd rather go to the park with him and Addi. This is how he watches Spongebob at my house - between the couches.

He's very intent on the tv program.

Tucker looks like an old man in this picture...

AND FINALLY!!!!! - Addi never sleeps at my house - and she totally did the other day, so I took a bunch of photos of her. Here are some of my favorites - there's probably over 20 of them. lol

Saturday, April 19, 2008


So Eric and I will have a house soon - but for now, here's the beginning of it! I LOVE IT!!!

Our B-E-A-UTIFUL lot!!!!! See how big it is??? Look where Eric's suby is!!! YAY!! :)

And our sidewalk/lot - see those mailboxes over there? We'll have one there!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Molly likes to use Tucker as a pillow

Need I say more?

Our jeeping trip with Kade and Addi

Kade and Addi are ready to jeep!

Molly sticking out of Brian's jeep in front of us. This is how they drove down to Price.
It was kinda cold, so Kade hid under Eric's jacket.

"Jackie, Tucker and me are going on an adventure!"

A movie of Kade and Tucker on their adventure.

Look at the suspension on this jeep...wow.

This is how Kade gets the ladies...

How to make cupcakes with Kade

1. Put Kade on the counter so he can help, then give him the bag of batter.

2. Let Kade pour the batter in the mixer.

3. Let Kade dump the water and oil in the batter. Break the eggs yourself, and put them in the batter.

4. Let Kade tell you that the water is running away and turning into a waterfall.
5. Let Kade inspect the mixer while it mixes the batter - this is an important step or the batter will turn out bad.

6. Cook them in the oven, let Kade watch them grow, and TA DA!!!! Cupcakes!