Monday, May 26, 2008

My Birthday!

So my birthday was pretty great. After Eric got back from work, we had potatoes, steak, and caesar salad. Then opened up a bunch of great presents, and then had some good ole cake.
This is a picture of everything before eaten or opened.

Then all the presents from everyone: two carmen electra videos from Eric (Nat, I think Eric brought over yours here one time, and I still have it - can you remind me to give it to you?), phase 10 cards, a sister book from steph, skis, bindings and boots from Eric, a purse I bought myself a while ago - wrapped up from Eric :), and a planner from Lexi! Then Awbs got me seasons one and two of family guy - AND I LOVE IT - and a best friends candle.

Here is the pretty cake.

Then here is everyone at dinner.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Add's Birthday

Add's birthday was this last Sunday, and I made her a bracelet and a birthday cake.

Add was a little distraught that her "baby" was in the cake, so we got her "baby" out and ate her cake. Don't worry, Kade loved it and finished it off after everyone was done.

And Steph and Add!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


EDIT: When Ethan saw the cats yesterday I swear they were smaller, because, even though they are only two days old, they seem WAY bigger - but here are the pictures of their size.

Or since I couldn't get them to stay still while using a ruler - them up against my feet...

And then them compared to their mommy - and yes, they're very hungry ALL the time.

So Chantelle, my sweet precious little kitty, had her babies last night. Two little orange and white ones, although the one might have more brown fur than orange. Eric, Steph, and I went to Add's birthday party, and when we got back, Chantelle had another kitten - but it never got big enough to live. Poor Chantelle and her extra baby. She is doing well though, and hopefully will continue to do super well.

House update once again!

So besides the gas line they have put in, nothing else has happened to our house besides what is in these pictures. We won't be meeting with our construction person until they put us back on the schedule to start framing our house. Hopefully it won't be for a while and we can keep saving money! :)

Our back slab

The bush Eric found in our crawl space and picked up - it was actually pretty heavy. lol And he had to hold it for a while so I could get a picture. That's my strong buff man.

Our driveway

The walkway to our door

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Wedding Vent

WARNING: So, this entry has no pictures, and probably not a lot of happy thoughts - but I've just been in such a UGH mood lately about all this wedding stuff, I just had to vent. Feel free to read, or just ignore. It's really just me venting.

First off, I just did 100 or so invitations tonight - and by that I mean, stamped and stuffed them all - and just that many has taken me days and days, and then like three or four straight hours tonight. I still have a bunch more for Jersey, so hopefully I'll finish the rest very soon, so they are all out and to people's houses by Saturday. That gives them six weeks notice, and time to reply.

But, while I was doing the invitations, I realized how much money I've spent on just telling people about my wedding. To mail a 1 ounce letter, it's 42 cents, but to mail a 1.1 ounce letter, which is what my invitations weigh with an RSVP card, it's 59 cents. Then the RSVP thing inside has to have a stamp so they can send it back to me. And it was just like WOW - these are so expensive. I really hope people get right on the ball and send them back to me so my little stamp inside wasn't a waste at all. :)

Also, I lost one of my bridesmaids. Now, this shouldn't be a big deal at all, but because I have a line of people standing at my ring ceremony, I want it to be even on both sides and want it to look just perfect. I mean, all the girls will be wearing the same outfit, just different colored skirts. And all the guys are going to be wearing black suits, with matching colored ties to the girls. But now I'll have a doubled up color tie because two men will have to match one girl. So, it makes it uneven, and I'm sad about that. On a happy note, I just thought of another friend, who will be in Philly, that I could maybe ask to be one of my bridesmaids.

Then, the main reason I'm super bugged, is people lately have been calling me "bridezilla." Now, this, to me, means: psycho crazy chic who can't compromise at all, and has to have everything go her way no matter what, and freaks out about everything at every chance she gets, etc. I had someone tell me that when they call me that, it just means any bride who gets married, but come on - we all know that means a psycho crazy chic. And honestly, for the record, I feel I've been very comprimsing. And there's a whole list of reasons why I feel that way, but people think what they think, so what does it matter? I'm actually sick of explaining to people the reasons that Eric and I have chosen to do things the way we have. (On that note, I've had several people tell me to just plan it the way we want and when we want it, and if people want to come, they will. But that I should stop apologizing to people and stop explaining to people why we've done something the way we have, because it's not their wedding). Anyway, the bridezilla thing really shouldn't bug me as much as it does, but it really hurts my feelings. I just feel like I've done my darndest to please everybody, and maybe that is my problem - trying to please everyone else, instead of myself - but that to me seems selfish, even though it's mine and Eric's wedding. Awbrey keeps telling me that I need to remember it's mine and Eric's wedding, and that it's okay to want certain things. But still - is the name calling really necessary?

Then, I feel like the wedding is really far from now, until I think of all the stuff I haven't figured out yet - like Eric's attire, accessories for my wedding dress, our rings, if our flowers are okay, places to stay while there, if the DJ has everything they need, a program for the ring ceremony, candles for the ring ceremony, places to get my hair and makeup done in Jersey, bridesmaids shirts, etc.

On a happy note, I've been putting together my electronic invitation, and the background song is one I've chosen for my ring ceremony recessional, and I just love it! :) And I think it will be really nice.

Also, I really do love my invitations, and as sucky as it is to get them all together, I'm really excited about people seeing them, and hopefully loving them as much as I do!

I'm also excited that it's close to the wedding, so we'll be married soon of course, but also, all this wedding planning will be over and I won't have to think about it anymore. And since the Washington and Utah receptions are pretty much planned, (and what's not planned is left up to my mom) I don't even have to think about those! :)

Anyway, that's my rant. Let's just end with saying I'm so glad I've had every minute of this last five months to plan everything - I don't know how people do it in such a shorter time. Ethan assures me it can be done within a day or so if he was planning it. :) And, that I'm thankful for all of you who have helped Eric and I with all the planning, and advice giving, etc. It's helped more than you probably know - even if it was the smallest tiny detail! So thank you very much!