Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Camping over the weekend

Kader all ready for bed
Kade and Jae ready for bed

Kade and Jackie's backpacks

Eric and Kade pointing to a bug in the morning

The bug they were pointing at

Tucker, Eric, and Kade around the fire
How Eric cooks a poptart

"These are the tastiest! Thank you so much!" - Kade about his poptart

"Look, my footprint!!!" - Kade

"Jackie, look! A cactus!" - Kade

Brandon's jeep - his radiator completely cracked.

Eric and Kade walking down the trail

Eric all covered in water - we had an awesome water fight cuz it was so hot.

Jackie soaked in water - we got Kade soaked too, but he didn't like it until he got to put water all over Eric and Jackie
Eric's tie job to fix Rick's toyota when it broke down - his tie job held up so well! What a boy scout!

Kade and Molly sleeping on the ride home
RIP Baby girl

Tucker sleeping on top of his sister - we will truly miss her

Kade and Molly playing

Kade running towards me then laying his head on me- he's such a cute boy

Kade singing on the way home

The jeep

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Babysitting/House update

When I was little, I wore these glasses that were huge and gold.

I had cute purple and pink ones later, and my parents seem to only remember those. But I really did have these outrageous gold glasses. I probably just wanted to look just like dad.

So yesterday I was babysitting the kids, and they wanted grilled cheese.
As I'm flipping the grilled cheese, Add starts yelling,

"Jackie look at me look at me! Look at me Jack!! Look at Add!!!"
I turn and look and see this...

Then Kade wanted his turn...
(I'm not sure why my parents ever bought those for me :) )
"Um...guys, why are you both sitting on me?" -Steph
"Cuz we love to and we love you!" - Kade


As Steph commented - the kittens are way bigger. Here are more recent pictures.

The kids got to play with them.
"I kiss the kitty Jack." - Add
And this is the little girl kitten's "gremlin" look, as Steph calls it.
Now...for the HOUSE UPDATE!

So today I'm at work, and Eric calls me. Ken, our salesperson, called Eric to tell him that they had started building our house and have our downstairs framed...
We did NOT have a pre-construction meeting, and was told they can't start it without that meeting. Ken called our construction manager, Eric, and Eric then called my Eric and left a message saying that he needed to set up a construction meeting...WOW.
So our house will be done the weekend of our reception in WA. We get our keys the day after we get back. Let's hope we save enough money between now and then.
The bay window I really wanted - I think it's cute. :)
And our crawl space - it's not as bad as we thought it would be.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kitten Update, and Little Add

Picture of the happy cat family: Just some videos for fun
One: update of kittens
Two: Add loves shoes - and look how talented she is in mine!