Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Saturday

(And because I haven't blogged in forever - check out the other two blogs under this one. The one of Angela's wedding, and then the one called July 24th.)

So Saturday was Eric and my one month mark of being married!! YAY! And we had a really great day, well, until Eric had to go off to work. :(

First, we met Nat, Ethan, Megan, Davey, Addison, Kade, and Adelaide at the Farmers Market. It's a really neat place. (Nat, I can not believe you still went back there - but good for you! :) Way to support all the locals - you're just amazing!)

So here is a video of Captain and Tucker playing - notice the size of Tucker compared to Captain - apparently Tucker is really huge. He does weigh 100 pounds.

This is Captain and Tuck drinking from the water fountain.

Eric told Captain to jump up - so I could take a picture of him drinking from the fountain, and this is what he did: Everyone eating

Roxy trying to drink from the water fountain just like the big dogs. Add climbing on the bench saying "look at me!"

Adelaide and Add playing with the water fountain.

Our meal! EZ Take Out Burger!!! I've never eaten there, but it was delicious! Thanks Ethan, Nat, Megan, and Davey!

Adelaide in the water fountain.

Then all the boys went out to shoot guns, Megan and Adelaide went home, Natalie went off to work after we hung out for just a bit, and I got to chill with the kids. (Nat and Ethan - if you ever feel the need to go out more often without them, no problem for me. I miss hanging out with them all the time!)

But Kade and Addi wanted to play outside and have the water come up through the trampoline - so while they did that, I took some pictures.

Ready to go out and play

Add drinking the sprinkler water coming up

Then Eric and I went up to the house, and met Steph there.

Our kitchen...

Our Master Bathroom...

Our extra bathroom...

Then Eric left and went to work, and Steph and I went up to SLC for some really delicious greek food!

But on our way, we saw this really cool rainbow!

Then we got to the restaurant... DELICIOUS!

Then on our way back we saw this...

After that, we went to Sally's and had a sleep over. This morning we, Eric, Steph, and I, went to Salt Lake City to register for American Idol, after a delicious waffle breakfast. After we registered there, we went back to Sally's and had a delicious spaghetti dinner! THANK YOU SALLY FOR THE MEALS! They were so wonderful!

And then we came home, and I finally had a chance to sit down, blog, watch some friends, and clean up the mess in this house. I'm so excited to move to our new house - where we will have LOTS of room! :)

Angela's Wedding

The view coming down the long stretch of road to the temple - it's so gorgeous.

A butterfly at the Manti Temple - it finally sat still for me to take a picture.

Flowers at the Manti Temple.

A big tree at the Manti Temple.

Two birds and a tree at the Manti Temple.

A Birds Nest at the Manti Temple.

Eric and I at the Manti Temple.

Angela and Eric at their wedding luncheon!

The 24th of July

So for the 24th, Eric, Steph, and I went up to Sally's to swim and have a bbq. A splashing contest was bound to happen. :)

So the big question is: Who won?!?!?






And for fun: My hot hubby.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And we've got cabinets baby!

So now we have cabinets!! And our vinyl floor is actually cut and in. :)

Our extra bathroom cabinets:

Our master bathroom cabinets:

Brett in the crawl space...

Now, I just have to vent about this outlet that's in the next picture. When we went to choose everything for our house, we had a ten minute discussion with the lady about how we wanted this outlet INSIDE our cabinet, on the bottom left hand corner, so that we could drill a hole through the cabinet and the cord would fall through, and we could attach lights to the bottom side of the cabinets. So when you turned this outlet on, the lights would light the counter up. Make sense?

Okay, so we complained about this the second we saw it put in - cuz it was so high up. Eric, our construction manager, told my Eric that they would fix it, but that it hadn't been in the plans with a measurement so they didn't know. BUT, he said they were going to fix it, so I'm hoping they still will fix it. In any case....

here's the picture of that outlet...

Does that look like it is in a cabinet at all? Even if it's high up - is that INSIDE the cabinet? Yeah...didn't think so.

Anyway, on a happy-not-venting note, Lynda and Brett came to help us pick out colors. A little bit later, Sally came to help too. All I can say is that, Lynda is AMAZING! We have all our colors chosen now, it didn't take that long, and it's going to look great! We're so excited! Thanks so much Lynda for your help! We really appreciate it! And we are so excited about how it will turn out! And thanks Sally, Eric, and Brett for being so patient and helping!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Research shows that vehicles require fuel to run. An empty tank will stop you dead in your tracks........

It only took two years at college to figure this out.

The moral of the story: Gas guages aren't always accurate. Turns out the jeep's quarter tank is actually an empty tank.

::Jackie laughs hysterically to herself as Eric tells her this story::

AND, a fun video that has nothing to do with this! Roxy loves this toy, and loves to feel it vibrate after she pulls the cord. It's so funny! She does this all the time.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Poor Cars

Our cars have had a rough two days...

First, a deer ran into Eric's door while he was going up to Kennecott on Sunday morning. Eric is okay, just sad for the deer that wandered off, and is probably off dying somewhere.

Deer fur:

Then, while driving the jeep, it started making noises, and it won't drive now. We had it towed home.

And a little kid ran in front of a kia sportage...she slammed on her brakes, I slammed on mine. I hit her spare tire crushing my entire hood - She has a few scratches on the tire cover, and her bumper. The dogs and I are fine - only a big bruise on my knee.

Here are the pieces I picked up- obviously it was a kia I hit.

Can you tell where the old dent is?