Saturday, August 30, 2008


It is so fun to have our own house! I just love it, and there's so much more room, and entire house layout- minus garage - for storage underneath the house! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!! :)

In our house for the first time! This is Eric going in our house - WITH keys!! :)

I brought over a box of rice mix - and we made dinner. It's amazing what you are missing when you don't have anything in your

Then we put our dishes IN the dishwasher!!!!! I am so excited to have a dishwasher - it makes life SOOOOO much easier.

A day or so after we moved in, my family came down - my dad and brother had a little too much fun with our acrobatic dog.

We moved everything out of the Provo house and this was my favorite part of moving:

A few days after we moved in, Add, Kade, and their Schofield cousins, came to hang out. Tiger paid for pizza, but we didn't have a table at the time, so we all sat on the floor and ate pizza there! :)

Washington trip!

Eric, Sally, and I drove to WA for the WA reception. It was a great road trip - I drove most of it - okay, so basically all of it - don't worry, I'm a good driver. :) It was so much fun to see old friends! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the reception - my parents have them all - BUT, it went really well, and I loved it! We went to the space needle with some of my friends too - of which I have pics of!! :)

Going up the space needle...


Jackie and Eric

Kenzie - the girl everyone used to confuse with me, or visa versa, and her boyfriend Matt. I love hanging with these two!

A picture of the EMP from the top of the space needle - it's supposed to look like Jimmy Hendrix's smashed guitar...I don't think it does.

Interesting facts about the space needle...

After we were all done - we went to the shop downstairs and Eric tried on this...

Playing with bees is not a good thing...

Roxy is a good little pup - but likes to play with the bees at the provo house. Good thing we moved. Her poor little ear got all swollen and it was just sick. She was on three different medicines, some for at least a week - some longer, some shorter.

A good ear...
A bad ear...

She is ALL better now! Later in the month, this happened to her jaw too - she was the ugliest looking dog I had ever seen - okay not ever - but she wasn't her very cute self!

Ethan and Nat's Anniversary

As a preface to all these blogs (starting with the "and back again") - these happened over the last month or so that I haven't blogged - not all in one day. lol

So, Ethan and Nat had their anniversary on the 3rd of August. BUT, they celebrated Friday to Saturday before we all had dinner on Sunday. So I got to hang out with my favorite niece and nephew!!!! I can officially say their MY niece and nephew - :) Aren't I lucky?!

For dinner Friday we went to Alina and Phil's house - we're going to try to have dinners with them as much as possible since they live really close now.

Alina is pregnant!! And it's a boy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sleepover with Tianna and Add

So Tianna really wanted to have a sleepover, so Add joined us! It was so fun to have a girls night!

Add and Tianna sleeping -
Add's braids - I braided their hair, and used little pink elastics. They were soooo cute! And it was just like the sleep overs I used to have when I was a kid with my parent's friends children! SO FUN!
Tianna's braids -
Roxy LOVES her belly being rubbed - so we gave her some belly rub love!
And Addison LOVES to climb in Roxy's crate - it was hilarious! She kept climbing in and climbing back out, and her and Tianna would take turns.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

And back again!

Yay - back in business!! So since I'm going to be blogging a WHOLE bunch - just try to keep on top of them all, and try not to miss one.
So first...a house update since you haven't had one in forever (and yes, our house is done! :) )

Our house being painted -
Our house number -
Our house having carpet put in -
Our gutters -
The white stove they put in - don't worry it's black now. Silly silly workers. Our construction manager just thought we had a weird taste wanted everything else black. lol

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's been FOREVER

So it's been forever since we blogged - but don't worry, I have lots to blog about: The house, the offroading trips, the new ATV, my favorite things about the wedding (now that I have all my pictures from Doug), and much more. All which I'll blog about once we have internet at our house - so probably next week sometime. And yes, it will be a huge blog spurt! :) But for now, so we're not leaving you hanging too much, an awesome photo is below!