Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Wedding Favorites

Now that I have most of the pictures from all my wedding celebrations, excluding the ones I wanted to put on here for washington and utah, and all the events are over, I decided to talk about my favorite wedding things. I will make a My Wedding Favorites Part 2 when I finally get the rest - highlighting that I got to wear my dress three times, and my candy favor table!
Being married to the most wonderful man on the face of this earth: my best friend- my love.

Getting married in this gorgeous temple!

Holding hands and kissing my hubby all day:

Having the coolest ring celebration in such a cute church - Thanks to Sally for reserving it and arranging things for it!

The "guest book" that Cathi was so kind to get for me, so that we could have this huge frame! And then shipped it all the way out to me! SO SWEET!!! Thank you Cathi!

Dancing with my husband, having him twirl me and dip me. :)

The wedding cake Mike and Cathi got and froze the top of:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Making ourselves a yard

So the most important thing we needed started was a lawn. Right now there is 400 square feet of sod in our backyard, and .28 of a acre of hydroseed. Hopefully it will come in soon. The rain has helped a lot. prepare for hydroseed, we had to lay out some top soil. Can you tell who had way too much fun doing this?

Who has an ATV?

WE DO! :) We went jeeping a few Saturdays ago - the only Saturday Eric wasn't doing anything, like having a reception, in August. Anyway, I got to ride the ATV up the canyon, and then Eric got to actually take if offroading. So I took the jeep instead, as fast as I wanted, cuz Eric wasn't in the jeep to tell me to slow down. :) Getting this ATV was a great idea! Here is Eric enjoying his toy. On the trail up to this huge lake we always go to, Eric found plastic spoons and forks, and said "lunch is gotta be here somewhere!" Next thing I know Eric is shouting "I FOUND IT!!!" We get up to the lake, and there's this huge mud pit - that is usually another pond thing, but it's all dried up. Well there are still tadpoles, or salamanders, or whatever, still living there, and trying to survive, but they're running out of water, and this happens... So Eric found the live ones and tried saving them, by taking them to the lake across the way.
I wanted to help, so instead of walking around the mud - which I thought was just dry - this happened... Eric just laughed his head off while I tried getting out, and started screaming, PLEASE HELP ME! He finally did. It was a great trip and I can't wait to go again!

Painting the House

So the first week that we moved in, we bought paint, and spent the next week painting. Thanks to Sally for all her hard work in helping us! It took us about three days, and it looks great!