Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So today is Christmas and with it comes a lot of first Christmas as a Hall, my first Christmas without my any part of my Springgay family, and my first white Christmas. MAYBE it has snowed once before on Christmas back home, MAYBE. But I do not recall it ever snowing on Christmas. But as it snows here, it is snowing up in WA, back at home.  

On Christmas Eve, Eric and I both opened one present. He got a pair of new Etnies, and I got pearl earrings. SOOOO pretty. Thanks babe! I love you lots and lots!

Then this morning, I woke up and made Eric some breakfast - just eggs, bacon, toast, and milk. He wanted to open some more presents, so we both opened one more. He got a new Ipod- that I won from a Christmas party, and gave to him. :) And I got a new hair straightener that I really wanted! It even curls your hair! Again, thank you so much lover! :)

Now Eric is at work, Ben is in New Hampshire, and Dara and I are home enjoying our Christmas. I made us breakfast in the morning - same thing Eric got :) - and then we both got ready for the day. Now it's time for a walk with the dogs- who just got Christmas baths. More later! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tucker's Second Birthday

Tucker turned two today. This is him when we first got him.
I made him a dog birthday cake. Just regular human ingredients, but beef baby food, as well as beef jerky. 
Tucker with his cake:
Rox and Tuck waiting for their share:
Rox and Tuck eating their cake:
Tuck stealing Rox's share:
Ben with Roxy:
And in remembrance of Molly - who would have turned one six days ago:

Molly's dad Chip:
Molly's mom Duchess:

Monday, December 8, 2008

Festival of Trees

Eric, Sally, and I went to the festival of trees. It was so awesome, and I'm putting in a tree next year - probably in remembrance of Molly. For those of you who don't know, people donate trees, and other Christmas decorations to represent a story about someone, something, etc. And then all the money that the show brings in goes to the primary children's hospital. It's wonderful. Here are a few pictures.

A Glass Tree:

A pink tree - Add should love this one.

I love this saying - I want to put it on a wall.
Another pink tree for Add!
Origami tree:
A gingerbread house:
Another gingerbread house:
A wooden tree that had all these things going on - they were all moving so it's blurry.
A quilt thing - and Sally made me one - and mine is sooooo much better. :)
An American girl tree - Stephanie - this one is for you - I took like five more pics of it! 

The Grinch!
A beach tree:
Sally's Red Hat Tree:

Noah's Ark Tree:
Harley Davidson Tree:
The cutest dog tree! 

And the Eagles Tree for all you Philly fans! This one is a sad one though, because it's for a boy who loved the Eagles - his mom, sister, him, and I think another sister, all died in a car accident. :(

And as an update on my hubby - he took his XRays to the orthopedic surgeon today where they told him they would call him back probably tomorrow. But then like maybe an hour later they called him and said they would have an appointment for him that afternoon at 3:30 pm. He went in and they told him, it's VERY broken. That the one crack was very bad, the other crack a butterfly crack, and the third one was really long. They told him it's going to be very hard to pin that together, so they are going to try to cinch it together, and maybe put two pins, maybe two screws in diagonally. They aren't really sure. So he'll go into surgery sometime on Wednesday - he'll know the time tomorrow. We'll keep you all updated.

Quotes by House - what we were watching during the making of this blog:

Speaking about leaving his trial without permission: "They said they wanted me there - but I don't think they like me."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Three rolled into one

1. Jeeping Ride
2. WA and LV trips
3. Getting our Christmas Tree

Jackie Driving

Eric Driving

Stupid ranger who obviously got picked on in school and now is out to ruin everyone else's lives...

So Rob didn't have up-to-date registration on both of these rigs - so he got a ticket just for one. THEN, for his truck, he had a transporter license that the ranger tried to give him a fine for...he had never heard of the transporter license

Doesn't he look like that guy from office space? - I want my stapler! :)

So the day after Thanksgiving, Eric and I flew up to WA. 

We went to the karaoke bar - I apologize for a few blurry pics - Iphone doesn't do well with movement.

Eric and I went to Las Margaritas with my family, and Michelle joined us. I LOVE SEEING MICHELLE! I MISS YOU! Later that day - which I don't have a picture of - we went ice skating, and to a pig restaurant, and the mall, with Alexa - my AWESOME sister!!, Jordan - her boyfriend, pretty cool guy!, and MacKenzie - WHO I ALSO LOVE TO SEE! :). I MISS YOU TOO KENZ! And tell Matt we were sad he wasn't there. :(
We went and saw the house my brother and sister-in-law were housesitting -and they had this massage chair. I am getting this now! Saving it up and buying it! And sitting in it all day! :) It's so relaxing!
Then we to Awbrey's Sat night and saw her cute new house. Then we flew into Las Vegas and met Natalie, Ethan, Brian and Rachel there. We went down this escalator somewhere - it's curvy! CRAZY!
Us in front of the waterfall of the Winn.
A lady with a...what? Yes, a pony backpack. Thanks to Nat for spotting this. (I had to follow her into the star bucks so I could get a non-fuzzy picture of this.)
Eric with one of the blue men from The Blue Man Group. It was a good show - but really expensive. I would recommend seeing it, but only if it was just a bit cheaper.
Me with the other blue man group musicians. It was really cool because all those colors glow in the dark - so they just look like weird skeletons. 
Eric and I on a gondola. Rachel and Brian were in our boat - Nat and Ethan in their own before us. 
A fuzzy picture - but I still love it - this was inside the Bellagio. 
Candy hanging from the ceiling of the Bellagio.
This guy next to our hotel who makes paintings simply from spray painting. Eric and I were going to buy some, but got his Web Site instead, and will buy some from there. It was awesome.
One of the art pieces he did while we were standing there. 
Eric in front of the hotel we stayed at - the Harrahs.
Me with the statue we passed A LOT!  
Driving to the Las Vegas Temple at 6 am.
Eric and I at the Las Vegas Temple. It's gorgeous! 
Breakfast at the Winn, the second time. 

Although blurry, this is a cute picture of Eric and I getting our tree.
Eric strapped it right on his Subaru. GO SUBE!
Our tree all lit up. 
Ornaments on our tree - mostly collected from Eric's life - thanks to his mom! :)