Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy birthday Ethan! Happy birthday Austin!

I meant to post this yesterday...but it got away from me. we go! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!

My favorite thing about Ethan is how HILARIOUS he is - he always seems to know how to make me laugh.

Besides that, he LOVES to have fun! Obviously seen in the photo below:
Ethan is a great person to vacation with. He's ready to do anything and everything there is to do, and isn't afraid to try something new.
And last of all - he's a wonderful father to two absolutely wonderful kids. Happy birthday Ethan!



Austin is a wonderful brother to Eric. The fun these two have together just makes me smile. It's so sad that Austin doesn't live closer to us!!! We miss you Austin!

Austin is also very, very sweet and also knows how to have a ton of fun! Just in this one kayaking trip - Eric and Austin proceeded to have too much fun flipping people over, as well as traded kayaks/canoes with me so I didn't have to get flipped over during Eric's shenanigans. :)

We love you Austin! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Time for Christmas!

First, a Christmas card FAIL!

(If you have never seen the fail blog - go google it and look - it's hilarious.)

On this Christmas Eve I think we should all take a moment to remember the true meaning of Christmas - so I saw, and posted here, this video from my friend's blog - Thanks Will and Julie!!! :)

(If you see it on my blog kinda cut off on the right hand side - then go click here instead.)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Alexa's birthday surprise VIDEO!!!

This is a video of Alexa's surprise of Eric and I coming... she cracks me up. Pay attention to us whispering in the background...she doesn't even know. :) And yes, she MAULED me while I was trying to get a good picture. lol

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's just a bloggin' day

Today, I was awake at 3. After doing whatever, I went back to sleep. Later, I woke up to the above photo. As pretty and cool looking as this is, the weather is going to rearrange some of my plans for me. So, here are the things I want to get done today, and we'll see what order they go in. The hottest part of the day has to be left for Jixie and running with the dogs - but that sun has got to get ALL the way up first. So much for getting that done early. :(

1. Train Jixie - make sure her feet are good
2. Run (I may just run to Jixie but then that doesn't help the dogs get their exercise.)
3. Lift weights
4. Shower :)
5. Finish second batch of Christmas cards to go out - first batch was successfully taken by the post woman yesterday. :)
6. Dust EVERYTHING today - today I feel a little bit of a stuffy nose coming on, and since I'm allergic to dust by 1260 units out of 1200's pretty important. ;)
7. Finish all the laundry and remove extra laundry baskets to the crawl space
8. Find brita filters and put a new one in the brita
9. Get hair cut with Ange
10. Make a meal plan for until Christmas - I'm going to try to make a lot of the meals slow cooker recipes like Natalie's tortilla soup - SO GOOD NAT!
11. Go shopping for extra ingredients (and maybe another curtain rod to hang in the guest bedroom, as well as white textured curtains for my photo/craft room.)
12. Finish wrapping extra gifts I've been picking up for Kade and Addi (I just can't help myself - I want to get everything for them!)
13. Go with Brandon to the christmas party (Leave here at 6:00 - 6:30ish, get there at 6:30 - 7ish)
14. Make some cookies for Eric's 12 days of Christmas - 00000, this has been so fun! Angela and I have been doing the 12 days of Christmas for our Eric's. So today is the 6th day of Christmas. Today, it goes like this: On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, six candy kisses, five candy rings, four telephone calls, three nice hugs, a two-minute massage, and a sweet kiss on my forehead. Later in the days, he gets cookies - so I should get those done today. As well as, I need to take some to my grandma - she broke her arm. :(
15. Clean kitchen, pantry and front entry floors with scrub brush.
16. If I feel so ambitious, finish sewing curtains, and rehang.
17. Get all this done in a reasonable amount of time to sit and relax for a moment.
18. Find out where Aubrey needs to go and get her there - Alexa's roommate is flying out of SLC tomorrow, so she stayed the night here - she may be staying another night, or... who knows! lol It's so sad that they have to either go four hours here, or four and a half hours to Boise to get our of Rexburg.
19. Go over and check on Tammy and Andrew's cats tonight - they're off to California for the next bit. We're going to be quite the pet caretakers this Christmas week - first, Tammy and Andrew's cats, and if Ange and Eric don't decide to do something else, we'll be watching their two hounds as well.

Anywho, I'm sure I'll come up with a million more things I need to do - but if I can get all this done today, then anything extra I come up with, I can do tomorrow. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009


So, I started thinking about Alexa's birthday when I knew she would be in Idaho - I wanted it to be perfect. I started actually sitting down and planning it about a month ago. The week of her birthday, I asked her her plans, and she had a blind date on Saturday - the day I would be there to surprise her! This guy named Glenn is in her physics class. And he is has a roomie who needed to go on a date, and Alexa said sure. So, after Alexa told me this, I found Glenn's number in BYU-I's directory, got his house address, reversed it on white pages, found his home phone, called his mom, had a lovely chat with her, and got Glenn's number - and told him he had to change the date. Crisis averted.

So after a long date on Friday, Alexa went to bed VERY late. So surprising her early in the morning was no hard task. Her roommate Aubrey knew I was coming, and blindfolded her right before Eric and I came in side.

Then we finished breakfast and put it in front of Alexa, while she was blindfolded. Her roomies sang happy birthday to her, and then took off her blindfold.
My mom was on the phone at the same time, and Alexa was screaming about how excited she was we were there. See the breakfast in her hand.
We ate some breakfast, and then Alexa had to go practice her viola for a church thing. So I made Isabelle's present - this little pillow.

Then we took Alexa for her first pedicure ever.
It was also Eric's first pedicure. He chose to get the pink flip flops. hehe

Can you tell which ones are boy's toenails? haha
Then we did some shopping in Idaho Falls, and afterwards, went to her apartment - and SURPRISE!!! There was a huge party. This is one half of the people. The guy on the right of the picture was her date from the night before.
Amber made her a cake.

Then we blindfolded her again and took her to Laser Tag. While she was blindfolded, we all walked away about five feet, and she was talking to us, but didn't know we were gone. When no one answered, she reached over, where I should have been standing, and yelled "are you crapping me!?" SHE IS SO FUNNY! So unique and so hilarious. She just cracks me up.
I made her this circus cake for her actual birthday on Sunday. Here she is blowing out candles.
These are the animals for the circus cake.
And this is the cake part of the circus - the ribbons make the tent part of the circus.
Then she opened up her present.
She was SOOOO excited.

Lexi, I love you! You're the bestest sister! I MISS YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's December...

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It is my favorite holiday. know those videos you can find on the internet, with the music playing, and the christmas lights flashing to the music? I love those, and want my house to be just like that. So last year I found a music box that made the lights do that. Unfortunately, I'm not super rich, and haven't spent enough money to make it more grand. Mine just has four different sections, and they will flash at different times to the music - but JUST four of them. One day - I hope it will look like the videos I have uploaded here.

Eric and I found this house on our way home from our date yesterday night - I'm SOOOOOO jealous.

Also, Nat did SO wonderful at the beehive bazaar held this last week!!!

Here is her beautiful display. She used books to hold down the table legs - SO smart. And, I overheard a ton of people talking about how much they loved all the cookies, and one lady even said "she's the best baker in the world!!"

We bought one of everything, if not two, :), but this was the only one I could take a picture of - since we ate all of them before we could take pics. haha
And this is a menu planner that was selling at the beehive bazaar- it' s a picture frame, and it has all the days on it, as well as a spot to write when ingredients expire, as well as what you still need! I LOVE IT! They had one in green - and I want it!
We got our christmas tree up and put our tree skirt down. Thank you Sally for such a cute, cute, cute tree skirt! It took her so much time - she cross stitched the whole thing!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009



I love Natalie. She's a great sister to me! :) I love that she loves her kids, loves spending time with them, loves teaching them things, and also has room enough to love me.

She is very creative and passes this on to her babies - below is a picture Addison took of her mom! And you know who taught her to use the camera? Yeah, that's right - NATALIE!

Natalie makes me smile. She's there for me when I need her to be - ready to give me a hug and tell me it will all be fine.
One time Natalie told me, "Jack, you need to be dating Rick because we all really like you." (Obivously at a time Eric and I weren't dating.) Even before her brother and I were dating, she was there for me - giving me advice, and being my big sister. Ya know, I've never had a big sister (I am the big sister in my family), and Natalie makes a great one!

I love you Nat!


(And hopefully this isn't too much blog love for you - Ash, Ethan, Me (twice). lol )

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The PERFECT day!

Today, I am thankful for TODAY.

It was a very PERFECT day. I mean, I'm sure there are things that could have gone better. For instance, my husband could have been home with me all day...but I'm thankful for the job he has (and was at) and for the willingness to work on a holiday! I LOVE YOU ERIC!

I'm thankful for my job and for letting me have the day off (as well as tomorrow), so I can have a day with my hubby! :)

Now, on to why this day was SO perfect!

1. I was able to spend time with Jixie - I'm thankful for our horse, and her good health.
2. I was able to go running with the dogs and tire them out - I'm thankful for legs to run with, and my puppies.
3. I was able to use a neighbor's electric oven to cook my rolls - I'm so thankful for my neighbors, Tammy and Andrew. They are the best neighbors ever! They are always so willing to help us, and so friendly! LOVE YOU GUYS!
4. My rolls turned out PERFECT! (Eric says that they need some improvement still, but they turned out better than any rolls I have ever made!!) - I'm thankful for the food we are able to put on our tables, and for sharing it with others.

5. I got to spend thanksgiving dinner (DELICIOUS dinner) with some of my favorite people - I'm thankful for all of my family, all over the world!

6. We got to celebrate Natalie's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW NATALIE!!! - I'm thankful for a wonderful sister-in-law, and also for being able to give presents! I LOVE giving presents!!!!!!!

7. I watched Natalie feed Addison whipped cream - this girl is such a hoot! - I'm thankful for cute nieces and nephews.

8. And last but not least, I was watching for openings in UVU classes. As of a few days ago, I was only enrolled in six credits, and I'm trying to get enrolled in twelve. There are two other classes I need to take, but both are full. TODAY, I found an opening in the photography class, and I'm in!! Now, one more class to sign up for. :) - I'm thankful for school, and being able to learn.

And now, I'm sitting on the couch, blogging, with my puppies all over me - Roxy's head on my leg, Jersey's head on my elbow, and Tucker's head on my foot. Eric, Andrew, and I are watching Cars on the tv.

What more could I ask for today? It was perfect.

Thanks to all those who made it perfect, for family, for friends, for God, and for love all around.

Now on to Christmas! Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Funny, Funny

So, two funny things...

1. Eric took me on a date this last weekend and we went to Rib City in AF.

Pretty good - loved the sweet potato fries, and the dessert! Eric had the server pick his meal (which I just shared with him), and she wasn't sure if he liked it, so she brought us free dessert.


Now, the funny part...

There was a guy and girl next to us. The guy was more middle-aged, and wearing one of those "old man sweaters" - can't really explain what it looks like, and couldn't find a good picture.
Anyway, he was with this WAY younger girl, very attractive.

So in the middle of dinner, Eric tells me that the girl is way too good-looking for that guy. I suggested that maybe it was his daughter, and we left it at that.

About ten minutes later, I said, "Or it's blind!"
Eric: No, I saw him blink.
Me: Why would it matter if he blinked?
Eric: He's not blind.
Me: a blind date.
Eric: ohhhhhhhhh...
Me: Uncontrollable laughter persisted for the next oh, half hour. Even writing this, I'm still laughing hysterically.

I love my husband. He makes me laugh everyday. He's my best friend.

2. My favorite conversation on Friends goes like this:

Joey: ...Because if he doesn't like you, this is all a moo point.
Rachel: Hmm, a MOO point?
Joey: Yeah, it's like a cow's opinion. Ya know? It just...doesn't matter. It's moo.
Rachel: Have I been living with him for too long, or did that all just make sense?

Hope one of these BRIGHTENS your day!! :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Paw Prints

For those of you who know how much I love our pets, you know that our pets, but especially our dogs, are like my own children. One of my very favorite things about our pets though, is their paw prints.

Even if it's mud on the kitchen floor, it tells me they were enjoying themselves in the mud! :)

It always makes me so happy to run with them, play with them, and see them having fun. Tucker LOVES the snow, and the other dogs have joined along in that joy. So we did some playing outside today, and I don't think they could have been happier!

YES, they do eat snow. lol Some advice for you though - don't eat yellow snow! You never know where the eskimos go!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home makeover in progress

So, a few things have changed around our house since the end of July.

- We got a pool table! :) We now officially have a game room, but it is not decorated yet. Don't worry, we'll get there! Now I need a ping pong table top to go on the pool table. So if you find one, let me know!!!!
- Eric's garage is SOOOO organized that you almost don't want to go in there in fear of messing it up. hehe

Each shelf has a specific purpose. This shelf is "liquids" - and they are in alphabetical order. I bought a label maker to label each shelf, but Eric said that was too girly. :(
Eric and I decided that we needed a pulley system for the bikes (notice the green string hanging from them)- so here we have the unicycle, two bikes, and Eric's bike still needs to be hung up.

- Our driveway was not poured right AT ALL - so after a huge nightmare of getting through to the right people, we now have a new driveway! And this time, it's four inches thick.

(Sorry - took it right now, and it's DARK outside. :) )

- My mom bought me a few pieces of furniture for my craft room (THANK YOU MOM) and they have certainly served their purpose. I was able to fit photography, scrapbooking, and sewing all in one room. The room is going to have a photography theme - so gray and white colors, with photos I've taken posted all over the room. Lynda already told me the colors I need to get, so the room will be painted soon! But for now - my favorite part:

The wrapping paper wall! My hubby is SOOOO smart, and so wonderful, that he built me this wrapping paper stand. It will be painted when I paint the room.

- As far as the guest room, I did sell the twin bed, and find a queen bed. Now, I need a taller bookcase. My books are sitting in piles, and they definitely don't belong there!
- I sold the big gray chair, so it isn't taking up the guest room, and hopefully I'll see the gray couch tomorrow so there is more room to play pool.
- The living room was successfully turned into a dining room and large tv room. And the fish tank my parents gave me is full of fish. Also, one of our fishies had a baby fish, and now he is a big fish!

Next, I need to find a huge area rug for under the table - the one I wanted from Ikea isn't big enough.

So things are going well! More changes to come!