Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Blog

Cathi and Mike gave me a cookbook for Christmas (among other things) and I cooked this chicken recipe from it.

The recipe:

Tucker and Rox sleeping

Dara, Jersey, and Boston

Roxy thinks she owns the bed. Every time I get up and leave, you know where she is? Yup...right in my spot.
A video of Roxy under the bed - she loves going under there, and coming back out,and then hiding under there again - I'm not sure what is that interesting about it. :)
Click Here

Jerz and Bos sleeping together in their basket. Yes, they are hugging.

This is the jeep cake I made for Eric's birthday.

I wasn't sure what angle would let you see what the cake really looked like - so here ya go!

Angle 1:
Angle 2:
Angle 3:

Eric's cake with candles!

Close up of the jeep "off-roading" on the oreos. :)

Eric licking off one of the jeeps on his birthday cake

Gary - I flew him out here for Eric's birthday - Happy Birthday Eric! I'm really not sure what he is doing in this picture. 

Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Posted too much...

I think I accidentally posted too fast and some of you may have missed the video from Tepanyaki. Just go under the "my babies" blog and see the video. It's pretty spectacular! :) I'll post again soon!

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Babies

I love my puppies - they mean the world to me - aren't they just the cutest?

And Boston - Dara's Dog


At Tepanyaki - something I took a picture of, but it wasn't a great picture - Will was taught by the chef how to throw the egg and catch it.

Click the link below for a video!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


A lot of stuff has happened that I haven't blogged about - so I'm just going to touch on some things, with or without pictures.

First, Christmas was wonderful! So much family, and such wonderful gift giving! I just loved it all! Eric and I went to Sally's for Christmas, went to WA to surprise my mom that night, came back, and hung with Mike, Cathi, Noelle, Austin, and Angie while they were visiting. The new year is now here, and we've introduced Jersey to our home.

Eric's birthday was yesterday and we went to Tepanyaki, went go-karting, and played some laser tag! It was so much fun!!

Happy birthday lover! I hope you had fun!! He still has to wait for gift - stupid mail ;) - so we just get to keep celebrating until it comes!

Eric had surgery in December, and he's finally taken off all his bandages, and continues to show me how you can see his pins moving. It's gross - don't ask to see it. :) He'll have the pins removed at the end of January.

And now some pictures!

The trees in Snoqualmie Pass. We got stuck there for an hour and a half going home (they were doing some avalanche control) in our rental car. Eric's Sube is stuck in WA with a slipping clutch. We still need to figure out how to get that back here. But we rented a highlander, and made it back safely to Utah.

Tucker and Roxy sleeping in the highlander.
Again - we were stuck for an hour and a half.

A picture of Austin, a picture of Angie - with the herb/basil light shining directly on her in the picture, and a blurry picture of Noelle. All the pictures I have of Noelle are blurry - thanks to the wonderful Iphone. :( I really should be using my real camera. lol But Noelle WAS there! We had dinner at my house - ribs, rolls - that turned out!!! :) take that Thanksgiving rolls!!!, and Ethan's wonderful mashed potatoes! And brownies for Dessert - thanks Nat!

Austin saying goodbye to Eric.

We went to the Thai place while they were all here - and this is Add scarfing down her food. She's so dang cute!

And this is Jersey!! She's darling. And has a little Molly face on her - it creeps me out sometimes. lol

This is how Tucker keeps an eye on Roxy while she is going to sleep. lol
Tucker and Jersey - awwwwwwww.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Angie!

Hope it was lots of fun Angie! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you! Jackie

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009, Goodbye 2008!!

So, last night/this morning, was so fun! First Ben and Dara got some pizza, and we ate that, obviously. THEN...Mike (kinda my old boss - but not really) invited me, Dara, and Ben to go to a party at his house down in Springville. I had nothing to do, and no husband to hang out with, so away I went with Dara and Ben. We were asked to bring rock band, but when we got there, Mike just couldn't wait, and went and got rock band for his PS3 just after work. Silly Mike. So we played a lot of rock band! It was a ton of fun!

Again - pics on my IPhone - not that great - I need to start taking my camera places!

Gabe singing:

Becca - the back of her at least - singing:

Mike about to sing:
Jeff playing the drums...he gets a little bit in to it (lol):

And Jeff - at a not so interesting part:

Becca singing:
Chelsea playing guitar:
Ben totally in to the drums:

Changing the games a bit and now playing "smurphing" in this picture - super super super fun game! It kind of sounds really dirty when you don't know what the word is - and can be SOOOO entertaining!

Ben deciding what he hasn't done for the game "I have never..."
Jeff having to do the song "I'm a Little Teapot" - and ending it with a very provocative move-Dara, you totally know what I'm talking about!!:

It was sooooooooooo much fun, and I'm glad we went. We watched the ball drop of course, and I called Eric and we wished each other happy new year. Wish he could have been home. :(

And then Dara, Ben, and I went home soon after. We stopped at Walmart in Orem to get some groceries, and saw my friend Michael. Then we went home, played with the doggies, and everyone went to bed, and I, of course, kicked off the new year with a few episodes of Friends. :) 

And, I really never make any new years resolutions, but I would like to try and NOT get sick this year. Long stretch, I know - because I have no control over that, but it'd be a nice goal, right? I wasn't sick for TWO months, until I got sick over the last few days - but it's gone away quickly! YAY!

Instead of resolutions, I'd like to make a list of things to remember:
1. It's okay to be angry at times, but remember to let things go.
2. Even when it feels like no one in the world cares, there's always that one person - remember who they are.
3. Make goals and stick to them.
4. Love as many people as you can, and when you feel like you can't love any more, love some more.
5. Be you - and don't care too much about what other people think.

This year is going to be great! I'm excited to start anew!