Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Eric was at work ALL day - literally. He is STILL not home yet. So I decided to let the crafty side of me come out and play.

It's 14 days until Valentine's day, so it was obviously time to decroate! So along with the pillows Sally made me, the Valentine's towels and spatulas Cathi gave me, I made some of my own decorations to put up. :)

The spatulas that Cathi gave me! THANK YOU CATHI! I LOVE THEM!

The Valentine's day towels that Cathi gave me too - Thanks again!

Pillows Sally made for me. THANK YOU!
The other two pillows that Sally made for me.

A love banner.

The Valentine's Day Mail box - When the flag is up, there's mail. :) When the flag is down, there is no mail. :( I hope over the next 14 days, Eric and I can leave little notes for each other. He already has one. :)

Mail box with the flag down.

Little decoration with XOXO and hearts. 
Our calendar with pretty accordion hearts. 
We have a halloween decoration that goes here, a Christmas wreath, and now a Valentine Day wreath!!
Wreath again.
A cute little wire thing for candles.
I will be replacing these hearts with cupcakes. :) Natalie gave me the cupcake stand - Thanks Nat!
Hearts that will have photos of Eric and I on Valentine's day.

I still have yet to make lollipop cookies, lollipop flowers, and Valentine's day sugar cookies for my newest neighbors.