Monday, March 30, 2009

Latest Happenings

First, I got the flu...yay...NOT. It sucked. I think I was more mad because I've been taking constant vitamins, being a clean freak so the dust doesn't get to me, and trying to avoid getting sick at all this year. Now, people told me it was a stupid goal - but the last doctor I saw (when I got sinusitis last year) sentenced me to getting sick at least once a month, and it would only get worse as I get older, and I don't want to make that true! So when the doctor shoved q-tips up my nose to diagnose the flu, and it came back that I had the flu, I was more than angry. But hey, I haven't been sick for three months - that's something. 

The temperature below was the second day I felt sick, and went to work, and then to the doctor. At the doctor's, my temperature rose to 100.3. Now, since I was a kid, I have always had a normal temperature of 96.6. NOT 98.6. So you do the math...a temperature of 100.3 doesn't do well for little Jae. My worst temperature was 103.7 - woke up in the middle of the night burning up, and getting really worried I was frying my brain or something. I called the doctor in the morning, and he didn't seem to think it was a problem. :(

SOOOO...after being sick for about two weeks, I got the invitation to babysit my favorite niece and nephew. Now, for some reason, some parents of theirs have not utilized my babysitting services properly (hint hint nudge nudge to their parents (I won't name names. ;) )) Anyway, I took this as my chance to spoil them!! :)

I picked them up at Costco, we went to run a few errands, one of which was to Walmart/McDonalds (you know I love them - I took them there and I hate McDonalds) where they got Happy Meals with toys!, then we went shopping to just get them real toys. Below you can see what they picked. 

Add's happy meal toy:
Kade's HUGE bakugan. 
Add's new doll - it matches her Tinker Bell. 

Kade and Addi wanted to draw - this is a picture Kade drew of Uncle (on the right) and me (on the left). Stinking cute.
OH! At Walmart, we got some donuts - I make whatever treat my primary kids want for their birthdays, and it was one of the children's birthdays the week Kade and Addi were over - and the girl wanted some donuts. Kade picked out this basketball one - and then drew a picture of it!

Nat and Ethan gave me this cookbook with the cutest little bookmarks (forgot to take a picture of them, but they are adorable!) Thanks you guys! Anyway, Kade and Addi saw these cookie cutters at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We HAD to get them. :) So, we found a sugar cookie recipe out of this cookbook, and made cookies! Kade and Addi are WONDERFUL helpers! So willing to mix everything! It was so fun!

Kade mixing with the hand mixer cuz he's a big boy!
Kade mixing.
Kade mixing some more.
The cookie cutters we bought and used.

Our cookies - all decorated and in the oven.

When Eric got home, he joined us outside playing -

THEN, he turned on the sprinklers to water the lawn, and Kade and Addi thought they should run in it. They enjoyed it a little too much - Kade came back soaked. lol

While Kade, Add, and I were running errands, we also went to DI to get Rox a towel for super cheap so she could shred it up. Kade found Uncle a present. He said "Jackie, I have to buy this for uncle. It's his present." So for 75 cents, we got Uncle a present. He got to open it when he got home.

Then we had to give Kade and Addi back. :(

We went and met Ethan and Natalie at Fuddruckers, and had some dinner all together! It was so much fun to just hang out. (Note to self, Natalie, and Ethan - Need to do that WAY more often.)

Anyway, my sister came down to Utah to surprise me. It's been a blast having her down here. She leaves tomorrow, and I have taken no pictures. Hopefully I'll get some right before she leaves tomorrow. She got accepted into BYU-Idaho so she won't be coming here for school. I'm sad, and will be taking a lot of trips to Rexburg, Idaho.

That's all folks!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Obsessive compulsive disorder?

Some of you who know me might think that I have a slight OCD about being clean. But it's kinda just who I am and at least it's a good OCD, right? I like my house to be clean, I like my tasks at work to be organized just the way I want them, etc etc. Smells really bug me too - I need everything to smell good. Dara and I just went to "He's not that into you." Super funny movie, really really good! And the one girl throws a mirror on the ground - it shatters all over the floor. She looks at the mess, walks into the hallway, and comes back with a broom and dust pan and cleans it up. Dara looks at me and says "Jackie, I can totally see you doing that!" So...yes, probably an OCD. lol

Anyway, last Saturday I decided that I'm going to go room by room and fix all the little weird things about it. So...I started in the kitchen. When a house settles, the back splash on the kitchen counters starts tearing away from the wall. I didn't like I cut all the old silicone out,and put new silicone in, and painted it again. :) 

I also cleaned the floor by hand with a magic eraser - the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser mop just doesn't do as well. Then I washed all the molding, repainted it all, and then siliconed between the molding and the ground so dirt and water can't get under there anymore. Next, the living room. :)

Now, just as some side notes...

Eric and I teach Primary - a class of four-year-olds turning five - and today was one of the girl's birthdays! Eric and I took Cambria out to pick out a present from the store - she picked Barbie walkie talkies, and a kite. We also let her have a Happy Meal at McDonalds. She fell asleep on the way home. (Sorry the Iphone in the dark isn't very good - they really should put a flash on it! And a way to record video, and a way for normal text, AND a way to put pictures in a text - not just an email...anyway....)

Dara and I have been doing a few workout videos - while doing Carmen Electra, Rox thought she should join. Tucker just wanted to watch- what a typical boy. ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Time for an update right? Wow - I'm a slacker. Here goes:

People update:

Eric had the pins taken out of his finger in February. They had to mark his finger "yes" to make sure they took the pins out of THAT finger. Wouldn't it be awful if they started digging around in another finger? EWWWW.

Eric looking all pretty for his surgery.

Eric and I went skiing for valentine's day, and the day before Valentine's day. Eric also went the day before that too! So he got three skiing days in one week - boy, was he a happy camper or what! It was soooo much fun! I hope to go skiing way more often next season.

Eric and I went with Sally, Paul, Ben, and Dara to the Draper Temple open house. So we took a picture at the reception area. It's a very pretty temple! Not prettier than the Washington D.C. temple though. ;)

Dog update:

Eric, Jersey and I went to Alina and Phil's for dinner and they always put their dog Jade behind this baby gate when they eat, so she doesn't beg. Jersey didn't care too much for it.

Roxy thinks our bed is hers...this is her "don't even think about taking my bed" stare. :)

Tuck, Rox, and Jerz really wanted to go out and play. Can you tell?

Jerz's new cuddle friend - Oscar.

Tucker is Oscar's substitute - unfortunately she doesn't see Oscar as much as Tuck.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I know I haven't written in a while - and I will when I put all my pictures on the computer, but for now - this is something that absolutely disgusts me. If you have any respect for the LDS church, I hope you will write to HBO and the FCC, respectfully, and not with any anger, but in hopes that they would choose not to portray such a sacred thing...

Dear Friends:

Please read this important email. TV Guide has published a picture of a woman in full temple dress, and . . .

Next Sunday, March 15th, HBO's Big Love is planning to air an episode "re-create[ing] even the tiniest details" about the temple ceremony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is not a joke. You can read the article in this week's TV Guide Magazine (page 46 of the magazine, page 48 of the PDF). I'll quote it here for your convenience:

It’s one thing for Bill and Barb Henrickson’s inner
circle to know they have two other wives at
home…but letting the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints in on the secret? That’s a whole
other story. “It’s almost a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’
policy,” says executive producer Mark Olsen. Their
under-the-radar status will change this week when
Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) faces the consequences
of breaking the rules and is called to an excommunication
hearing. “We researched it out the
wazoo,” says Olsen, who along with executive producer
Will Scheffer hired an ex-Mormon consultant
to help the set and wardrobe designers re-create
even the tiniest details. “We go into the endowment
room and the celestial room [areas of the
temple], and we present what happens in those
ceremonies. That’s never been shown on television
before,” says Olsen. Adds Scheffer, “But it’s
not for shock value. It’s really a very important
part of the story.” The decision won’t be without
controversy: According to a church insider, “If they
are in fact trying to emulate those rooms in any
way, that would be extremely offensive. The general
public is not allowed in our temples yet. Not
even all Mormons are. We consider them very, very
sacred.” Heaven help us. —Rochell D. Thomas



The church's stance: