Sunday, May 31, 2009

Roxy's April Birthday, Jackie's May birthday

So in April, it was Roxy's bday.

Of course, i made her a cake. She loved it. :)

My birthday was tons of fun! On my birthday, my favorite sister-in-law, who is way too entirely creative, gave me this Shirley Temple kit. Natalie is the most creative, unique, great ideas person ever! As you can see in the picture below.

She even made cute little cut outs for each step, and there are cute directions! I love it!
She also made me my most favorite cookies of hers!

(Again, notice how creative the packaging is! I'm telling you - she's amazing! Thank you Natalie (and to Ethan who helped!)
Next, my perfect hubby knows I want to get a camera - and found this one at a yard sale. And also got me gorgeous flowers that are actually still very good looking.

Stay tuned for my decorated office, my "surprise" birthday party, Roxy's balloons, and my updated photography blog.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

How she's grown up...

So...I have a TON to blog about -

Roxy's birthday in April
My birthday this last week
The photos I have taken all week - gotta get them on my photography blog
Roxy and her balloon

BUT, as a filler while I'm getting those blogs ready:

1995 (9 years old): - I still have that shirt - the arm has the sun on it for when it was sunny, or I would put my arm down when it wasn't. lol I made it. But its really too bad I still don't have those shoes!

2009 (22 years old):

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday Fun

Well, it's not my birthday QUITE yet, BUT, Eric, the best hubby in the world, has been celebrating it all month for me - kinda. :)

So, first, this wasn't for my birthday, BUT, he got me this amazing mixer. I LOVE IT. Not only is it blue, but he decided we needed the huge one so I could make my rolls. And I LOVE it.

Next, Eric surprised me by going to the Utah Symphony up in SLC. He just told me we were going out, and took me on up there. (Sadly, we didn't have the camera, but I was able to get this shot before my phone died.) It was so sweet, and definitely made me remember how much I love my viola and violin. I'm excited to join an orchestra again.
Eric at souvalki's - we went there right before we went to the concert.

This last weekend, Alina, Phil, their baby Ross, Eric and I went to Tucanos. It was Phil's birthday last Sunday so we both had free birthday meals! YAY!
Free meal!!!

And of course they sang to us!
Eric loving his bleeding, rare meat:
Serving meat:

Now tomorrow, my birthday, I think I'm going to go find a place to get my nails done. Everything is closed because it is Memorial Day - so we'll see what I can find.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who's that blonde chic?

It was the most spur-of-the-moment thing I've ever done with my hair...

Katy, my friend I met at work, and took care of Jerz while we went to San Diego, told me I would look awesome blonde...and so to the salon we went.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Addison!

Today is Addi's 3rd birthday!

When I left to work this morning (which was at 6:40 a.m.), I walked into Add and Kade's room to see if they were awake. Add was awake and we had this conversation.

(Remember - she has barely woken up, so all of this was said in her little I just woke up, but I am awake groggy voice. :) )

Jae: Add! I'm going to go to work.
Add: - gives me the pissed off eyes -
Jae: Add, do you want to go sleep with uncle?
Add: Where are you going?
Jae: I'm going to work, but Uncle is sleeping in his room, you can go sleep in there with him.
Add: PLEASE come back.
Jae: I will, right after work.
Add: Okay, good.
Jae: Do you want to go sleep with Uncle?
Add: -shakes head no-
Jae: Hey Add?
Add: - looks at me-
Jae: It's your birthday! Happy birthday!!
Add: - shakes her head agreeing it's her birthday-
Jae: I got you a really cool present.
Add: Thank you SO much.

She's so dang adorable.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A day with my favorite niece and nephew!

Kade and Addi spent the night. We had so much fun! I did Addison's hair, we got all ready, and then we went to church.

In Primary, they sang the visitor song to Kade and Addi, as well as sang happy birthday to Add! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW ADD! Then when talking about baptism, Kade raised his hand but didn't get called on. So instead, he shouted, "EXCUSE ME TEACHER!!!" She said, "oh um yes?" And he said, "my cousin got baptized." lol It was so funny.

In the first part of primary and in my class, they were very helpful and answered lots of questions!

Then we went home and waited for Eric to get home. Made some dinner, ate with Angela and Eric, and took a walk!

Hanging with Kade and Addi always makes my day 100% better. I love being told all day that "you're the best," and "Jackie...I love you!!"

Jerz swimming

We're trying to get Jerz to like the

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chet - the walking cat

Today, after dinner, Ethan, Natalie, Kade, Addison, Eric, Dara, and I all went for a walk with the dogs.

Tucker LOVES to get right in the water and swim as much as he can. He's definitely a water dog.

And Chet walked with us too...if we got too far ahead, he ran. lol He's a funny cat.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Goals

It's been a depressing two weeks for me. This huge thing happened at work that put me in a depressing stage, which has actually been quite good for me. It got me thinking about my future, what I'm doing now, etc.

First, it got me thinking, how long do I want to be at the job I'm in?
That got me to thinking, if I didn't have this job, then what would I be doing?
Which led me to think seriously, what else do I like? Why did I go to school? What are my hobbies? And most importantly, what do I want to do be doing when I have my own children?

So first, I want to start a daycare. I want to do this, because 1. I love children, 2. I can be home all the time, and 3. I can manage myself. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, and I know that, but I think it would be something so fun to do and it would incorportate my love of children! That's what I would be doing if I wasn't working where I am not.

So then, what do I like? This made me think, how do people see me and what do they think my hobbies are? I mean, everyone around me has their hobby - for example, Eric loves jeeping. He has his hobby, he knows what he loves. So what is it I have? I have I'm a freak about cleaning, but that's not even a hobby, that's just good common sense about keeping things clean. And as of late, I really do enjoy cooking. Eric has had a cooked meal every day for the past several weeks - minus a few where we went somewhere for dinner.

Anyway, so I went and looked back over my life. As a little girl, I did gymnastics. Interesting too - because the only job I wish I could do forever and ever if I could - would be my gymnastics instructor job. In junior high, I did tennis, and even though I loved it, and was quite good at it, I ditched it in high school for gymnastics. (So maybe tennis is something I'll take up now as an activity.)

I went to school for communications with my emphasis in journalism - and all parts of journalism, like photojournalism and the writing part of journalism. I LOVE writing and I love photography. I did both of these for a while with newspapers.
Some examples of photos are below, and this link is some of my newspaper stories with the select newspapers of the Daily Herald: Click here!

So then I thought - why did I go into journalism? Well, I went in it because I wanted to start my own magazine. SO now, I'm going to work on getting that up and going - it will obviously take a great while before I even take it to a publisher, but I might as well start now. It's a huge dream, but all things have to start with a dream right?

It will probably be a jeeping magazine - I have a lot of ideas for that, and I love taking photos of that stuff. Or it may even be a cleaning magazine. lol On top of that magazine, I want to get better with the photos I'm taking - so I want a new camera. Mine just can't do the quality work I want it to - and so now I'm saving for that. (So if you need a birthday idea for me - costco gift cards all the way baby! ;) )

On that note though, Eric says I'm not allowed to buy my own camera just yet because he thinks it will just be a waste of money, because he thinks I'm not being serious and won't use it. So, he said that I have to take photos for 90 days straight... so I made a new blog in which to post these photos: click here.

And I put some of my fave photos from before there, and I will continue to put up photos from my 90 day challenge.

Anyway, all of this came down to what do I want to be doing when I do have my children? I really don't want to be away from my children - and beause Eric has a good job, it's completely reasonable, but I still would like to make some kind of income. So I'm hoping I can either start up a name for myself with photography, or get my magazine really rolling. We'll see. But it's gotta start somewhere right, so here's me starting! :)

Some other goals that have made their way out of this whole new "I'm almost 23, what the heck do I want to do with my life" thing, are the following:

1. Eric did a triathalon with Ethan and Corinne a while back. They probably will do one this year too. So Eric is starting his swimming training. So I told him we should start training for everything, and so we are. Biking and running are a part of the daily routine for me now - Eric just likes the biking part. Not only will this keep me healthy, but hopefully will give me a challenge and help me start a good habit.
2. After the last few weeks of constant cooking, my ingredients in the kitchen have been building, as well as my love for cooking, and knowledge for cooking. I've decided to keep at this for the whole year, so I can continue to learn as much as I can, so I can teach my children how to cook too!
3. I'm going to start up my violin and viola again. Every year since I was in 4th grade, I have been in an orchestra. So come August, I'm auditioning for the Utah Valley Orchestra! The lady told me to just practice the songs on the Web site and then come audition!
4. Finish the book I started writing in 9th grade. It will probably need a lot of rewriting but I'm going to finish it sometime soon - I started posting it here for suggestions - but I may just rewrite the whole thing - go read it and see what you think! Click here!

So here goes me and my goals! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

San Diego

I took 486 was hard to figure out what to put on here, but I narrowed it down to kinda show you everything we did.

First, finding a ride to and from the airport was a nightmare, so we decided to bite the bullet and pay for parking at the airport. Eric and Angela met us at our house, and we were on our way. Parked their car, took a shuttle to the airport, and got ready. Angela got strip searched - the poor thing, and we were on our way. The flight attendants were HILARIOUS!!! Absolutely hilarious. Anyway, after arriving in San Diego, we got a sweet suzuki sx4... (okay, it wasn't THAT bad), and then got our "resort." The front desk lady was so sweet - she gave us a can of love, and a free rental DVD.

My hott hubby on the couch in the living room. This couch pulls out into a bed, and we kept it open that way the whole time we were there, because it was WAY more comfortable to fit all of us on there and watch tv on our TINY tvs.

And the tiny TV - it's not like SUPER tiny, but you would think for claiming they are a super sweet resort, they would have decent tvs, right?

Anyway, then we ordered pizza and fell alseep to "Click" - our free rental DVD.

The next morning we went to the San Diego temple.

After that, we were off to the Wild Animal Park.

Then we got to hang out with these wonderful animals.

And this was Winky - he had to have his eye removed as a baby because of some disease or something.

Angela, Eric and I in the butterfly sign.

A larakeet at the Wild Animal Park.

The lions at the Wild Animal Park.

We then took a break from walking, and sat in this area that you could look over and see a whole bunch of different animals.

Eric at the wild animal park.

Angela in the Wild Animal Park.

Eric in the wild animal park:

The balloon that lets you see "wild africa" from a bird's point of view.

This gorilla walked toward everybody like he wanted to say hi, and promptly turned around and stuck his butt at us. :)

A mommy duck on her nest, with the dad carefully guarding. He did not like me taking pictures of her.

Read this sign...

Now, it's Jackie being a baby stork.

Angela being a baby stork.

Then, as we all left the Wild Animal park - we got to sit on this Rhino.

Then we were all hungry, so we used urban spoon on my phone to try and find a place to go...Dave and Busters it was! So we were off. We had some food, and then decided to play a whole bunch of arcade games.

Eric and I played this truck game:

This is my sexy stud playing:

This is me playing:

This is my score :)

This is Angela and Eric playing this gun game:

Then we decided to go to Sea World to watch the fireworks show. We had one hour left in the park before the fireworks we did this:
Angela on the pig for the Seasame Street plane ride.

Eric in the teacups at Sea World.

The next day we headed over to the San Diego Zoo. These were my favorite pictures - I tried to narrow it down. lol

A KOALA! And did you know that I can't get one? it's illegal. :(

Again, a koala. They look so fake.

A posing camel.

And that same camel posing again for me.

A mommy duck and her babies.

Zebra butts.

A hungry panda.

A hippo.

A snake all rolled up on the stick.

A lazy polar bear.

After the Zoo, we went to the beach.

The sea - it was so pretty out!

And again - the sea - different camera setting, different angle.

Angela at the beach

Eric and Jackie walking on the beach

OH MY GOSH! The best story ever. The two Eric's were walking behind Angela and I while walking to the beach; they were looking at houses for sale that cost over a million dollars. So Angela and I were way ahead of them, and we passed these boys on their front porch. They screamed out, "there goes my next ex!" And we just kept walking. We get to the end of this alley, and the Eric's are still far way. Angela suggests that at the right moment, we just go straight up to them and give them big smooches. SOOOO...just at the exact right moment, we pass the boys on their porch, and they yell out, "we knew you'd come back." And then Ang and I grabbed our Eric's hands and continued walking, listening to the boys go...OOOOOOOOO. IT WAS SO FUNNY! Like just off a movie.

Then, we went home and ate dinner - we grilled steaks on the BBQ, and had corn and beans with it. It was DELICIOUS! :)
Then we watched some movies and went to sleep (after swimming yelling at some very rude people in the hotel.)

The next day, we woke up early and went straight to Sea World. We got there a half hour before it opened, but 15 minutes before it opens, they let you walk around, but not do much. lol But we found that this stand was open. (I'm number 9, he's number 6).

After that, we went and saw the Arctic Animals - Baluga Whales, Polar Bears, etc.

Jackie in the polar bear cave.

The swimming polar bear.

Angela in the polar bear cave with her Shamu prize.

Eric and Eric in the polar bear cave - my Eric is holding our Shamu prize.

Funny polar bear pose.

Polar bear

We watched three shows: The dolphin show, the Sea Lion/Otter show, and the "Shamu" show.

The Dolphin Show:
The dolphins can splash a lot of water. They do this whole song in the beginning about how you're gonna get splashed, and people were still mad they got splashed...shouldn't have sat there!

Dolphin diving.

A Dolphin finishing a dive.

Dolphins waving bye!

Before the Sea Lion/Otter show, we fed the Sea Lions these stinky little fish. This one on the rock kept making these "RAHHHHHHHNAK" noises. Eric and Angela have an awesome video of it. lol It was so funny!

At the sea lion and otter show

The Shamu Show:
Ang and Eric waiting for the Shamu show to start

Eric and Jackie waiting for the Shamu show to start

"Shamu" throwing this girl

"Shamu" flipping

"Shamu" going through waterfall

"Shamu" flipping again...

"Shamu's" belly - my FAVORITE Shamu picture!

"Shamu" diving

After that, we went around to some more exhibits, and rode two very WET rides.

This is Angela and Eric in line for the first wet ride.

We were soaking after the roller coaster ride - I was so soaked, I went and got clothes from the car before we went to lunch, and got changed. lol Before we left - Eric got one more crawl on the net cage thing.

After that, we went and ate at the Old Town Mexican Restaurant.

You can tell how sunburnt we are at this point. (Mine has turned into a nice tan - Ang's, on the other hand, has given her blisters and she's peeling now! AHH!)

Then we made our way over to Point Loma Lighthouse.

Jae and Rick in front of the lighthouse

Ang and Eric in front of San Diego

Jae and Ang in front of the beach

Eric and Ang in front of the beach

Jae and Rick in front of the beach

After that, we went to find the boardwalk...turns out they consider the boardwalk a sidewalk with condos on it...NOT a boardwalk. lol So we went down these rocks a bit until we had to go to the airport.

Eric walking on the rocks

Notice - I'm not wearing any shoes to walk on these...

And then we were on our way home! It was a really fun trip! I'll take Angela and Eric on any trip with me - they are too much fun!