Friday, June 19, 2009


So we went jeeping last Saturday, and while on our way to American Fork Canyon, Eric saw this dude who decided to go through the river - and nobody was with him... Not very smart.

 Eric saw him and couldn't miss the chance to use his winch and his off he went to winch the dude out. 

Eric and Tuck - at this point, Tucker had way too much fun playing in the mud. 

Jersey - while Tucker and Roxy got to run all around, Jerz chose to stay and have the whole back seat to herself. :)

And tell me Jerz and Molly aren't related. lol Miss you baby! (Pic from June 14th, 2008)

Roxy LOVES to play in the snow.
Jersey kept getting thrown she moved right behind the seat, and sat a little bit more securely. 
Tucker running through the river while Eric was winching the guy out.

Since none of you ever take us up on our offer to come jeeping...we brought jeeping to you. 

Picking up a puppy!

Eric and Angela decided to get the cutest lil pup. Well, they don't breed the dog here in Utah, so Angela's parents picked him up in WA, drove him to eastern WA, then he was taken by a relative of Angela's to Idaho...where we picked him up! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A few weeks ago, Eric's friend at work was selling some horses. Eric has loved riding them with me and my friends, and decided he would love to buy one...

soooooo... we got Jixie!

We were planning on getting one from Eric's friend from work, but that fell through, so we got Jixie instead, and we couldn't be happier.

Thanks to Darla's stepdad, Kyle, she was moved safely from Benjamin to Lehi. She was acting so weird - I think just so stressed, and I was worried that she wasn't the nice horse we thought she was. But we left her in this pen place in the pasture she was going to stay in all night. Well the next day, before work, I went and saw her. She was doing better, and the other horses she would live with, all had time to adjust to her, so I let her loose. I waited with her, and all the other horses were really warming up to her, so I went off to work. An hour later, I get a call from the stable telling me she jumped the fence. They had moved her into her own paddock and we could figure out what we were going to do from there. We could keep her in the pasture, but we were all afraid she would jump again. SOOOO...for now, we are going to keep her in her own paddock, and then get her used to everybody else, and put her back in the pasture.

We have seen her every day since we have had her. It's amazing how fun it can be to be a cow girl - Eric and I both even have some dang wonderful cowboy/cowgirl boots! My friend Matt has been showing me some stuff to do training wise, and you can tell she really respects me now. I think she will be an amazing horse.

It will be such a fun adventure having a horse! I've ridden a horse every year since I can remember, so I have experience in that area, but NOW I'm getting experience having a horse! WAHOO! I already feel 100 times more comfortable with her, just over the week of doing stuff with her! I ALMOST can't believe Eric and I waited this long to get one. lol

She's great! Come visit her! :)

More party fun

So Eric threw me a "surprise" party. I say "surprise" because he told me about it the day of. He was really stressed, and for no reason! It turned out so well, and was so fun! Thanks babe! And thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the fun!

Roxy definitely enjoyed the balloons afterwards. Her and Jerz grab them then pop them, then start eating them, so I had to supervise to make sure they don't choke.

I also went and got my nails done on my birthday! That was fun too! Anyway, all done!!

Also, as an update, we are still doing our food critiquing - gosh I've made a lot of food. I've learned a LOT though, and I really do love cooking! :)