Sunday, July 19, 2009

Serious Cleaning/Home Make-overing

This week has been a week of serious cleaning, from cleaning Angela's two apartments to cleaning out our garage to Angela and I scrubing clean the vinyl so that there was no dirt in the tiny, little dents. The floor alone took three hours, so you can see what I mean by some SERIOUS cleaning. At least Angela was smart enough to figure out that we didn't have to use the magic eraser the whole time - we got an EXCELLENT scrub brush! :) Angela, thank you for spending the hours doing this with me! You're the best!

So much time has consumed all this, that I haven't had the chance to upload any pictures to the blog or blog about anything going on! SORRY!

So for now, a couple things.

1. I got a ticket for running a stop sign (that I didn't run) and got it dismissed! WAHOO!
2. A guy at the stable where Jixie is, saw me working with Jixie, and asked me if he could pay me to show him some things I know.
3. Angela and I are diving straight into our business venture, and finished our first shoot this last week. We have two coming up this week, and four next week!
4. Brett and Lynda are moving, :(
5. Kade and Addison had a sleepover here, and it was so much fun! We went to grammy's for a bit too, where Add was quite the little diver and slider. - pictures to follow when I get a second.
6. Lastly, our house is about to go under a house makeover. Ben and Dara will be moving out on the 28th of July into their new house in Provo which leaves us extra room to do stuff with.

So, we started with Eric's garage. The plan is to make everything so organized that when he decides, "oh, I need a screw...bolt...hose...etc...." he will know exactly where it is and what he has to buy to finish the project. Tonight was about the fourth night we have worked on the garage, and may I say it is coming along quite well. We've already filled up the trash can to the top already. Pictures to come.

In the next year, every room in our house will also have it's own makeover, including, but not limited to:
1. The loft turning into a game room - getting a pool table, maybe air hockey or ping pong, a corner tv to hang from the wall, and the futon from the kids room.
2. Ben and Dara's room turning into a craft room - getting a proper sewing table, sewing corner, photography corner, and scrapbooking corner all in one room.
3. The kid's room turning into a music guest room - selling the twin bed and getting a queen, getting a cooler music stand than mine, getting my viola back from my sister, and having a music corner for my violin and viola. The closet in this room will probably turn into an extra blanket closet as well as a place for my music and things.
4. Putting in a bathroom downstairs - getting the sink, cupboard, mirror, and toliet, and possibly ripping out all the vinyl and carpeting in that area to put down pergo flooring.
4. Half of the living room turning into a dining room, and the other half turning into a large tv room - selling the old couches, and getting new leather ones, moving the kitchen table into the new dining room, getting an area rug to go under the table, and possibly getting a buffet table to put nice china in and placemats or something, as well as putting the fish tank my parents are bringing down for me on.

The area rug I want, but need to figure out how big my table is.

The couch that Angela and I both hope to own soon - hehe

1. Getting vinyl lettering from a lady in my ward - and putting up cute sayings all over the house.
2. Getting a net (idea from Nat - THANK YOU NAT!) and putting all my stuffed animals in it.
3. Getting a large bookcase to fit all my books - possibly even a cupboard bookcase.
4. Getting another bookcase and baskets to go on each shelf to hold things in our master bathroom.
5. Figuring out how to decorate the extra bathroom.
6. Painting the craft room, the guest room, our bathroom, bedroom, and laundry room.

Angela has agreed to take it upon herself to decorate the house. She just decorated hers with her mom, and it's absolutely perfect! So she's doing mine now! Thank you Angela!

This is going to take a LONG time, but they are the plans for now. I figure while it heads into winter, we won't have a lot to work on for the yard, so I'm going to try to get this done - within the budget of course. Next Spring we'll spend a lot more time planting our rose/tree garden on the front corner, putting in more trees in the backyard, and putting in the veggie garden, including more fruit trees than just the one apple.

Eventually, over the years, we'll get our deck in, get a nice big playground - including a trampoline - get a hot tub, put the pond- that's just sitting in the crawl space- in, get a fence, do the driveway skirts, etc, etc.

Feel free to comment with any ideas of your own - I'm very open to suggestions!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goal Review

So it's almost been two months since I last decided I had all these new goals. So I thought I would recap to keep myself motivated.

So for the running/biking triathlon thing. For a while I was biking every day, but then I was missing running too much. So it now a lot of running, and less biking, but I'm still hoping to be doing a triathlon at least next year at this time.

I have still kept up cooking. I really do enjoy it, especially when I have the time for it. Go me for sticking with it! :)

My sister borrowed my viola, and so I can't audition quite yet for the orchestra, so I went in a different route for now, and decided to start taking private lessons again from my former violin/viola teacher. Friday will be my first lesson!

I modified my book writing goal - and decided I also want to try and publish a book that I wrote as a little kid - a children's book. I'll be able to finish this one sooner than the 9th grade story, and maybe it will keep me motivated on the other book. I haven't added any more to the 9th grade story, even though I have it sitting around. I really need to rewrite a lot of it.

As far as all the other goals, Eric and I are going to start spending his Saturdays off jeeping a different trail, and I'm going to start drawing the maps, by miles, for each trail. I'm still waiting to buy myself a new camera to take some magazine worthy photos, but figure I can get this done in the mean time. I'm excited to get this up and going. I also have still been taking photos every day - as you can see from my other blog, which I need to update of course. Because I've been so engrossed in taking so many photos, Angela and I have started our own little business venture. We have been looking into classes to take, or going back to school, but we're thinking now that taking some classes on our particular interests, instead of getting another degree, would be a better use of time. I can't wait until we find some to join!

And, since obviously I'm up late writing this...I've been super excited about something all day today! :) I've just figured out everything I want to do with the house over the next year probably. But I've been thinking about it because we will use be losing our renters. And now I'll have two extra rooms in which to do things! I have plans for all of them, and Eric thinks they are good ideas too, so I'm stoked! YAY! :)

Last but not least, I have done NOTHING to pick up tennis as a hobby again. Hopefully I'll find some people to play with soon, and make some time to do that.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lots of New Jersey - Part 2

(Yes, there are a TON of pictures- SORRY! - you know me, I take WAY too many of WAY too much :) It's the photographer in me- one day I'll be really big right? Not just taking them for newspapers, and my own magazine.)

So first, when we got to the airport, we waited for TWO hours for them just to tell us that we had to rebook our flight. So no going to WA DC, no going to the Temple. One day lost. :( So instead they rebooked us to Philly. So we flew to Philly with a layover in Chicago.

Eric and his friends in the Chicago Airport:

When we got our on next plane, I noticed that the plane had this cool plaque on it - hey, it's my dad's job!
(Sorry about it being blurry - had to take it fast while walking on, but you get the idea).

And then we were off to Philly:

Friday was our anniversary - we went out to dinner with the fam at PJs, and then went and saw a movie. The next day, we went off to the pub to celebrate Rachel's birthday - DELICIOUS. Rachel and Rossiter were there - just not in these pictures.

Then we had our one-year-old wedding cake! Thanks Cathi for freezing it for SOOOOO long. It actually tasted just like good cake! You can see how many people enjoyed it!

Oh that's right - Eric felt he needed to really duplicate our reception. haha

The next day we went kayaking and canoeing!!! It was SOOOOOOO much fun! Thank you Mike and Cathi for a great time!

And what trip is a good trip without some video?

Then the next day we ate lunch with grandmom, grandpop, and Aunt Chris, and then went off to the airport, flew to Denver, then went home. It was a great trip, but always great to be back home with all the animals.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lots of New Jersey - Part 1

So first Mike and Cathi came out to visit, then we went to New Jersey for our anniversary (had to skip Washington DC since they cancelled our flight, and made us leave the next day...I was seriously disappointed. :( ) So needless to say, it was lots of New Jersey!!! :)

So First...Mike and Cathi were here, and we went to Cafe Rio on my lunch break! Thank you for lunch Mike and Cathi! Love you guys!

The next day we went to the Farmer's Market in Provo and the Bean Museum.
Eric got a tamale - and it was dang good!
This hangs in the Bean Museum - it's pretty awesome.
This is an animal called a Dik-dik. This happened to be Mike's favorite animal at the museum. They also had different types of Dik-diks, such as Salt's Dik-dik.
After that, we went to a restaurant called Porter's Place just down main street. Cathi got a kick out of all the meals being named after LDS things. :)

For Father's Day, we went to Sundance for their buffet. Believe me, we all gained like a 100 pounds at that place. haha

Then we made our way to Bridal Veil Falls - at least I think that's what it's called.

And then Mike and Cathi headed off to the airport to go back to New Jersey. A week later, we arrived there! :) Coming up in Lots of New Jersey - Part 2.