Monday, August 31, 2009

Before I'm 30

As some of you know, I LOVE the tv show Friends.
One of my favorite episodes is when they go over each friend and how they acted on their 30th birthday. Phoebe has a bunch of things she wants to do before she turns each age, but in this episode, you see her riding a hippity-hop for a mile, and it was the last thing she wanted to do before she turned 30 (even though you find out she is 31 in this episode). So I think about this a lot when I think of the things I want to accomplish in the next few years, so I decided to make a list of things I want to do before I'm 30. I have seven years to complete this.

1. Go back to school for something. I love school, and would go for the rest of my life if I was paid to! But for now, I have decided I just want to go back to be back in school - whether I use it for a career or not. So, right now majoring in education to be a school teacher and also majoring in photography to add more to my photography skills are on the top of the list. That doesn't leave out my childhood occupations of a vet. :)
2. Get a full length book published - probably the one I started when I was in 9th grade.
3. Get a children's book published.
4. Make my own cd with my own songs on it, and take to a publisher or radio station to see what they think.
5. Have a successful business - probably a photography business since Angela and I have started one. :)
6. Finish an off-roading trail magazine.
7. Complete an Iron Man.
8. Play a part in a tv show or commercial.
9. Do this with Jixie: click here

And that's all for now - so, my original goals that I made back in May for my 23rd year will hopefully help complete these things before I'm 30!

So again, goal review time (mostly for me to stay motivated - it's like I'm accountable to all of you!)

- I've been running and biking still - Poor Tucker came bike riding the other day and hurt the pads on his paws. I feel so bad for him! I'm going to have to find a way to swim more.
- Viola and Violin are still a go - keeping it up - I will audition next year for the orchestra, instead of this year, even though they extended my audition so I could get my viola from my sister. I just feel too rusty. So private lessons for now, and next year, I'll audition.
- I didn't get any comments on my book blog, so I decided just to anchor down and get it done without advice. I've started going over it again, and changing some of it for the better. It's a work in progress. My friend gave me a publisher to take my children's book to, so I'll be doing that soon - just need to make the last few changes.
- Eric and I are mapping my first trail tomorrow, and taking the photos! :) I'll need a better camera for when I actually make them magazine worthy, but for now, I've decided just to pitch it to people and see what they think! I'm so excited! YAY! Also, I've successfully taken photos for 90 days, but now just need the money! :)
- Angela and I have our first real, PAID, photo shoot on Saturday! Way to go business!!

I hope to have some of these things accomplished the next time I write about them - more to report later! :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

They always make me laugh

Having animals around always makes life fun. I can't imagine a life without pets. I just love them!

Eric and I sometimes joke that if we had a fence, Tucker wouldn't run around anywhere, he would just bask in the sun. Every time that I come home for lunch, the dogs and I go to play outside, but Tucker just likes to bask. Right now I'm on my leave from work, so I have more time to let Tuck actually get his "basking" in.

This cracks me up EVERY time he does it, so I thought I would share it with you:

I don't know if he is trying to tan his belly because the rest of him is black or what, but it is soooo funny!

Anyway, the other day I went to Alex's football game! My fave part: the cheerleaders! I didn't even know there were cheerleaders at this young!

Good job Alex!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Shore Trip

So Mike and Cathi took all of us kids, and grandkids, to the shore in Ocean City, New Jersey - THANKS GUYS. We have done a ton! So here goes photo time.

Everyone had to come up with their own night - Mike and Cathi did sand creations (which I don't have pics of but I'm sure others will post them), Brian and Rachel did old school sports, Austin and Ange did Hawaiian night, Ethan and Nat did white trash night, Eric and I did scavenger hunt on the boardwalk, and Brooks and Noelle will finish with breakfast for dinner night.

Old School sports:
Luau (notice Eric's long curly hair):
White trash (notice Eric's mullet - I cut it with kitchen scissors, looks pretty dang good for a mullet right?):
A few of us rented jet skis (notice Eric's hair now):
And back on the beach - Eric now looks like an indian.

Kade and Addi found some friends - Morgan and Josh.
We went and found all these shells together:

And they wanted to get buried - notice Josh in the corner looking at them.

It has been a ton of fun - almost too much fun! The only downside is I'm really missing the pets back home! It will be nice to return back to the normal routine after all the beach and sun. A few days left of vacation, then back to Utah! Thanks again Mike and Cathi!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Making Guac with Cathi

I have never liked guacamole...but after tasting Cathi's guac, I LOVE IT! It's so good! THE BEST!

So first, get some avocados and make sure they are SOFT! If you can press your thumb into it a bit, then it's wonderful! :)

Then scrape out the insides and put them into a bowl. Then cut a jalapeno. Cathi only uses the green part, and a bit of the white. The white part is actually the part that is hot! Not the seeds.

Then add the jalapeno to the bowl of avocado insides.

Then use the avocado tool that Cathi and Mike got us (THANK YOU GUYS!) - or just a normal spoon - and smash up the jalapenos and avocado.

Then cut some onions - Cathi does this to taste, so add as much as you want.

Then add the onion to the bowl.

Then cut up some cilantro - you can use scissors for this.

Then put the cilantro in the bowl and mix it all together -but don't mix it too much.


And everyone enjoys! :)

Thanks for a great recipe Cathi!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Catch up!

So a while ago, Kade and Add went to our primary bike parade. Addison fell asleep on the way there, so Kade was the only one riding.

So Angela stayed on the sidelines with Addison.
We waved to the audience.
And Kade ended the parade and ate an otter pop.
Then Add thought it looked like too much fun, so we went around the parade route again!
Afterwards, we went swimming at Grammys.

Add loves getting the sticks on the bottom of the pool - Eric was scanning the pool so you can see how deep she had to go. Notice that she wants to do this again! lol She LOVES it!

This video best illustrates how she has to find all the sticks on the bottom - not just one or two, ALL of them. She is down there searching for them and it cracks me up. No goggles mind you.

This is Add going down the slide - we worked her way up there. First, we started by sitting on the end, then starting higher up while I held her the whole way, and then TAH DAH!

Eric's grandmom, grandpop, and aunt came out to visit, and we all went to Tepanyaki, as well as did much more! :) But, here is the best video - don't watch the fire Add. :)

While the fam was here, we also went to this parade:

This float will donate all those quilts to the humanitarian aid I believe. How giving of them! I love it!

And that's all for now!