Saturday, October 10, 2009

Alexa's CRAZY story

So things have been happening here.
Work: I got a promotion at my job, and the union signed a new contract with Kennecott giving Eric a new raise schedule.
Washington: Eric and I went to WA to see Wicked, watch General Conference, go to Stephanie's setting apart to be a missionary, and, of course, go to Las Margaritas.
Utah: Wednesday, I took Stephanie to the MTC, and yesterday, Alexa decided to drive down to Utah.

Now...I haven't been blogging because my mom's birthday is coming up, and she wants my blog in a book. I'm using Blurb for it. But blogspot got rid of all of my pictures from entries past a few months ago, so putting the book together requires finding all the pictures on my computer and hard drive. This takes a LONG time. Out of 310 pages, I'm on sucks. SOOOO, I haven't been in the best blogging mood - but I have to post this!

So in my letter to Stephanie today, I write:

Yo - so best story ever! Are you ready for this? lol

So Alexa decided to drive down here to see Danielle, oh and me, and I think she is going to try to stalk you at the MTC. Noah, Danielle's boyfriend, came down with her. I told her to call me when she was in Ogden. When she called me, in the middle of the conversation, she starts saying things like are you okay!? push the clutch in! are you okay? are you okay?

Then she says, um, Jackie? A rock just went through our windshield.

All I'm thinking is... a rock? Wow. That's some big rock.

I tell her to pull over -she says she already is. So then I go talk to Eric, and he says rocks aren't supposed to go through windshields. And I said, she says there is glass in her mouth. So we all discuss how big the hole is. Alexa says its the size of her hand. Eric says to just get to a gas station, buy some tape, and tape it up and drive here.

In the mean while, Alexa is checking out the car, when she says, JACKIE, it was a trailer hitch! I tell that to Eric, and now he understands how this happened, and kept saying, you tell your sister to say a grateful prayer that she is still alive.

So Alexa drives the car to a gas station, and gets some tape. In the meanwhile, I also have her call the cops to make sure they can get some kind of case number for her - just in case insurance asks for it. They sent me a picture of the hole in the windshield too - I'll have to mail it to you when we take some better ones. It's seriously a crazy thing her and Noah are alive. A TRAILER HITCH!

So, the cops come, and at first, didn't believe that they needed to come, but then saw it, and were like OH MY GOSH! So, they give her a case number, and we tell Alexa we will drive up, and get AAA to get a tow truck. But the cop never said Alexa couldn't drive the car (believe me, she shouldn't be driving it), so Alexa met us half way. We got to her at a 7-11, and Eric now became the celica driver. He taped the windshield up more before leaving, and then we all left. He was supposed to stay behind me, but instead thought it would be safe (even though he can only see out the car by putting his head all the way to the left) to drive fast and away from us. So he did....and got home a few moments before us.

She called the insurance this morning, and the lady said, um, what happened? She said a trailer hitch went her windshield...the line goes completely silent, and the lady says, uhhhhhh wow. Okay.

It was funny.

PS When Alexa and I were driving the jetta, and Eric and Noah were in the celica, we went through a construction zone. A truck pulled behind me, in front of the celica, so I slowed down so he would get out of the way. He did, moving to the left lane - there were only two lanes. In front of the truck, was one car, which he couldn't get by to pass in front of me. So he decided to just pull to the side and try to run into my car. Alexa screams JACKIE, and I honk at him, and he swerves back in his lane. As we pass him, he honks at US! WHAT? Moron. It still makes me angry - Utah drivers are just SOOOO dumb!!!

Anywho, I'm sure I'll tell you more when we know more. Love you girl!

PS Make a commitment to be happy today! Let the wrongs and things done against you, just fly off your back! BE HAPPY!!

AND watch for trailer hitches.

And now for pictures - seriously, it's WAY worse than it sounds!
The picture that Noah sent me from his phone, so we could get the best idea of what size the hole was. :)

The dents put into the body of the car:

The car (with the tape). We took off the tape to give you more of an idea for the rest of the pictures.
The glass on the driver side floor:
The glass in the back seat - yes it went this far!
The hole:
Alexa's face by the hole - it's a big hole.
Can you see where Alexa is sitting? It's a miracle they aren't both more severely hurt.
The trailer hitch:

The inside of the car:

Insurance should be getting back with Alexa today, and hopefully fixing the windshield so she can get back to Idaho. We are just glad her and Noah are safe!!!!!