Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Aerogarden

For our wedding, my Aunt Connie and my Uncle Mike gave us an aerogarden. It's quite an awesome tool. It's so fun to just plant things, and have plants on hand. First, we grew herbs, then we grew lettuce, and now we are growing tomatoes. I have never talked about it on here, so I thought I would share - now that I have just replanted some seeds.

First, you put the seed pods in their respective holes.

Then you add nutrients to the water that is in the base. Yes, the whole garden is run by only water. There is a little soil in the seed pod, but the roots just grow out into the water.
Then you put domes on top of the starting seed plants. Once the plant starts coming up, you'll take them off.
And then you place the aerogarden on your new aerogarden shelf. Sally had this idea to put the garden on a shelf, so that I had more counter space. BEST IDEA! :) So, thanks to my hubby's help, the shelf is up, and the aerogarden is ready to make tomatoes!!

PS - click here to see my full moon picture - as promised. :) I can't wait to get another lens so I can zoom in even further! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sleepy time

Do you ever have those days where you wish you could just sleep all day? :) Today is definitely one of those days. I just did my workout for the morning, and if it wasn't 6:15, I would take a LONG nap. But, alas, I gotta get ready and get to that whole work thing. Then I gotta get home, run with the dogs, close my pampered chef show, and then I can sleep. The only problem is - by then, I'll want to watch Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, AND The Office, and I won't sleep. We'll see if I can resist. hehe

(I took that picture last week - the half moon was looking so awesome, I just couldn't resist. I'll have to take some more when the moon is FULL. :) )

PS if you didn't come to my pampered chef dinner, and you want something off of pampered chef (or want the guest special of 20% off stoneware), just comment that you want it and I'll send you the link. Only thing is - you'll have to get it today. So no procrastinating!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One of the worst days in 23 years...

I can probably count on one hand, the worst days of my life. Days where I just wished and hoped that a million things had gone better, gone a different way. Days where I start thinking about what could have gone right, and even though I couldn't have changed it, I regret it. Today...was one of those days.

BUT, to make it all better, I got this new toy- something to make this day seem better, something to get my mind off of it.

Introducing the...
CRICUT!! WAHOO! Eric took me up to Joann Fabrics and we bought this baby.

We also got another cartridge for it, and tried to get one with jeeping things on it, but couldn't find one.
Then we got these vinyl rolls so that I can make some cute saying for our house and Eric's jeep. haha
Now it's time to open it up and play with it! YAY!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jeeping Day

Two weeks ago we went jeeping...

Why do we only have pictures of the jeeps parked you ask? WELL...I had to go to class, and I was taking a bit longer in the darkroom than I thought I was going to. So Eric left the ATV on the trailer, connected to the truck, so I could come meet him on the trail at Five MIle. So I get home, and as I'm about to turn the truck on, Eric calls me and tells me he needs me to bring the 3 ton jack, some wrenches, and some other tools. I asked what happened, and he said that Scott's jeep broke. Then he asked me to bring some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I didn't have any more bread, so I stopped at walmart and got some bread and peanut butter. I brought our jelly from home - in a glass jar.

So, I get up to Five Mile - and get to the right parking lot after Rick Hopkins helped me out. lol So I strap up the jack on the back of the ATV, put the grocery bags with food over the handle, so they are just hanging off, and put everything else in the zippered bags. Oh yes, I looked pretty dang sexy. :) Then I got up the trail - once again with Rick's help - and met up with Scott. Eric had left with some of his other friends to finish the trail. I leave everything I brought in Scott's jeep. Scott got on the ATV with me, and we start heading back to the parking lot because his dad was bringing him the part he needs. As we are going back down the trail, Scott goes..."and there's your jelly..." OH NO! My jelly jar fell out of the bad, and broke. :(

As we are heading down the trail, we knew it was going to be a while, so I decided we should go look for Eric first. We did - and we found him. So then Andrew - Eric's friend - and Scott go back to the parking lot in Eric's jeep, and Eric and I got on the ATV and went back to the other group of friends. Up there, we had to winch Chris - Eric's friend - in a few directions to get him all the way turned around (his jeep kept blowing fuses if he reversed). Then Brandon's rig had his fuel injection go out. Eventually, after helping everyone, we all got back to the parking lot.

So no good jeeping pictures. :(

This is Seattul - Brandon's daughter - with Jersey. She LOVES Jerz.

Seattul was named Seattul because her mom had heard the name from a friend before. They wanted to spell it differently, hence the way it is spelled. If Eric would let me, I would name our daughter that...and then I would name our other daughter Ariel Elizabeth and call her Ari for short. HOW CUTE? Eric doesn't agree. lol

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And the winners are...


Yes, that's right...a HUGE buck (probably a four-point) hit the car. Eric took it to Kennecott the other day, and on his way home, a buck came from the left, Eric swerved, and it's head smashed the window then rolled off the left side of the car. Eric is just fine, but sad about the buck.

As the winners of the "Take A Guess" Entry, Ange and Ellie will receive these yummy cookies! :) Ellie, I'll bring them to you on Saturday if you're home and when I'm done with school.

The Jetta has to have a new bumper put on, a new driver side door, dents taken out of the back driver side door, and then dents taken out of the wheel well and back bumper. The good news is that the car is NOT going to be totaled, and will only cost the insurance $3000 to fix. The BEST news is that the beeping my car constantly makes, when you first turn it on, will all be taken care of when the door is replaced. So instead of buying a $150 lock part, and then having Eric take the time to get it fixed, we'll pay a $100 deductible to have a whole brand new door (and some other stuff)! WAHOO!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Take a guess...

What was this hit by?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Little Hero Girl

Some of you may not know how Molly, our first decker rat terrier died, or why we got Roxy. A week before Eric and I got married, Molly got ran over by a car. We were out running and this driver didn't slow down for the stop sign, and hit Molly. She didn't live for too much longer after that.

I was torn to pieces - Molly was my little girl. She followed me everywhere. When we went walking somewhere, or running, she would run ahead, then stop and make sure I was still there. She would always come back to get me. To make it worse, Tucker had no idea what happened, and just watching him lay around, so sad, so depressed, was heart-breaking. I wasn't even sure I could be happy for my our wedding. It was just so...awful.

I knew that Eric had wanted a boxer for a while - a fawn boxer. So I started looking for another dog - Tucker needed a new friend. I found a ton of boxers, but found only one in Provo - just streets down from me - from our provo house. I called Bryce, the breeder, and he had one fawn left. I went and met the boxer - and the second I saw her, she ran right up to me and licked me all over. I HAD to have her.

It's the most we've ever paid for a dog, and she was worth EVERY penny.

I never knew that when I got her...she would impact me so much.
Roxy has such a personality. Both Tucker and Jersey have their own as well - as you know, our dogs are like our children. But today, Roxy stands out to me.

Today, we went on a run. And when the dogs and I go running, we run along the river trail. I don't have to worry about any cars running the dogs over or anything. EXCEPT for the spots along the trail that open up to the road. They are small openings and have walkways from the trail to the roads. I don't ever really have to worry about the dogs running down the walkways, and to the road. Usually I just run really fast past those points so the dogs don't even think of going down the walkways. (Yes, I'm VERY paranoid.)

Well, we passed one of these points, and I ran super fast so the dogs would come. We get about 100 feet away from it, and I only have Roxy and Tucker. It's super dark outside, so I can't see anything. There's this noise in the bushes, and I'm hoping it's Jersey, but whatever the noise was, wasn't getting any closer to me. And it's not like Jersey can't run through the bushes to me. So I started mini-freaking out. I have Roxy and Tucker walk right next to me, and all of a sudden I hear Jersey yap. Now I'm thinking that the noise must be some kind of animal and must have hurt Jerz. So now I'm really freaking out. I can't see anything - it's so dark, so now I'm super, SUPER, worried. So I tell Roxy, "go get her!" And she runs over to the spot where Jerz had made noise, and so I start walking over through the bushes to see if I can find her - without getting killed by this thing making the noise, right? Well then, Roxy takes off over to the opening where you can get to the road. So now I'm thinking, great, I'm gonna have two dogs get run over. This is not good. Finally I get over to the fence, and I get closer, and see that Jersey is on the other side. AND ROXY IS RIGHT NEXT TO HER! GOOD ROXY!! So I tell Roxy to come back, and I start running towards the opening. She goes off - running like 30 mph, lol - and Jerz follows her, and we all meet up again.

Roxy ALWAYS looks out for the dogs - she loves Jersey and Tucker. She has the best personality and the instinct to protect. I love her so much, and am so grateful for her. Roxy is SO smart, and really, no other dog compares to her. I'm so proud of her - and tonight, she is MY hero.

Jersey is okay - a little bit scratched up...I think she tried to jump over the fence to get back over.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

As promised...


Now the tape hanging is going to be a picture - the picture is a surprise suggested by Natalie and Mike. You'll just have to wait until I'm done. :) Also, all the H's are going to painted the colors in my rug, and the frames will be the brown in my rug. I'll take another picture when I'm all done painting it. And no, our last name isn't "HAL", they just didn't have another "L" when I bought it.
Now, besides the wall, and trying to get things done on my to-do list from last week, Eric and I took Chelsie to wheeler farm on Sunday to view the premises for her engagement photo shoot - just trying to get a feel of where she wanted her pictures taken. There was this duck on the wrong side of the fence. The duck had a broken wing, and Eric thought it might be thirsty.

Immediately, it ran on the pond, and started drinking. GO ERIC!

Now...after seeing this next picture, how could you not want a baby goat? Don't worry - Eric said no.
And much love is in this picture?
And finally, as far as pictures go, we had dinner with Nat, Ethan, Addi, Kade, and Mike yesterday. After dinner, Add wanted to play with the cats and look at the fish. She wanted pictures of herself doing these things, and then wanted to "show mom." My camera died after I took the pictures, so I promised Add I would put these here for her mom to look at. She really wanted to show her mom. So these are for you Nat! :)

And to a progress report from my to-do list, and for those of you who are anxious to see the new things going on in the house, I'm going to try to finish my craft room painting tonight and blog about it soon.

I have not bought my buffet table yet, but have put masking tape up of the buffet table so I can make sure it will look just right. I will get a picture up of it soon though!

I did get a new clock for the living room (ya know, cuz the other one was broken when I bought it), and it's up too! A picture will come when the buffet table is up. :)

My aero garden shelf is not up yet - Eric said he will still sand it. :( I hate waiting! Maybe I'll convince him I need it done tonight. hehe

So again, a week full of to-dos for me!