Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green Day, Wisdom Teeth, and Dog washes! Oh my!

Soooo... a couple things. First, St. Patty's day was last week AND it is the coolest day ever! :) I mean, come on - talk about getting to wear lots of green! And yes, since green is my favorite color, you better believe that I had green earrings, a green necklace, a green bracelet, a green phone, a green wallet, a green purse, a green shirt...etc. lol Even my toenails were green! hehe

The next day, Eric got his wisdom teeth out. He's HILARIOUS after he wakes up from anesthesia, but his surgery was only like twenty minutes, so I didn't get to catch him right when he was coming out - but here's a small clip of him. Not as funny as when he woke up from his finger surgery and was telling me all about the catheter he got (that he didn't really have, but was convinced he did. hehe) He doesn't remember any of this. He kept telling me he wanted to go running to see what his legs felt like. And then he was super interested in the machine...and was trying to "trick" it. lol

He's hott in surgery, huh? :) He's doing great. Has been on pain meds, has been eating a TON of ice cream and rice pudding. Such a champ! *

Now, thanks to my phone camera, I was able to get pictures of this CRAZY place! It's a DOG wash. That's right...not a CAR wash, a dog wash...

That's all for now!

*edit - Eric DID get ALL four out - but is doing wonderful!

Monday, March 15, 2010

How to get wax out of carpet

If a family member of yours decides to take the scentsy candle out of the wall, while the wax is still hot, and ends up pouring most of it on the floor...this is how you get it out of the carpet!

Step 1: Find wax spot
2. Grab iron and paper towels. Place a paper towel on the wax spot, and iron.
The wax will come out of the floor - staying on the paper towel.
Step 3. Pick up the paper towel and check progress.
Step 4: Repeat until gone.
Step 5. BE HAPPY! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pineapple fun!

So...if you buy a pineapple wedger, then you have to use it! So... here we go!

Step 1. Buy a pineapple
Step 2. Put it on a cutting board

Step 3. Have your strong husband cut the ends off of the pineapple.
Step 4. Get out the pineapple wedger.
Step 5. Have strong husband push pineapple wedger down on the pineapple.
Step 6. Put pineapple on top of pineapple wedger case.
Step 7. Watch the skin pop all the way off!
Step 8. Pause to watch Ross play in dog dishes.
Step 9. Have strong husband push apple corer on the remaining pineapple.
Step 10. Have Alina model the strip that has now been cut!
Step 11. Let Ross lay on Tucker - he loves being a pillow.
Step 12: Eat it!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cricut time!

My friend, Katy, sent me this recipe and said "Jackie, please make these cookies then let me know how they taste." INSTEAD, I just made them for her, and for my friend Melanie - whose birthday was this last Sunday - and for my other friend Natalie, who found out she was having a boy!!

And I thought, "what a better time than now to make cards with my cricut!!" So here's what I made! AND, I LOVE the cricut!

I can tell that once I get a ton of time on my hands (when I don't work full-time), I'll probably scrapbook a lot. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a good dog!

So, our neighbors, who live in the green house in the picture below, have a little girl. I believe her name is Carlis.

Lately, Carlis has decided she LOVES our dogs. The other day, while Eric was home, she was over playing with the dogs. Eric was home and snapped this picture of her new favorite thing. :)

Tucker is such a good boy - and I guess this confirms that, yes, our dog is a mini horse.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A better day :)

So, the other day I told you it was one of the worst days of my life... right? Well, I'm taking it back. :)

I know you will all think this is so dumb, but to me, it is a big deal. But if you need to laugh, then I hope it brightens your day. ;)

I have NEVER had a cavity in my entire life. EVER. And I'm pretty proud of the fact that I've never had one. Natali, my dentist and sister in law's sister in law - haha - told me that I would probably get one when I got pregnant because the ph levels in your mouth change. And to be perfectly honest, I get worried about it- I really never want to have a cavity.

Well...the other day, I went to the dentist for my normal cleaning, and she found my first "cavity." I was devastated. AND come to find out, the bacteria that makes cavities can be transferred to another person's mouth - GROSS. I was NOT happy. And yes, it WAS one of the worst days of my life - I mean it doesn't compare to the other worst days of my life- when other people would agree that those were pretty bad days, but I put it up there.

BUT, after talking to my dad, he told me that if it's a cavity on the surface, then it's just a surface fisher and not REALLY a cavity. That made me feel a bit better, but I still wanted Natali's opinion on it. Could it be true? That I really don't have a cavity and can still say I have never had one?

So today, I went and got my surface fisher thing removed. After a talk with Natali, yes, my dad is correct, it is not a cavity. And in reality, I should call it a PRR. If I remember correctly it means preventive resin restoration - Natali, correct me if I'm wrong! Natali said that what they have to do to my mouth is the smallest amount of filling or whatever they can do. I think she called it "pit and fissure." I guess it just restores the tooth, and prevents a cavity from actually coming. They just call them cavities for insurance sake - insurance won't pay for the PRR.

So guess what! I'm still cavity free and happy! :) And I know it's a stupid, silly thing, but really, how many of you know someone that has NEVER had a cavity (except me :) )?

On that note - for those of you who don't know, I lost my last baby tooth when I was 17. I know... 17 is pretty old for that. Anyway, so at 17, I got braces on my top teeth to close a gap between my two front teeth. Well, after having them for 6 months, I got them off, and they placed a permanent wire - which they called a staple - on the back of those two teeth. Well... apparently, I don't have that wire on my teeth anymore. And who knows? Maybe I swallowed it! But Thursday, I go in for a consultation to see if the ortho can put a staple back on it...I haven't been to the ortho in forever... it will be SOOO weird! Hopefully I won't swallow this next one (if that's what happened. haha)