Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday weekend!

Over the weekend was Angela's birthday, Andrew's birthday, Awbrey's birthday and Molly's birthday! HOLY COW!

For Ange's birthday, we went to Chef's Table - was delicious, but Eric was annoyed that the Chef - Kent Andersen - only talks to rich people instead of all the tables.

We celebrated two of these at my house. I threw Angela her own little birthday party - it was a TON of fun and kitchen themed.
It was also an ice cream party - no dinner things since we ate at Chef's table right before.
Ice cream cake too!

Then we opened presents! I LOVE present time!

My present to Angela was a red beetle... basically, she's always thought it would be fun to drive one, and after her husband, Eric, had the choice of renting a chevy cobalt or a beetle, and chose the cobalt, she's been upset about it. So tah dah! A RED (cuz her fave color is red) BEETLE!

After everybody left, the Eric's ended with a good ole video game. Look how intense they are!!

This is a "before" photo - Eric, Ange's husband, had to come with me to get it so that they could both be drivers on the car.
Saturday was Andrew's (my neighbor's) birthday - and I made him his favorite - German Chocolate Cake.

Tammy - his wife - said he likes mac and cheese and stuffing... sooooo...


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So two weekends ago, I had the opportunity to go to WA and play in the orchestra to try and break the world record of "having the largest string ensemble playing at one time." It was so much fun to just hang out and be "home."

Unfortunately, I only brought my film camera with me - so no pictures from there. BUT, I had my iphone for most of these pictures.

This is me and Mercedes Joy - I call her MJ; everyone else calls her Cedes (Awbrey's daughter). She cried when I left WA and wanted so badly to come back with me. I was so sad. :( I don't know how I'll ever leave my children.

This picture is to prove that NO, it does not rain every day in WA. In fact, it only rained the very first day I was there, and just for a half hour. And then the day I left, it sprinkled some tears on me because I was leaving - and that was it. :)
This is Andrew, my nephew - my brother's son - all ready to go swimming at the gym.
Awbrey and I traveled to Seattle to see our friend, Jenny. You have to go over this bridge to get there.
It was night time by the time we got there - so I snapped a few shots of some of the things we passed -

We wanted to take a ferry to celebrate Awbrey's bday - HAPPY BDAY AWBS! - and so we went to Bainbridge island. It's about a half hour ferry ride one-way.

On the ferry - Awbs, MJ, and Jenny

Yes, that's right - us Washingtonians are serious about line cutting.
From bainbridge island - through the car window - looking at Seattle - Great view!
Waiting to get off the ferry
Sooooo... I love the food in WA. And this has got to be one of the best burger places. We ate here for lunch the day of the concert.

My brother David and sister Alexa

I have to ask.... right when this photo was taken, did someone say "Okay everyone, pick your nose," ??????

This is Geoffrey Castle - he plays an electric violin that was made for him and has six strings. I have always wanted one that has five strings - the C from the viola - but his also has an F string. HOW CRAZY?! It's really cool because he records himself playing, and then the recording plays while he plays the rest of the song. It's like a million people playing, but he's the only one. Awesome.

We had to play one note for one of Geoffrey's songs - so he could record it and use it for the rest of the song - and Alexa decided to play like a cello. hehe
Announcing that we beat the world record!!
Pictures with Geoffrey Castle
This husband and wife play the bass and cello together - and do really fun duets- their face expressions and mannerisms just make you laugh. They're called Bottomline Duo.
Yah baby! WORLD RECORD! (Not sure who's back this is - but my dad gave me this picture. hehe)
That night I went to Las Margaritas with Awbs, MJ, and my friend MacKenzie and her boyfriend, Jarad. Kenz always makes time to see me when I'm in WA - I love it.
Kenzie and Me
Flying over Mount Raineer
And then I was back in Utah, but only for a bit. I was then flying to Las Vegas on business. This was the view from my hotel - in the Mirage.
I had to set up our booth - and I did it all myself! How pretty!
I walked the strip down to the coca cola factory and m&m world. My friend, Melanie, wanted one of those big coca cola banks. haha I also found out there is SOOOO much to do in Vegas that I haven't done - and I'm so ready to go back!
The Bellagio Fountains - a picture for my friend, Dustin.
The pool at the mirage - this cracks me up because there are hundreds of beach chairs just sitting out so people can lay out! GO SWIMMING PEOPLE!
I LOVE the palm trees in Vegas - they're so spectacular!

A picture of me with a Gladiator for my friend, Tonya. I was supposed to take one with one of the gladiators inside of Caesars Palace (like Joey on Friends - when he works in Vegas), but they don't have them any more!
Umbrellas inside of Caesars - I think. I can't remember which building we walked into to get to walk to the other side of the street.
And last but not least, Welcome to Vegas Baby!!!!