Thursday, May 27, 2010

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Eric, Brian, Kali and I went to the Bee's game a few weeks back. It was fun and I've been meaning to post about it! I love baseball games. I really wish I could go back to the one in Philly - I love when the bell goes off!!!!!!!

Eric liked yelling at this umpire - he would yell about the calls, and all these people would just stare. It was hilarious.
The foam finger Eric bought for me! I've never had one!!!
This is how we close we were to the field - front row seats baby!!!!!
And then during the 7th inning stretch - they did this spinning thing, and then you have to run to the line. It was so funny watching them fall everywhere - reminded me of Eric playing with Kade and having him spin, spin, spin and then watching him walk. :)

That's all!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm 24!

Today is my birthday, and I'm 24! Getting up there! Almost a quarter century old - goodness.

Just wanted to thank all the people who made this birthday wonderful - and to all of you who came to my birthday party - making me feel sooooooo special!

It was a wonderful birthday! Thanks to my hubby for putting together my birthday party, and all those who helped him.

I'll put up some pictures later of the par-tay, but for now...

Special thanks to my mom-in-law for putting up a special blog post just for me!

And more special thanks to my friends and family so far away by making this special, even when you're a million miles away! Love to you all!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Little Niece!

Addison - you are the cutest, funnest, most wonderful little niece that I've got! :)

I've known Addison since she was born (before I was officially her aunt), and I just can't believe she's already four. Can you even imagine how Natalie must be feeling right now? Addison has the best laugh, the greatest smile, and can tell you the funniest stories! She has grown up sooooo much, and I just can't believe she's four already!! Uncle and Jackie love you Addi!!!!

I was the first to babysit this little girl for a whole day while her mom went off to work. From then on, I have babysat Addi a lot - so there are a ton of pictures of our babysitting adventures! Doing her hair, playing outside, playing inside, holding the kittens, etc, etc. So enjoy the pics of Add! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY DOLL!

Addi used to go straight to the dog food.

I used to hold Addi like this so she would go to sleep - Natalie and Ethan called me "the baby whisperer" cuz I could always make her sleep.

Addi LOVES cats. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, one of her things was "a string for Tony."

I used to do Addi's hair a TON - and this is just one of the many we did - many more below.

When I made this cake for Addi, she was so upset that her "baby" was in the cake - so we had to pull her out. lol

Addi has the best mom! (And Dad - although not pictured here. :) )

Addi also has the best Uncle!

Happy birthday baby girl!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jixie... meet your siblings...

Jixie has been getting short rides in her trailer so she can get used to it. This short ride led straight to our house for Jix to met her siblings.

Roxy LOVES big Roxy... I swear they are identical spirits - one in a horse body, one in a dog body. It's a good thing Jixie doesn't know how to give me hugs. haha
Tucker, on the other hand, hid behind dad the whole time. He does not like Jixie.
Jersey is so funny. She has this obsession with cleaning out eyes. She cleans our Roxy's eyes, Tuck's eyes... she even tried cleaning out Eric's eyes one. So when she met Jixie, I guess she thought Jixie needed her eyes cleaned out. Jixie did not like it and immediately threw her head up - good thing Eric was holding Jersey. We all started laughing.
So Jerz rode her INSTEAD of getting too close to Jixie and her eyes.
Jixie doesn't mind the dogs at all though - you can tell when a horse is relaxed by many things - but one being that they tilt their feet like the picture below.
She's such a good horse - we love her.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


All right, all right... I know it's May, and I haven't blogged about this yet. But there were so many pictures to go through - and between work, photoshoots, doctors, and home life, things have been crazy! BUT, here goes!

PS This entry is dedicated to Ethan who has continually asked me to put this blog up - so I hope it's everything you wanted it to be! :)
PPS Thank you to Aaron and his family for spending so much time helping us plan this amazing trip. I'm sure it wouldn't have been as much fun if we didn't have your guidance!

To begin our trip, we obviously had to fly to Florida! It was a good flight - not too long - and we had Avatar to watch. The best part of the plane adventure was when we were standing in line at our layover. At southwest, you get a letter and a number. So if you're A34, you go after A33... Duh. So, there was this person in front of me, and I said "what number are you?" And "it" didn't say anything. So I said, "excuse me sir, what number are you?" And "it" said "I'm 36, and I'm not a sir..." Whoops...hahahahahah!!!! Later, at baggage claim, I took a picture of "it" from my phone so you can make your own judgement - sneaky, sneaky.

When we got to Florida, we had to wait for our disney bus - to take us to the disney hotel - for a LONG time. As well as our plane had been delayed by an hour and a half, so it made for a very late night. We got to our hotel room at 3 am... and we had to be up at to Ohana's for breakfast at 7:30 am...

The next morning we woke up AT 7:30!!! NO!!! So we rushed to Ohana's, and they still sat us. :)

Aaron made all of our food reservations - and may I just say, we ate at some good places!

At Ohana's you get to see Lilo, Stitch, Pluto, and of course, Mickey.

You also can dance along in this line... SO FUN!
They bring you this huge bowl of food - and you can have AS MUCH as you want - refilling the bowl as many times as you want. It was DELICOUS!

Alexa has never heard of Pluto....and you thought I was sheltered.
This is a really cool fountain outside of the restaurant, and in the building as you leave.
We then went to... um.. magic kingdom? lol and flew on these things. All the parks just blend together for me.
Eric eating this pineapple ice cream snack called a Dole Whip! DELICIOUS.
Eric wishing he had Mickey's garage as his garage.
And us in front of the magic kingdom castle.
They have a show at the castle and there are a ton of disney princesses there - Addison, this picture is for you!
I really wanted one of these balloons, so I took a picture instead.
After the magic kingdom, we took a boat to Epcot. :) I LOVED riding the boats.

And we arrived at Epcot!
We drank a bunch of soda at this Club Cool shack. You get all the soda for free - you just try it all!
I can't remember which one was my favorite now - but we did try them all.
At some point we went to Hollywood Studios, and had some pizza at pizza planet! I LOVED pizza planet.
We also saw this cool army dude from Toy Story!
We ate at the garden grill with Chip and Dale. The Garden Grill was back at Epcot and was absolutely fantastic. And the restaurant spins like the space needle!
Us at Hollywood Studios
Sunday morning we went to Epcot and ate lunch at a canadian restaurant. They had the cutest desserts!

Later, while at hollywood studios, we went on this tour ride, and we went through this garden place. It has inspired me in so many ways! I have always had a plan for my veggie garden, but now... oh man!

First, I want one of these trees. :)
Also, A NINE POUND LEMON! How freaking awesome is that?!
Then, a ton of their plants, pumpkins, herbs, etc - were all out of soil - like this. I'm so doing that! It's kinda like my aerogarden but not... lol
This is a sting ray - and I put it here to ask, how did this thing kill Steve Irwin? That's just so sad.
At Epcot, they have all of statues made out of shrubs. Seriously - SO COOL!
Another picture for Addison!
Eric and I were playing hide-n-go-seek at one point while leaving Epcot.
More of those awesome shrub characters.
On our last day, we finally took pics of our hotel. They leave this little dog towel in the window. STINKIN' CUTE!
This was the bowling pin we walked up and down to get to our room.
Our last day was animal kingdom.
Eric was leaning over a fence at one point, and saw this little guy.
This was one of our most favorite rides - we rode it three times in a row when we had magic hours in the morning.
This is a movie for Addison - Fantasmic is amazing!

This is a video of Alexa being an extra at the Indiana Jones show. Cool, huh?!

And that was our trip in a nutshell.

One last story - when we were in hollywood studios, we got a fast pass in the morning for Toy Story. The fast pass was valid from at 6:50 pm. AND WE GOT IT IN THE MORNING! This is how busy this ride is. When we went back, people had been waiting in line for TWO hours. We went right up to where they let you in, and right as we passed the place where we actually give the lady our tickets, some guys started coming back down the stairs. The employee girl starts telling them they can't go that way, and they tell her that the other employees said they had to cuz the ride broke! Once she had to tell everybody this in line, they were yelling at her and screaming that it was her fault! Some guys came back down the stairs and threw their 3-d glasses at her - hitting some little kid. IT WAS AWFUL. I just can't believe how immature some people are. Come on! She didn't break the ride.

Nevertheless, Eric, Alexa, and I had just gotten pass that point, so we all got new fast pass tickets to use whenever we wanted. I feel bad for the people who had to wait for two hours and didn't get anything. At the same time, these are grown adults being completely moronic! Come on people! It's the "happiest place on Earth!" :)

So, as you can see, yes it was a ton of fun!

Thanks again to Aaron for making it all happen so well! :)