Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ernst and Young

At the beginning of June - I was invited to an award ceremony - by Ernst and Young - for my company. The event was black tie, so it was time to dress up!! I had a ton of fun getting my hair done and wearing one of my formal dresses. This dress is from my 11th grade homecoming. Let's just say, it's a good thing it still fits me - didn't have to rent one! Turns out there are some benefits when you stop growing after 8th grade! :)

I got my hair done at the beauty school in Pleasant Grove. I have a lot more hair than people expect... it's fine, but thick. The girl was shocked there was so much - and it took her a good two hours to finish.
This flower was the center piece for the table. At the end of the night, everyone at the table had to say when their birthday was - and the person with the closest birthday got this center piece. So, JUST having my birthday the week before, guess what I took home! Cool, huh??!

I wish I had more opportunities to dress up in my formal dresses - they are just so fun!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Fun

This last week, Kerstin - my brother's wife - came down to visit her family. She brought both kids with her - on a plane, by herself - way to go Kerstin. :) We don't get to see my niece and nephew a lot, so it was nice visit. They all came over for dinner and we had a blast. We took them to see Jixie, and Andrew was more enthralled with the tractors than with Jixie. haha Like father, like son.

Andrew looks so much like my brother... they have the same facial expressions and everything... so much so, that is scares me. It's like being back in time.
I don't think Isabelle looks like anybody... Kerstin says she looks a lot like Andrew.
Group shot! Tucker was the only one allowed out because Andrew and Isabelle are SOOOO afraid of dogs. Andrew finally warmed up to Tucker, but only enough that he didn't scream when he saw Tucker. He wouldn't touch Tucker or get near him. One day, I'll have to get Kerstin and David a puppy. I bet they would love it. ;)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our Love Story

Today, Eric and I have been married for two years. Today, Eric and I have been best friends for 6 years. So for all of you who don't know how Eric and I met... here's our love story:

In June of 2004, I graduated from high school and the very next morning, flew to Utah to start school at BYU - leaving behind my friends, my boyfriend, my family... my life. I was supposed to be living with my grandma, and I wasn't THAT excited. My grandma and I never had a great relationship, so I really didn't know how this would go. Needless to say...I lived there for only three weeks. At the end of three weeks, she kicked me out telling me "we are like water and oil - we don't mix." I only knew one person out here - Angie. She had moved down to Utah a year or so before I came down. Her mom and her immediately came and picked me up. I lived with her for two days, and then my mom moved me into Heritage Halls at BYU. During those same three weeks, I found out my boyfriend and I weren't really dating anymore. News to me. I was having a really hard time, and as far as I was concerned, the second that summer term ended, I was transferring schools to WA.

After living in the dorms for a few days, Angie called me and told me she knew this guy who worked with her, at Target, and I needed to come meet him. That night, Angie and I drove to meet this "really cool guy". And there was Eric - pushing carts outside. He told us he got off at 11 and he could meet us then.

At 11 pm, we (my roommate Monica, Angie, and myself) met him and went to deer creek. We hung out there until 5 am! Then we went back to Heritage Halls, and we all watched a movie in my room. Angie and Monica fell asleep and all of a sudden, Eric's kissing me. I had never kissed any boy unless we were dating. He finally left around 8 am, and I just figured, well that's probably the last time I'll see him.

Later that day, he called me, and asked me to hang out. I was so excited because 1. he would have had to go out of his way to get my number from Angie and 2. he was calling me! A few days of hanging out, he said, "well, I guess we should go out now." I told him we didn't HAVE to date just because we had kissed. He said, "No, I WANT to go out with you." So we were boyfriend and girlfriend...for a month. Within that month, I met his sister - who was about to have her first baby, brother-in-law, mom, step-dad, step-sister and newest brother-in-law. And then, we decided it should be over because he just couldn't be committed. Plus, I was going to go home and try and win my boyfriend back, so, well... we broke up.

I did go home after that - for a short vacation - and I did think my boyfriend and I were getting back together, but it didn't last long. I decided I still really liked Eric, and wanted to get back together with him. Two years went by - where we were best friends who liked each other on and off. We were always dating other people and just never got back together. I finally decided, "I'm over him. We're never going to date again - so it's over." Literally two months later, while in GA seeing another guy, Eric called me to tell me he was in love with me and I needed to come back.

What was I supposed to do? I had liked him for two years - loved him for two years - and I JUST made myself get over him. I moved on... I wasn't ready for that. But he was. He was ready to get married if I would have said yes. During this time, Eric was supportive, sweet, and wonderful to me. When I broke up with the other guy, he was there to comfort me and tell me it was all right (even if he had ulterior motives. ;) ) A month later, I was talking to my favorite religion teacher, who told me I should be dating Eric, and not waiting around for this other scumbag. So Eric asked me out again, and we dated. A month and a half later, I knew I wanted to marry him.

In May of 2007, I told him I knew I wanted to marry him. And he was ready to marry me right then and there. I wanted to be graduated from school though... so...a day after I graduated, he asked me to marry him. :) Read that story here.

In June of 2008, we were married. And now, two years later, we are still happy and loving life.

I love Eric. He's my bestest friend - and I could not continue living without him. He is amazing.
He knows how to make me laugh, let's me dance like a fool in the car without making fun of me, let's me sing at the top of my lungs, and loves me. Whenever Eric makes a weird noise, says something funny - you know, those things you always want to hear twice - you can say, uh... what was that?, and he'll say it again. :) Through that manly exterior is a very sweet man. Just the other day, he told me that his favorite flower was this purple thistle- because it was the first flower he ever gave me.

He is the best!!!

Today, we went and got couples massages.
Then we ate at Chili's.

I love you Eric, and am so happy to be married to you!!

Thanks Sally for the anniversary post!! Read here!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm not on my home computer, so unfortunately I can't post any pics of Rachel - the hottie - but I still wanted to wish her a VERY happy bday today!

I LOVE Rachel! She is just absolutely wonderful and is such a good sister-in-law to me. It's really a shame we live so far from each other! We always have so much fun when we are together. She always includes me, speaks positively about me, and is always happy to see me!

She is so sweet and absolutely amazing! She works, takes great care of her kids, and still has time to love her friends and family! AMAZING!

Happy Birthday Rach!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Does it work?

My friend posted this on her blog....

I have tried 6 people and only ONE was right... how about you???

Monday, June 14, 2010

Girls Night!!!

Angela and I are always doing things together that may be less than fun - errands, house chores, yard work, etc. Between all of that, our jobs, exercising, etc, we get VERY stressed out. Because of this, it is necessary that we get together AT LEAST once a month to have our very own girls night. We aren't allowed to do anything that is something we HAVE to get done. We are only allowed to relax. The girls night before this last one, we went shopping at ikea and ate at cafe rio. YUM. This time, we chose to watch a movie - Just Like Heaven - and have spa night!

The only bummer about this girl's night was forgetting my camera! Thanks iphone for at least capturing the moment - even if you're blurry.

Angela gave me my own little spa kit - in that cute green bucket - for my birthday, with green nail polish. My toes are now sparkly green!
And one of the most greatest parts of the night was watching Angela eat lifesavers. She has to eat them to try to raise her blood sugar if she gets low, but she doesn't like to chew them. So she "eats" four of them. Her Eric had just gotten home at this point and was feeding them to her. He wanted to make sure she had eaten four of them, so was asking her what colors she had had. All of a sudden, she starts showing us the colors she had already "ate" - pictured below.
She wasn't eating them!! She just sucks on them until she can swallow them. haha Ange, you crack me up.

Three cheers for girl's night! A definite necessity in a girl's life!

Friday, June 11, 2010

You can't fix stupid...

In talking with one of my friends today about how he chooses the girls he dates... I was reminded of this video clip.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grateful for true friends

Soooo... still looking for comments on my last post to see if you all have the same problem I do - or if it's just me. So feel free to comment on my post before this - I'm interested.

In the mean time, I just am thankful for a lot of people right now and wanted to mention a select few - in no particular order at all.

I am so grateful for my friend Molly - who does p90x with me every morning, then runs with me after. We talk for a good two hours every morning, and it's a great relief to just talk about anything and everything from girl things to religion to problems to the happy things. I know she's there if I need ANYTHING, and I love that feeling.

I'm extremely grateful for my friend, Tammy. Tammy knows exactly what to say to me when I need to hear it. She is always so willing to run over to my house to get me out of a sticky situation or come help me with something that is less than fun.

I'm also so thankful for Alina. She is also so willing to come and help me with anything at the drop of a hat. Even when it's less than convenient - like instances where her baby is sleeping - she is so willing to be there for me. She'll even come and help me clean my house when she knows I'm stressed out.

I'm thankful for my mom who, for no reason at all, listens to me talk and talk and talk until I have to get off the phone. She knows I will call her on my lunch break, and will hang up with her other friends to talk to me. She's there for me even though she's 900 miles away.

I'm grateful for Rachel - my sister-in-law - who doesn't have to be friends with me, and just is. She always keeps up on my life, leaves comments on my blogs, emails me to try to help me out, compliments me, etc. When I'm upset, she's more than willing to call me and talk me through it. She has always made me feel loved, and part of Eric's family. She doesn't speak poorly of me, but instead, sticks up for me. AND HAPPY BDAY SOON RACH!

I'm also grateful for Angela. Angela and I met when we were in college - and called ourselves twins because of our many similarities like being from western Washington, and dating guys who are both named Eric. Then we got engaged within days of each other to our Erics, and married a month apart. Angela talks to me every day, checks up on me, texts me throughout the day, lets me call her and talk to her about nothing for as long as I want, plans girl nights with me, takes off work to go on vacations with me, and so much more. One of my favorite things about Angela is that even if we have seen each other quite recently, we always feel like it's been a year the next time we see each other - even the next day! AND, she is just so darn funny! (Can't you tell by this picture? :) )
I am thankful for my mother-in-law, Sally. Some say that Sally needs to be more tactful in things... but it's her honesty I love. She's honest with me, even when she knows it might hurt a little bit. But how are you supposed to grow and learn if people always lie to you? She's always willing to help me out when I need it. For instance, if I've locked my keys in my car for the millionth time, she's right there with her AAA card to bail me out. If I just want to drop in and say hi, she's there waiting to sit down and chat - even if she had something better to do. She always rooted for Eric and I to get married, and now she's always rooting for us to have kids - and tells me that when we do, she's going to babysit them - again, being willing to help me out. She sews me things and tells me she is my personal seamstress. She comes down to dinner immediately when we invite her, and is always willing to laugh with me. She even writes blog posts for me for my bday! She treats me like I'm her own daughter and I love that.
There are so many other people I am grateful for at the moment, but these people have especially stood out to me these last few days . Thanks to all you great friends out there!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hurt and Love

No pictures this time... just some thoughts - feel free to comment with answers.

Why is it that the people we love, hurt us the most?

Is it because we spend the most time thinking of them, the most time being with them, the most time trying to impress, be better friends with, etc?

Or is it because there's no love in return? Do we make up the fact that someone loves us in return?

Why do we do so much for some people, and then get angry when they don't return our love and appreciation?

I've been told, and I know it's true, that when I first meet someone, I put too much trust into a relationship. So when it comes down to needing help, or someone to just listen to me, or be there for me a bit more, I'm hurt because I expected too much.

I've tried with all my might to stop doing that - to stop putting 100% trust into people when I first meet them.

And now I think I've run into a new problem - giving so much unconditional love to a person, that in return, I feel hurt and annoyed when they don't return that care, love, and appreciation for me.

Is this normal? Is this something everyone deals with? If so, how do you deal with being so hurt, yet wanting to still love and care about people?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday fun!!!

May 25th was my birthday - and as promised - here is my birthday post!

On my birthday, Eric threw a wonderful birthday party for me! I don't know what it is about birthday parties - but they mean the world to me! The the only thing I really want on my birthday: a party! :)

Now, of course, no party is complete without some type of cake/dessert thing with LOTS of candles!!! (well, at least as many as you are old.)
And there have to be people, of course!
Angela made me like 1,000,000 cupcakes...DELICIOUS - THANKS ANGE!
And Molly and her kids made me this giant cookie with fruit on top - also very delicious!

And then of course, what kind of birthday party would it be without presents! Thanks to all for all the lovely things! I have been enjoying everything very much!

That was the end of the party... but in no way did the fun end! It was about this time, that I also learned my iphone needs a WAY better camera on it. haha Anywho, so the Friday after my birthday, Angela, Eric, Eric, and I had gone out to Red Robin. I had a bday coupon for a free burger, so wanted to use it.
As far as I knew, after Red Robin, we were going to go move a gun safe for Angela and Eric , then go to our house and put the mirror up and make some cute cricut cards... But OH NO! That was NOT the plan. We got back in the car...and...

That's right... I was blindfolded. This picture is awful - but it's cuz I was dancing and moving a lot. What else do you do when you only have music and a blindfold. Then, for the next hour and a half, everyone tried to have me guess what we were going to go do, or they wouldn't take the blindfold off.

I was CLUELESS. I couldn't guess anything. I thought we had gone south from Red Robin, but they assured me I had gone north and missed it because I was getting blindfolded at the time. So I guessed things like, ceramic painting, potato picking in Idaho, etc. lol We had been driving for a while... and I said... look, if we are going to drive this far, we might as well be going to Disneyland. Later down the road, I told them they were all a bunch of liars and that we probably weren't going north -we were probably going south, and we might as well be headed to Vegas. And at that moment, the blindfold was removed...

That's right! VEGAS BABY!

When we got there, we dropped stuff off at the hotel, and then went and saw my friend, Eric, who works at the Winn. It's funny to introduce everybody...Eric, this is Eric, and Eric and ERIC AND ERIC AND ERIC! :) Oh, and this is Angela.
After seeing Eric, we headed back to the hotel. I decided to see what my Eric might have packed for me. He's so cute... he packed me everything but a razor, any shirts (except for one - I'll talk about that in a second), and shorts. Thanks for trying babe!

This picture is of the church outfit Eric brought me (and the only shirt.)
Hott, huh?
Needless to say... we had to go shopping. So we fit that into our busy saturday schedule.
The next morning, we ate at the Winn buffet.

After that, we went to the spa in the hotel. The boys received massages, and us girls received facials. It was Angela's bday present to me! Thanks Ange!

Afterwards, Angela and I were getting ready for our fancy dinner... and the boys did this.
Then we were all ready...


Afterwards - trying to get a picture of ourselves...Eric was acting drunk.
Then it was time to hit the strip....

The highlights:

The New York, New York rollercoaster - HIGHLY recommend it.

And not missing the Treasure Island show. Not an awesome show, but it's really cool when the boat sinks!

The next day, we cleaned up the hotel and got ready to go. OF COURSE - THIS is when I decide to take pics of the hotel.

See the bathtub I'm standing on? SO awesome. It's all jetted and everything. I need one.
And this mirror - it makes everything up close - and I need one of these too!
AND a phone in your toilet room... AWESOME.
And the bedroom part of the hotel room.
OH! This shower has two shower heads... SOOOO cool. Yup, need this too.
And then here's the little refreshment center - $5 for that water... DO NOT DRINK IT. lol
The view from our hotel was wonderful.
We checked out and on our way to breakfast (at 12:30 pm, mind you - haha), this fountain - that they had been cleaning the entire day before - was all finished and running!

Then we ate breakfast...or lunch... or whatever... in the hotel.

This was our view for breakfast - very pretty.
After that, we headed to Hoover Dam.

Um... this sign makes no sense...
So... I'm allowed to litter there?
AND THEN... we ate at Jack in the Box for lunch - or early dinner. :) I LOVE Jack in the Box.
And then we took pictures by the sign.
And headed home.

My favorite part about Las Vegas....
That's right... PALM TREES.

Between Vegas at home we stopped to visit Angela's grandparents, as well as pay a visit to good ole walmart. Don't you just love the ronald mcdonald statue?
Thanks again Ange, Eric, and Eric! My birthday was a BLAST! SO MUCH FUN! And an awesome surprise! Thank you!