Thursday, July 29, 2010


i am a fatty, jackie just showed me this picture, and i a fatty, this sucks, Brian was right, and can now laugh at the day. ERIC IS A FATTY!!!!
Here's the fat picture, for evidence. UGHHHHH!!!!!!

oh by the way....

talk radio, and talk tv is by far the most idiotic stupid thing ever!! just a bunch of idiots, that like to stir the pot. WOW!!!!! have you ever watched or listened to the crap they talk about, and force on the call ins, they dont let them even talk there side. Man i hate stupid people. Thats all.

By the way, this is why i shouldnt wait in the airport for over 2 hours. Man oh man.


Grandma Eileen - Thursday Thought Day #4

My grandma and granddad's wedding
My grandma - the year my dad got married to my mom
My grandma and the first four grandkids - I'm the cute little baby in the dark dress

My grandma Eileen was my favorite grandma in the whole world. She was always so willing to teach me so much. When I was a little girl, she taught me how to sew. She always loved kitties, and so I made her a stuffed animal kitty - sewed it all by myself for her. She was always so thoughtful and kind to me. She always called me "Liz" - because my middle name is Elizabeth and she thought it was a cute nickname between me and her. She always remembered my birthday. She would have me over for dinner, and laugh at the fact that I eat all my foods in separate groups, instead of mushing them all together. She was always so fun to talk to and always had the greatest stories to tell about my dad. She always made me laugh. She always made me feel special.

She collected Precious Moment items, and I will forever have a spot in my heart for those. Today would have been her birthday. If she were alive today, I would give her something like the one pictured above. She would have loved that.

She leaves behind my Granddad, who is always so happy when I come to visit him. I get to go to WA and I'll be seeing him. He's upset if he's not the first person I see. :) My grandma died in 2006... I can not believe it's been four years. But today was her birthday...sooo...I celebrate the happy memory of my favorite grandmother.

And in honor of her for this thursday thought day - who do you miss that is no longer with us? Who are you so excited to see in the life hereafter?

My answer to this would be my grandma, my grandfather I have never met, and my precious little girl, Molly.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

iPhone Love

So, I was without my iPhone for ten days and didn't know I loved my phone sooooo much. But I do! And the new phone has the coolest cameras on it - front and back - and HD video. It's freaking awesome and so convenient.

Today, Natalie showed me a new app and it is freaking awesome! Yes, I have so much more to blog about - but this is just too fun. :)

My friend, Christie, is in town from Idaho - haven't seen her for two years. We have taken a ton of photos - which I'll be blogging later, but for now... ENJOY our small bit of fun!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Thought Day #3

Sorry for posting this so late...

Eric poses the question today... Why is ice cream so wonderful?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Summer Tips

First, our new bathroom saying is going to be:

"Is reading in the bathroom considered multitasking?"

Eric and I decided that this one will work so well because of the chalkboards! We love it!

Good job mom! Let me know what prize you would like!

Anywho... I love real simple... not only do I love the magazine, the cookbooks, and the books... but I love their daily email bliss.

Here are some summer tips for you all!

Aluminum Foil:

Really hot grill bars equal dramatic grill marks on your meat. To concentrate the heat and keep it from escaping, lay a sheet of foil over the grill for 10 minutes. Peel the foil off just before cooking, scrunch it into a ball (it cools fast), and use it later to scrape any residue or ash from the bars.


To soothe a bug bite, dissolve two tablets in a glass of water, then dab the solution on the itchy spot.

Baby Powder:

Prevent sweat stains on white shirts: Sprinkle powder on the underarms and the collar, then iron. The powder acts as a barrier.

Baking Soda:

Need a deodorant in a pinch? Dust baking soda under your arms to absorb body odor.

Banana Peel

Grow healthier roses by planting a banana peel at the base of a rosebush, an inch down into the soil. The potassium feeds the plant and helps fend off diseases.

(As a side note - all of my roses are blooming, and I just love them - makes me feel like being home in WA again.)


Let guests go hands-free at an outdoor party. Flip a bucket upside down and top it with a tray for an impromptu cocktail-holding side table at the perfect height for lawn chairs.

Bundt Pan:
Cut corn from the cob without the mess. Place an ear in the center of a Bundt pan. As you slide the knife down, the corn will fall right into the pan.

Citrus Peels: Kick-start a fire with citrus peels. Leave orange or lemon peels on the counter for several days to dry out. Then use the pretty pieces as kindling in your fire pit or bonfire for a fragrant flame starter.

Citrus Peels: You can also use citrus peels to serve sorbet in a memorable way: slice a citrus fruit in half, scoop out the inside, and freeze the shell to use as a bowl. Cut a thin slice from the bottom (without creating a hole) to give the shell a level base.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Thought Day #2

What is the worst job you have ever had?

PS Remember to check out "need a saying" post and become a winner! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Need a saying...

Sooooo... if you look in this picture, you can see that there are two things on this wall... the towel hanger and the clock. THEN, there is this large open space for something. I've decided to put a saying there in black vinyl.

The only rule is - it has to be a saying that can stay a while - something classy and fun. All the funny sayings, like "be like dad, not like sis, raise the seat before you piss" can be left for the chalk - on the chalkboard cupboard doors.

So here's where you come in... tell me what to put up in vinyl.

The best answer will receive a prize - you get to choose out of many things:




READING MATERIAL OF YOUR CHOICE (this can be anything from Mad Libs to a one-year magazine subscription of your choice).

Hopefully we'll have enough responses by Sunday Evening (July 18) to pick a winner...

So get to thinking... and get to commenting!!

PS - feel free to comment more than once if you just have too many good ones!
PPS - you do not have to be in Utah to get a prize.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to put a bathroom in

Well - it's about time I put up this post. Eric and I had an extra closet downstairs, and since we bought our house, it has always been our plan to put a bathroom in there. Fieldstone would do it for us for $2000 (when we built our house), but since it only cost us about $700 to get the whole thing in, and it was fun, we did it ourselves.

First step, pick what we want in the bathroom. After what felt like millions of vinyl samples, we finally picked the one below. We wanted the bathroom to be red, black, and white, so we put all the colors together to make sure it looked okay.

Then, we started. I ripped out the carpet.
I had to get this bar off, before the carpet would lift up.
After getting the carpet out, I rolled it up to save it.
Then I took the padding out.
I rolled that up and saved that too.
And then made sure I got all the staples out.
Then I took out these tack strips.
And vacuumed up everything.
Then measured the whole room to give my dad an idea of how we were going to plumb the bathroom.
Then I taped up the room.
And started painting...
And voila!
Then Eric and my dad spent a day putting all the plumbing together. They did everything in the crawl space, and then cut up into the bathroom floor.
Eric removed the molding. Later, he had his friends come over, and they cut and laid the underlayment for the vinyl.

Here you can see the completion of the plumbing - and then the cut holes for the underlayment.
Then, Eric cut the piece of vinyl and Eric thought about how to put it in the bathroom the right way.
Eric then smeared this glue all over the underlayment.
And started placing the vinyl down. After that, we stepped on the vinyl, smoothing all the air bubbles out.
Then we cut holes in the vinyl and pulled the rest of the plumbing up from the crawl space.
I took the cupboard we bought and painted it black.

And Eric got the toilet, the sink, the towel ring, and the tissue paper roll installed.
We put up this really cool clock.
And Eric put up the mirror. I then painted the inside of the mirror white.
My favorite things about this room:

- The clock
-The sink that can be used to clean laundry (or Eric's greasy hands when using those automechanic skills)
- The BLACK toilet
-The chalk board paint on the cupboard. Just need to write on it now.... then you'll always have something to read when you're in there! :)
And that's how you get a bathroom in!