Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kade is 6! HOLY MOLY!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KADE!!!! I can't believe Kade is 6... I met Eric about a month before Kade was born - so, yeah, I've known him his whole life. He's such a stinkin' cutie! These pictures are in no particular order, but each one describes something I just love about this boy.

First, he LOVES his sister. He's so good with her. I can only hope he'll love our kids the same way.
He loves to have fun - in this picture, the water is spraying up from the bottom of the trampoline.
He is SOOOO helpful. I used to babysit Kade and Addi a lot - and so we always had bath time of course! Kade was always very helpful with Addison.
He also knows just how to make me laugh.

He was so excited he could fit in this... can you tell? :)
Kade says the funniest things. Kade, Addi and I were walking to the park one day and Kade stops me and yells, "Jackie! It's a little tree!!"
He loves to hang out with me, and I love to spoil him in return. The ice cream truck came around our house in Provo one time... and of course, we all had to get some.
He, again, loves to have fun! And of course, always includes Addi. They built a fort and hid under it, and kept saying "Jackie... where are we?" haha

He loves our animals. In this picture, Kade told me that him and Tucker were going on an adventure.
He loves the playground - I'm a HUGE fan of the playground and I'm glad Kade has always liked going there with me.
Again, he makes me laugh so hard - him and Addi used to think Tucker's crate was the coolest thing on the planet. haha They would go and lock themselves inside.
Kade LOVES to cook - again, also showing how helpful he is! Here he is helping me make cupcakes.
He loves to jeep with his uncle.
He'll play with dolls. :)
He loves to bike.
And he LOVES his uncle.

And last but not least by any stretch of the imagination, I love that Kade has a huge heart. He loves everyone, and every animal, and just loves, loves, and loves some more.

Oh and watch this video - it's hilarious. Kade knew all the words to Family Guy - so we restarted it and recorded him singing it. haha


Friday, August 27, 2010

Family Vacation

So, yesterday was AWESOME - went waterskiing, wake-boarding, and tubing - got a nice sunburn tan. haha I'll post about it later though.

For now, I need to post about my family being here - I guess we were just having too much fun, because I completely forgot to take any photos - except using the iphone, haha. So sorry for the lack there of.

First, my mom came down before everybody else - had a family reunion she had to go to. She flew here, and the same day, David, Kerstin, Andrew, and Belle drove down here. I picked my mom up from the airport and we went and ate at our favorite greek restaurant in SLC. DELICIOUS!

My mom spent the weekend at our house. My mom keeps telling me that I'm just like the mom in "The Blind Side," and everyone keeps agreeing with her. So, we watched The Blind Side, and my friend Alina was over, and everyone kept saying, "and that's like Jackie..." Haha. I think it's a wonderful compliment!

Monday, we went off to a family reunion with my mom. Andrew thought climbing up this tree was the coolest thing ever.

After that, we went to my grandma's to help go through her garage and such. She moved to WA to live with my mom. It was a large task to say the least.

Later in the week, my dad and sister arrived. We had french toast for dinner, then started the trenching for the sprinkler system. Alexa was a pro at it!
While Alexa and Eric did as much trenching as they could, Dad and I went to the store to buy all the parts for the system.

The next day, I got up early and started trenching again.

This is the manifold being worked on.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to help AS MUCH as I wanted because I had a wedding to photograph, and they ended up delaying their wedding by hours while I just sat around and waited. :( So I was happy when my dad agreed to come help do more of it the next Saturday. :)

Later that evening, we took a break from it all, and went to Brandon's birthday party at Sally's. It was nice to cool off and go swimming after everyone worked so hard all day. It was a great party, with a TON of people - so fun! Thanks Sally!

Monday, all of us - minus Eric, who was working - went to Seven Peaks. It was weird not having Stephanie there... I missed her a lot during this vacation. I never know she's on her mission because I'm in Utah and never see the rest of my family anyway. But now that they were all here - it was just weird! Miss you Steph!

That night, we went and ate at Tucano's. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat the buffet, so I got these nachos instead. Still a HUGE amount of food!
This is Eric showing that his belly can talk. haha
The rest of the week, my family was at BYU education week, while Eric and I worked. Alexa is staying with us at present, so she came home every night to hang out with us. Friday night, we went to my "mormon boy" David's wedding reception. Congrats David and Rose!
Saturday, everyone was helping grandma get all of her stuff out - and then came up to finish more of the sprinkler system. We now have to finish glueing pipes together, put in some sprinkler heads, and then we're done! We've just been so dang busy, we haven't had a spare second. I think Alexa and I are going to try to do as much as we can tonight and tomorrow. In all the process of the sprinkler system though, Eric and I have figured out exactly what we want to do with our landscaping. I'm really excited about it - and will probably draw it up and post it on here sometime. :)

Saturday night, we had dinner at my mom's friend house and my favorite religion teacher and his wife came! SO FUN! We ended the night singing to the piano, and getting foot massages! :) Love it!

Sunday, Alexa and I went with mom and dad to meet people Stephanie has been on a mission with. We FINALLY got done mid-afternoon - it was a long Sunday!

We said goodbye to my family, and they all left EARLY monday morning. Alexa is still here - just waiting to go to BYU-I. She moves in on Labor Day. So if anyone wants to drive up and back down with me, I'm looking for a passenger! :)

It's been a lot of fun having her here - I've never lived with somebody who is so fast to do the dishes, or clean up other stuff. It makes my life SO much easier! She even said she would help me organize the crawl space to prepare for a garage sale we're having in September.
Thanks Lexi - you are the best!

It's been so much fun having my family here - wish they lived closer! Thanks for all your help with the sprinkler system family! Miss you all!

*Edit: people think I'm like LeeAnn in "The Blind Side" because of how - go get 'em- she is. She doesn't really let anybody get to her, and when she has a goal in mind, she gets it done. Plus, she's so nice and caring. :) She's a perfect example of someone I want to be just like - and if people think I am just a little, then I'm excited about that! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Jixie is an AMAZING horse - she loves attention, and loves to give "hugs."

Unfortunately, they sold our stable and we're gonna have to find a new place for her that is WAY more expensive, or sell her. Our choice at this point is to sell her. :(

At this point, they have put her in a pasture they are leasing -and she's quite happy hanging out with her new boyfriend. haha

So, on that note, if you haven't been up to see her, or you have kids who want a horse ride - get on up here before we have to lose this great addition to our family. :(

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Thought Day #7

Sorry about the blurriness... snapped it on my phone with the cover... whoops. I really need to get a proper iphone 4 cover, not use my old one. :(
My nephew Andrew is one big trouble maker. For instance, he got bleach all over my carpet the other day. But sometimes, he can be so dang funny. Like in this picture... Kerstin, David, Isabelle and Andrew were all at my house for dinner. And it was getting pretty late, and Andrew was tired. All of a sudden, Kerstin said, "David, Andrew is getting ready for bed." I turned and looked over at Andrew, thinking he would be rubbing his eyes or something, and he started taking off his shirt. Then he took his shorts off. THEN, he grabbed the closest blanket and laid down on the floor. Kerstin threw him a pillow - but it went a few feet away from him - so he crawled and grabbed it and then curled up like this to go to bed.

Kids crack me up.

So for Thursday thought day...

If you have kids, what made you know you were ready to have them? What is your favorite thing about your kids now? And if you don't have kids, what are you looking forward to when you do have them?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last weekend update - WASHINGTON!

About a month ago, I changed shipping companies for my company, and we were invited to a BBQ. They give out prizes at the BBQ, and I won their GRAND PRIZE! Two airline tickets - anywhere on Southwest! I've wanted to go to WA during a summer FOREVER now - but it is really expensive to do so. This was like an answer to prayer! Eric has never been up for a WA summer -so it was definitely a most exciting vacation.

First... we got delayed by an hour and a half at the airport - waiting for our plane to arrive in SLC from Phoenix. FINALLY, we were able to board.

Eric enjoying the plane ride
And the plane wing. :)
We were supposed to go to the temple with my family - but because we were so late, we only met them there at the end - and went with them to my cousin's house for dessert. We only stayed there long enough for Eric to eat pie, and then we were off to my parent's house for some sleep!

Friday, I met my mom at the gym, then set up some chairs and tables for a luncheon while she was at Marci's (my sister's best friend) sealing. Afterwards, I woke Eric up, and we ate at the luncheon. And then we swam in my pool! I can't remember the last time I went swimming there!!!!! It was great fun. I miss my pool and diving board.

Awbrey brought her daughter, MJ (Mercedes), over so Awbs could go to a going away party.

That night - we went to LAS MARGARITAS! Yes, my favorite restaurant.

Kenzie and her boyfriend, Jarad, came. She should marry him - he's awesome. :) I always love seeing Kenz - I MISS YOU KENZ!!!

Granddad was there too. :)
And dad and mom. My mother is getting sooooo SKINNY! GOOD JOB MOM!
David, Kerstin, Andrew and Isabelle were there.
And obviously we brought MJ. :)
And Alexa was there too but Eric didn't get a very good picture of her - all blurry! But she WAS there. :)

Afterwards, Eric, Alexa, MJ and I went with Kenz and Jarad to the shoe store, and then home. MJ LOVES to do this...

Us at the shoe store

Saturday, we ate omlets in the morning, and basically did whatever. :) It was such a relaxing trip. Eventually, we went to Seattle for the 5k Awbrey and I ran.

Starting the run...
Finishing the run...
And all done. :) I made my best time. 8.5 min miles!! WAHOO!!!

Seattle is awesome... it has all these really unique buildings, and cool stuff you don't see in a lot of places - like this really clock in front of this bistro.

After the race, we met up with Michelle and Alexa's friend Natalie at Red Robin. I never get to see Michelle enough!

Sunday was Kerstin's birthday, so she opened up all her presents!

We also played Monopoly... when was the last time you played that game?!

During our game, my mom said we all had to go look at the crazy orange sun!

I had to keep up my p90x schedule, so dad did yoga with me. :) Kerstin joined in for a bit too.

Friday, Eric had asked my granddad if we could go shooting. My family does competitive rifle shooting every summer - my granddad does it more often than that. My granddad agreed to take us on Monday. Soooo....

Afterwards, Alexa took me shopping at Kohl's and got me some really cute outfits for my birthday - since she wasn't able to do something in May. Thanks Lexi!

We then came home, and again, went swimming. This is the only time Andrew lets me hang out with him.

We had the cousins, neighbors, and David's family over for dinner. And I got some tetherball in! (See in the back part of the picture.) My dad built this for me for my birthday a LONG time ago. Love it!
This is Isabelle sleeping... not sure when this exactly was, but seriously, how cute!?
Also, as a side note... driving in WA is so pretty. There are tons of hills and LOTS of trees.
Also, frogs LOVE to come up to our pool. You have to save them and go put them back in the river, or they die in the chlorine. :(

Tuesday, we were to head back to Utah. So we went to Pike Place Market - we were going to do the underground tour, but the time we had to go was sold out. Darn it. We also got in all our last visits - this is a picture of me with the Nelson's dog Koko. I used to live with them, and Koko ALWAYS remembers who I am. She has cancer now, and I hope she can get through it.
Washington was a BLAST - if anybody ever wants to visit Seattle, I will definitely take you! :)