Monday, September 27, 2010

Jeeping Weekend

Not this last weekend, but the weekend before, we all went out jeeping! It was tons of fun - and I feel like we haven't been in FOREVER.

We took the ken jeep out.

And the dogs, of course. They LOVE it.
Poor tucker ended up hurting his paw pads... poor baby.
Nick and Brian came in their jeep
And tobey in his - one of Eric's friend's from work.
This is Alexa...
These are my toes after a nice pedicure with Sally just a few days before. Way cool!
The worst part was... Bailey decided to smell a porcupine too close... poor baby. It was so gross to pull the quills out because blood would just pour out of her nose. :(
This is Oakley... SUCH a cutie!
And again, Alexa. :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love me some Jixie

We still have not sold Jixie - this is happiness to me, but at the same time, makes me worry. I think that we have to sell her by December or find her a new home. I've decided that I'll really worry about it in November.

For now, I just love her - she's just so great and wonderful. We'll definitely miss her - but in the meantime, I'm soaking her up.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Thought Day #10

What do you do when you're in a funk? What makes you laugh, makes you fix the problem, and/or helps you get through it?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stools for Eric's Game Room

So I've been looking for some good stools for Eric's game room - I want to remove the couch and get a bunch of stools for him and his friends to hang out on. I hate how the rooms in our house are so incomplete, and feel like this would make a huge difference in there. Anyway, today I found this freaking awesome stool - the blu dot real good counterstool! And If I had 200 dollars to spend on ONE stool - I totally would. haha It even folds up for storage!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Thought Day #9

Today is a special thought day - it's number 9!!! And since 9 is my favorite number, this thought day is going to be about my favorite thing - My husband.

Eric is my favorite person. I love him more than anything else in this world. He is so good to me. Sometimes I think, how the heck was I so lucky to get him? How was I so lucky to meet him?

Eric changed my life. He helped me see that you need to have a backbone - don't be a people pleaser all the time. And it really changed who I am, and the way I approach things. I dated Eric for a month, we broke up, and then we were just best friends. And we've been best friends ever since. And then we fell in love, at the SAME time finally :), and got married, and I wonder - how am I this lucky?

Eric loves me more than any other person in this world. (My mom might try to argue that she does.) I remember at our ring ceremony, Eric just said he loved me over and over, and even though everyone made fun of him for it, it's just exactly the way he feels. He just LOVES me.

When I got in my ATV accident - I should have died. And I know Eric was scared to death - you KNOW your husband loves you when you just ruined his ATV, and he doesn't even care. We talked about this experience with our friend, and Eric just teared up about the thought of losing me. He just loves me.

And I'm more than in love with him. I couldn't ask for a better husband - NO ONE is better than him. He's amazing, caring, loving, manly, and just so dang HOTT. He loves God and keeps our home very centered around our beliefs. He tries to be so kind to everybody, and is such a selfless person. I can't tell you how many times he wants to spend all of our money on charities, or tip people 100% because of their hard work. He has such a huge heart - I mean, he loves me, and still has space to love his family, his friends, our pets, and heck, my family too! I can't express enough how wonderful he is.

I love him with all my heart, and am so happy to be able to spend eternity with him. He's the one person I want to share my whole life with, the one person I want to be with 24/7, the one person I want to have kids with, and the one person who I couldn't live without.

I love him.

And I wonder... how am I this lucky?

So for thought day, tell me... what are you so lucky to have in your life? What thing, place, person makes you the luckiest person in the world?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Water Skiing!!!

Sorry it has taken me SOOOO long to post this - I couldn't decide on the videos I wanted to post. haha AND thank heavens for the iphone and it's camera/video features. PERFECT. :)

A LONG time ago, Eric and I went to a fundraiser for Sally's ward, and Eric bought a water ski trip from Dennis and May. We FINALLY just went, and Alexa and Sally tagged along.

Us three girls tubing! Sally DID NOT like this. haha
Eric water skiing....
Me waving and water skiing.
Alexa on the boat
Eric on the boat
Sally on the boat
And now for some fun videos...

Here, Eric got up on his water skis! Eric did water skiing, tubing, and wake boarding.

Alexa tried her hardest to wake board... it just didn't happen. So she stuck with tubing.

Alexa dances while on the tube... that is... until we have to go over large bumps. Then she gets down and hangs on to me, so I don't fall off. Her and Eric were such good tubers to tube with - they kept me on that tube the whole time, even if they had to sacrifice themselves falling off. THANKS GUYS! :)

Here is Alexa by herself... watch as the tube flips over. She was trying to flip the tube back over, so she didn't let go!

I don't have many videos or pictures to post of me, but I did water ski, wake board, and tube! AND I MISS IT! I want to take another trip soon.

We ended the trip with Eric and I riding side by side - him on a wake board, and myself on skis. It was so much fun! THANKS DENNIS AND MAY!

Dennis and May - please let's go again!!! :)

EDIT: Alexa reminded me I did have another video - so I added it here! Thanks Lexi for taking this! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Thought Day #8

The other day I was walking through walmart and getting dog food, when I read one of the dog food bags that said, "For Active Seniors - 7+"

Tucker will be four this year. In three years, we should consider him a senior?

It kills me to think that our pets will get old, and have to pass on someday. I try to cherish every day I have with them as their last - especially since Molly was taken so rapidly from us. I think that's one of the main reasons I treat my pets as my children, and wish I could take them to work, to the grocery store, to EVERYTHING.

I also worry about our future children being SO young when our pets will pass on. But maybe it's an experience a young child should have so they can cope better with death as they are older.

So today's thought is - what do you love most about your pets?

(Sorry that my thought photos are always taken with my iphone - it's just too handy. lol)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chet, The walking cat

I know I've said this before... but it just cracks me up. Chet hides in the bushes, waits for us to get to him, and then starts walking with us. This is after we had seen him just waiting and I decided to get it on video to share with all of you. :)

This is also the same cat that tries and eats the dog food.

Maybe he thinks he is a dog...