Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time for a much needed vacation...

But... the to-do list to get ready for that vacation is daunting!

Things I have to do today:

1. Finish three projects at work
2. Mop and vacuum the floors at home - I hate coming home to a dirty house!
3. Make lemon parsley pork chops for dinner AND eat them, of course.
4. I'm doing a really cool birthday surprise for someone special and I need to finish some parts before I leave.
5. I'm taking some gifts back east - need to finish them so I can take them.
6. I need to finish the laundry so Eric and I have all the clothes we will need. I also need to figure out how cold it will be. Flip flops or shoes? The weather forecast says the lowest it will be is 41 degrees, and the highs will be between 58 and 75 degrees. But with the humidity... I DON'T KNOW! Maybe I just take both. :)
7. I need to pack... for both Eric and myself.
8. I have a wedding photoshoot I need to get on a DVD before I leave, and possibly get in the mail. If I don't finish it before I leave, I can do it on the plane as well - so not the BIGGEST priority.

The biggest thing to do before I leave...

Convince myself that abandoning my healthy foods and eating cheesesteaks and greasy pizza all week is just fine! :)

Now... let's just hope I'm not forgetting anything.

Time to get to work!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My New Cooking Tool

I love to cook. It's one thing that I love experimenting with and try to learn more about. The other day I was splurging at the store, and decided to finally buy myself a meat thermometer. Yesterday, we had meat and potatoes, and can I just say, AWESOME. I love my meat thermometer. No longer will I need to cut the meat open to see it - just stick this bad boy in and voila! :) The meat was done soooo perfectly - Eric was thrilled. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A weekend with Kade and Addi

So, I'm always hoping that Natalie and Ethan will want to go on a date night or something, and ask me to babysit. I don't get to see enough of these kids, or heck, even Nat or Ethan!

So I was thrilled when they got to have THREE sleepovers! IT WAS SO FUN! Kade's comment to me: Jackie - I'm gonna have THREE sleepovers here cuz you're the best. And that's when the two planned sleepovers quickly turned to three sleepovers for these kiddos.

So a few highlights... Add did these puzzles a few times. She didn't want anyone to ruin them while we went and did other things, so she would pack them back up in the box, and then make them again later. Eric, Kade, Addi and I all went to walmart and bought her the second one so she could have another one to do. She LOVES puzzles.

The kids also love their milk- bunny milk and chocolate milk. They definitely got their calcium for the weekend.

Addi and Kade just love our dogs. Addi kept asking for hugs from Roxy, but Roxy knows better than to jump on a little kid. So I would have to ask Roxy to give me a hug, and then put her arms on Addison. Roxy would then lick her face all over, and Add would laugh hysterically.

Kade then decided he wanted hugs too. I don't ever think of Roxy as big until she gives Kade and Addi hugs. It's so cute.
Then they wanted to "walk" Roxy... I don't think Roxy really understood what to do.
Addi and I baked pumpkin cookies. She LOVES to help - obviously she has her mom's love for baking.

I turned the light on in the oven so Addi could watch them.
On Saturday, we had pizza for lunch. Tucker, of course, has to lay his head on the table. Addi tells him "No tucker, no!"
I took a picture of Kade and he gave me his "scary" eyes.
And this is Alexa.
I will blog about it in detail when the last few touches are fnished, BUT, the ATV WORKS! :) We all took turns playing on it, and driving it down the street. I'm so happy to have it back again. Thanks for fixing it babe! I love you!

And Addi, a photographer at heart, took this picture of us. She kept asking to take pictures whenever I had the camera out. She's so dang cute.
Thanks Nat, Ethan (and Grammy) for letting them come play with us!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sprinkler System

After two months of this...

We finally have this...

Thanks to all those who were of so much help!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cricut Fun!

My friend Alina is having a little baby boy in December - so I decided to throw her a baby shower! A little fun with my cricut, some gluing help from Alexa, and voila!

Now, I just have to plan the rest of the par-tay! I'm envisioning a diaper cake, lots of baby shower games, and YUMMY food.

*edit - I decided to block out the addresses and stuff, but yes, I did complete the whole thing. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Dirty Dash

So, last Saturday I was going to do The Dirty Dash 10k with just Brandon... but the night before, Christie had come down from Idaho and was over with her friend Melissa. Melissa was talking about how she was running a half marathon saturday morning, so I was telling her about The Dirty Dash. Both her and Christie signed up and decided to come! I was so stoked... but poor Melissa... a half marathon and a 10k in the same day?! CRAZY. She said she will never do it again. haha

It was TONS of fun though. Tammy, Taggart, and Eric all came out to take pictures, throw water balloons at us, and support us! THANKS GUYS!

Taggart - (or is it Taggert?)

The only picture I have of Tammy.
The pile of shoes from the race that morning.

Eric :)
All four of us getting ready to start - notice how clean we are.
The very first part of the race was a section full of mud and went all uphill. In fact, the whole first mile was uphill. (This eventually led to my IT Band Syndrome- but I don't care! I LOVE RUNNING!)
After you finish the uphill, you jump over a bunch of hay bails. After that, you run through these pipes that look like this... or crawl.
After that, you get to these walls and the ground is full of mud. So you better run and jump to that wall because you'll just sink if you stand next to the wall.
And then Brandon gets to pull you down in the dirt, while Eric and Taggart take pictures and throw water balloons at you.

After that, you "run", more like try and walk, through this huge mud pit. It's gross and smells like dead fish. And doesn't help when Brandon wants to drown you in it. He put mud down Christie's shirt too... seriously, this race wouldn't have been as much fun if you did it by yourself. Oh and not to mention the globs of mud he put in our hair... it took THREE times to shampoo my hair before it was clean. :)
Then you get hit with water balloons some more by your loved ones, run up this huge hill, and then go down this huge slip and slide. Brandon went a few times.

Then you run back down the hill, and get to the finish where this huge mud pit awaits you. And if you weren't dirty enough, you get to roll around here.

And then you're supposed to wash off in these showers... but they are SOOOOO cold - so we washed off as much as we could stand, and then took towels and sat on them in the car.
This was the most fun race I have ever done, and am so excited to do the 5k, WITH ERIC :), next May. If you wanna join in, you totally should!

And don't think you're coming to make a good personal record or something... this is so much more than that!