Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Christmas

A few events rolled in one here:

My work had their Christmas party at the Natural History Museum up by the University of Utah. It's a really cool place and you should all definitely get up to see it at some point.

Sodavy and me

Eric and me afraid of the dinos!
 Lots of dino bones

 They had a free valet service and this red carpet - so fun!

 A few days later, we had a wonderful Christmas breakfast at Natalie's and then ended up staying for church and dinner- even more deliciousness! We all opened presents before church.

That night, Eric and I went and dropped off our sub-for-santa gifts. I love sub-for-santa. And I love when the kids don't meet you so it can all be a magical holiday from Santa. 

Later in the week, I left for WA, and Eric came up Christmas night after he was done work his four days. Addi did NOT want me to leave, and tried to tell me that she was going to come with me, and then walk to Montana for Christmas. :) Love that girl.
 In WA, my parents need a different fridge/freezer combo stat. They blow dry the freezer vent when it ices over. haha
 We spent a lot of time eating, playing games, and just relaxing. 

Andrew really loved these cookies. 
 We also went to the snowflake lane show. 

 One day, Steph and I were running errands and she pulled out these glasses. I was laughing so hard.
 We opened presents with Granddad. And opened presents the next day with the whole fam.
 And played Rock Band.
 And played with the lite-bright that I got Isabelle for Christmas. I wish they made them the way they used to.
 Kenz and I went to hot yoga on Monday - Eric decided not to come.
And basically... chilled the whole vacation. It was very nice to just relax. :)

And that's all for 2011! On to 2012!!! :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas with Eric and Angela

Every year, Eric and Angela have dinner with us and have our own little Christmas. We had it at my house this year, and had a nice five course meal.

The set-up
Then soup for the first course
Then presents first because Angela bought me green chargers - so we had to switch the silver ones out for the green ones.

Then sorbet for the in-between or, palate cleanser. We had this between each course.

Then salad - no picture.

Green beans

And olives for the main course

Then we had some delicious pumpkin roll - no picture of that either.

It was a great evening, and I love to have our fun, nice dinner. I want to do one more often.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A "new" car

Eric deserved a better subaru after having his gray one for three and a half years. Therefore...

Brandon bought Eric's old sube, so it no longer resides here. I also think subarus look ridiculous without roof racks, so Eric went to the junk yard and got one for $17. How awesome is that?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The lunar eclipse

At 2 am, I woke up on my couch to a text message from facebook. It was a status update by my friend Tanya saying there was going to be a lunar eclipse. I looked all the times up, and decided I would get up at 4:30 to make sure I wasn't missing it. I had never seen one before this. I got up, and nothing was going on yet, so I went back to bed for bit longer, then got up and set my camera up to document the thing. Then, after I was all set-up, I woke up Eric. We sat outside until we just got too cold. We brought the camera inside, and would just open the door every now and then to take a picture. It was a lot of fun to experience. 

Once it got too dark to see the moon the way above, I switched my settings and started taking pictures of the redness.

And then the moon went behind the mountains and that was the end of our view.