Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eric's 26th Birthday

Yesterday was Eric's birthday. He is the best husband a person could ask for - SERIOUSLY. Better than any husband out there. He rocks! Happy birthday babe! I love you!

Natalie, Ethan, Kade and Addi came over for his birthday dinner/dessert. Thanks again Natalie for taking pictures so I could video it!

Nat has this cool app on her phone called "Shake It Photo" - it's pretty sweet. Makes everything looks like a polaroid picture.

After dinner, it was time for "cake" and ice cream!

Ethan with ice cream toppings
Eric and Angela came over just in time for dessert.

Then it was time for Eric's birthday present from me... (Just so you understand a certain part in this video - earlier, Angela was looking at Jersey and saying how her Eric was jealous that they were taking Jersey and not Roxy. Eric said, they are taking Jersey? And I said, "for a play date...")

Angela made him this towel bag - the whole beach towel turns into a bag as well, so you can take your towel, and stuff you need in a big, with you to the beach.

Happy birthday lover!! And yay! We are going on a cruise! Nothing to do but relax for a whole week... I love it!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Perfect Morning

The perfect morning consisted of:
- waking up with hubby and seeing him off to work
- doing my insanity workout (40 minutes) and my p90x workout (an hour and 15 minutes)
- checking my weight
-taking a shower
- getting ready (did hair, brushed teeth, flossed, deodorant, lotion, got dressed, put jewelry on, etc)
- feeding the dogs breakfast
-feeding the cats breakfast
- feeding the fish breakfast
-giving Roxy her medicine
- taking my acid reflux medicine
- taking the dogs on a walk (above, you can see how Roxy likes to go on walks... walking Jersey. :) If she's not walking Jersey, she tries to walk herself, or hold on to Tuck's collar. She's so funny.)
- making dinner in the crock pot
-making a snack for work
- packing up my computer, phone, etc for work
- making my breakfast (scrambled egg whites with mango salsa and cheese)
- letting my car defrost for a moment
-eating breakfast
-going back out to my car and scraping what didn't get defrosted yet

Then driving to work and making it there by 8 a.m.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Weekend Part 2

After getting ready for Eric's birthday party, we actually had it! Thanks to Natali for helping me get so much ready! And thanks to the kids for helping do cupcakes and cookies. :)

I really love this picture because you can see the smoke coming off of the match. How cool is that?

A lot of people came- which makes me so happy! I love having a loud party. When I throw a party, and it's just quiet... it's like, "wow, how lame is this party?" So thanks to everyone who made it to the party! It was wonderful! Also, thanks to Christie, who came down from Idaho for the weekend, for taking some pictures for me!

Here, Natalie and I are sharing each other's blog books. She made one of 2009. I made one of 2007. It was fun to see how small Kade and Addi used to be in 2007! :) If you haven't made a blog book, you should. (I used blurb - but also found another site called blog2print). I made one last year of my WHOLE blog, because my mom wanted it for Christmas. I chose the smallest size. After seeing the one I made for my mom, I decided that I needed to break them up year by year, and make them AT LEAST an 8x11. So, for mother's day, I'm going to give my mom 2008, then give her 2009 for her birthday, and then 2010 for Christmas. Then every Christmas after that, I'll give her the year before. :) I also buy one for myself, in hopes that they will be my own little "photo album" for my family. I think I'll take all the pictures I don't use in a blog, and shove them all into a book as additional photo albums - instead of getting the actual pictures printed and put into a photo album. I still haven't decided what would be better. We'll see.
After the majority of the party had left, I told Natalie about all the plans I have for decorating the house. She gave me some great input and I'm really excited to see how I eventually decorate a lot of the house. Thanks Nat!

Just as Natalie and Ethan were getting ready to leave, Sally and Paul came. Addison said, "you missed all the fun!"
Thanks again to everybody for making this fantastic!

After the party, we met Christie and her friends at Red Robin.

The next day, we went to church, and came home for a nice, relaxing Sunday. While Eric was making some grilled cheese, Chet jumped in my lap, and turned himself over like this so I could pet his belly. I think he may think he's a baby. haha
When Christie comes down, we try to do something fun like ATVing, or camping - she LOVES that stuff. So Eric took us in the FREEZING cold on a little ATV ride up where he likes to shoot. It was fun - but I'm still scared of the ATV.

Afterwards, Alina came over with Ross and her newest baby (of 3.5 weeks) - Makaio.
This is Christie holding that cute new baby.
And that, folks, was our weekend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Weekend Part 1

Remember my long post about New Jersey? Well, I thought to spare you another long post, I'd split the weekend into two parts.

The best part of the weekend was that we got to hang out with Kade and Addi! I LOVE hanging with them - they just make me so happy.

Anywho, I started my Friday off seeing this outside.

It's the sun! HOW COOL! You could stare right at it. Then I was off to work, and right after I was done, I grabbed the kids from Ethan. I was so excited to have them spend the night. They don't get to come over enough.

They had just got their hair cut at Cookie Cutters, and both had popsicles. Addi was done moments later, and Kade said, "Add ate that popsicle so fast - like a goat eating library books." I asked him if he had ever seen a goat eat library books, and he said yes, and explained this whole story that he has read about a goat eating library books.

These kids CRACK me up. They were sitting in the truck just talking away, and asking me all these questions. Addi kept telling me how she calls me "Jack, Jack" and is now going to call Uncle, "Unc, Unc." I imagined that this (driving in the truck just talking away) is what it would be like when I have kids of my own, and I have to admit, made me a little kid hungry.

On the car ride home, they asked if we could see Jixie. So we drove to her new place, and just looked at her. She was eating, and it was freezing, so we didn't want to get out and actually go up to her.

Afterwards, we drove home and ate dinner (Top Ramen) with Uncle.
Kade has been spelling and sounding out everything, and he told me that it was so cool the bowls said SOUP.

Then, we got ready for bed. Eric's party was the next night, so I didn't want them staying up so late that they wouldn't be able to stay up the next night. We read three books. Addi's choice - Peter Pan. Kade's choice - The Berenstain bears. My choice - The Monster at the End of the Book. Addi told me she didn't want to read mine, but I said that everyone got to pick, and she would love it. And guess what? SHE DID. The next day, she told me we needed to read it again and it was the best book. :)
The next morning, Addi and Kade came in for snuggle time. Tucker was walking around picking up things. First, he brought me a sock. Then, he brought over a glove. Kade said, "Tucker would be a good nurse." Seriously, these kids are HILARIOUS.

Addi wanted to pick out all my jewelry. She picked out my wedding necklace, a pearl bracelet, and some small earrings. THEN, she put them all on for me - INCLUDING my earrings. haha
Afterwards, Addi asked to record a movie to send to her friend MJ (Mercedes). I got the next best thing out, and they had a video chat. So cute.
I was putting on my make-up and getting ready to go, when Addi said she needed some too.
Uncle decided the truck needed to be washed, so we went through the car wash.

For the rest of the day, we got ready for Uncle's party and made cookies and cupcakes as well.

Next post - rest of the weekend! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Organized Spices

Until yesterday, two of the most annoying spots in my house were the spice cabinet, and my tupperware cabinet. They are used ALL the time, but if organization lacks at all, you can't ever find exactly what you need.

In an effort to de-junk a different spot of the house once a month, I decided to spend yesterday fixing the spice cupboard. A long while ago, I organized the tupperware to work perfectly, and felt I needed to tackle the spice issue. There were spices alphabetized the wrong way and scattered in different places. They were also sitting on racks so I couldn't see the ones behind them, but just saw the lids of the spices.

So... I labeled all the lids of the spices. Eric's comment to me was, I'm surprised you didn't go buy a label maker. Darn it... I totally should have. I have a cheap one that doesn't really work - so it would be nice to have a better one. Maybe a cool digital one.

Then, I arranged them by size, and then alphabetically.

You can see here that they are labeled so you can see the ones behind the ones in front of them.

And an up close view of the ice cream toppings Eric LOVES. :)
I feel so much more organized now. Isn't it funny how just organizing one aspect of your life, can take away so much stress? LOVE IT.

Monday, January 3, 2011

What a wonderful way to start the new year!

Our original plan for the day was to go to Angela's for breakfast and then head off skiing. But with Eric waking up at 11... that didn't really happen exactly that way.

Instead, just after 11, we headed to Eric and Ange's for "breakfast."

Tucker asked if he could come -and Ange said yes. He was sooooo happy!
I'm not sure if Eric was as happy as Tuck. ;) In all honesty, I'm not really sure what face he's making. Probably the "don't take my picture" face. ha
I was having a little too much fun taking pictures of everything on our way there. Plus, when I get in picture mode, I think "what could I put on my blog?" :)

20 minutes later, we arrived.
Ange was making these things called "Aebleskivers." I love to watch her make them. First, she makes the dough for them, then puts them in this pan.
Then she flips them over to one side.
And then flips them over again, and they make these YUMMY round dough things.
Ange has a whole set of Christmas dishes, and since it's that time of year, we got to use them all!
And this was our yummy breakfast. DELICIOUS.
Afterwards, the boys worked on fixing Ange and Eric's bed frame, and then we decided we should go see some movies.

So, we were off. We got out of our pajamas, and headed to The District to see "How do you know?" AND "Tron: Legacy". We saw "How do you know?" first, and then took a break to eat some pizza and ice cream. The only thing is, the pizza took SO long that we had to sneak it into the theater and eat it in Tron. Was that a sight or what?

It was just the perfect way to start a new year! Let this year be wonderful!