Thursday, February 24, 2011


Okay, so I'm sorry - work has SUCKED lately and I haven't had any time to think about my blog. BUT, I know you've all been waiting for a post that talks more about our actual locations! :) So here goes! Warning - there are 30 some odd pictures in this post - don't get overwhelmed!

On Monday, I woke up and went and got my free massage. :) Then, we ate some, and waited around to get taxied off the boat for our first shore excursion. They can't get the ship right next to land, so they have to load us on a ship and take us there. So while we waited to get off the boat, we took lots of pics!

Then, it was FINALLY time to get off the ship and on to this boat.
And then we went swimming with dolphins! It was so fun. The only problem is that they won't let you take pictures while you're with the dolphins. So Eric snapped these shots from the computer with the photos they take for you.

You get to dance with the dolphin and kiss the dolphin. Our dolphin's name was Ko. This is Ko going in to get a kiss from Eric. When he went in to get a kiss from me, he kept pushing on my face and wouldn't stop. It was pretty funny.
Then you get to swim with Ko.

Ko is a boy and there was another dolphin that was a girl. When showing us how to tell the difference, both the dolphins started peeing. It was HILARIOUS. After all the fun, we got to take a picture with the girl dolphin - I can't remember her name.
After the dolphin excursion, we walked around Cabo. Cabo is an American Mexico. Most everything is in English, as well as Spanish. Sometimes, it's only in English.

This was a cool bike taxi!
See what I mean about the English?
Oh look! Spanish! :)
And back to a totally American store.
We went further into the town to try and see more, and tah dah - a cactus! :)
And a McDonalds... haha.
And here's a love bug look alike!
After we toured the place, we took a water taxi to Lover's Beach and the Arch. In the back of this picture you can see where our cruise ship is.

That would be the arch behind us.
The water taxi took us to look at the Sea Lions. They smell DISGUSTING, but cool to look at!

Then we were taken to the beach, and stayed there for about 45 minutes.

Can you guess what Eric is doing in this picture? Seriously... take a guess.

Isn't this pirate boat the coolest??
Instead of waiting the hour for our water taxi guy to came back, another taxi said he would take us! So we got back to the port and stood in line to get back on the cruise ship. This is Eric getting off the taxi onto the cruise ship.
And that was the end of our day in Cabo. Back on the boat, we ate lots, played games, swam, hung in the jacuzzi, etc. I think this was the night we saw the hypnotist. It might have been the next night - but either way, we saw Terry Stokes. The first show was HILARIOUS, that we went back to the second show that night. Eric tried to get me to volunteer, so Terry made him get up instead. It was hilarious- but Eric says he just played along - that he was very relaxed but don't think the hypnosis really worked for him cuz he had seen the first show and knew what was going to happen. But that's okay because it was still SO funny. In the first and second shows, Terry made two different women make out with their husbands so passionately whenever he said the word romance. One of the ladies was in her 70s - and Terry left the suggestion with her after the show as over, that whenever the husband said romance for the next three times, she would make out with him. I wonder if it really worked for him. haha

Next post - Mazatlan!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cruise Day 2

We had two sea days in a row - Saturday then Sunday. What do you do on a sea day? Hang out on the boat! I'm not very good about just sitting around and doing nothing, BUT it's usually because I want to see other things, I want to go, go, go. I just don't want to miss anything.

On a cruise ship, you can eat and swim, or eat and watch a movie, or eat and play some games. There isn't anything you HAVE to do, or have to see that you won't see all week, and I found it VERY relaxing to really just sit and do nothing. Hence the reason that this day was full of NOTHING besides eating, swimming, taking pictures, AND seeing shows in the theater. I tried to soak up as much sun as I could before we went back to wintery Utah.

This is me posing... Eric likes to shoot 100 pictures at one time, so this is what you get. :)

When we got sick of just sitting and soaking up sun, we walked around and soaked up sun.
There are lots of games on the ship - Eric and I played this a couple times. We also took chutes and ladders back to our room one night and played it. It was the only thing I could convince Eric was an "okay" board game. He really, really hates board games.
And then again... sat and did nothing. :) This is next to the jacuzzi we were just in... oh how I miss just being able to sit in the jacuzzi whenever I want. Yes, we are so installing one at our house. Just need to get the apple tree moved, and the fence up. :)

Like I said, you eat and swim, eat and play, eat and relax... EAT EAT EAT. This is Eric eating at one of the free restaurants. I love Eric's opened shirt look. I was always sporting my bathing suit with a cover-up, and Eric his bathing suit with a shirt. It's the best way to vacation. Ready to swim, or ready to eat - either way, you're just ready!

Every night, our room steward came and made us these towel animals. Sometimes, they seriously scared me - the animals I mean.
That night, we tried our hand at room service - open 24/7! It was pretty good - and cool to get food whenever we want.

This is me walking back to our room after dinner - the picture didn't turn out at all, but I really like it still!

Every night we saw a show in the theater. I can't remember specifically what we saw this night, but we did see some really great stuff. One night, and I think it was this night, we saw Extreme Vegas and Justino and Daniela are just crazy! Justino does a ton of magic and Daniela does some really cool acrobatic tricks, and does crazy things with hula hoops. It was a lot of fun!

End of Day 2 :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Walk of Fame and First Day of Cruise!

After we hiked to the Hollywood Sign, we had some time before we had to be at the port, and Debbie took us by the walk of fame!

We only had time to get out for a bit, and then we drove down the rest of the street and saw all these characters... like Spiderman!
And then... we passed this and...
After standing in a long line, and FINALLY getting on the ship, we made it to our room!

Remember how I did all this cruise stuff for Eric's birthday? So I had a birthday package for his room and his response to me upon seeing it was "who's birthday is it?"

Oh goodness.

The spa was doing a raffle for some free services. One of the free things was a beard facial thing - so only for men. Instead of going through each raffle ticket, and trying to find a guy, they had guys get up and dance. The audience decided who was the best dancer. Eric got up and ripped his shirt off for the first round... and would have won by the amount of clapping, BUT they only eliminated one of the three guys, and did a second round. The second round, the old man pulled his shirt off, and Eric couldn't think of something else...and lost. :( Too bad they didn't just give him the free prize the first round...
Because I won!!!! We could have gone to the salon together. I won a free "Bamboo Massage." It was nice. :)
We ate in the buffet place that day for lunch, and a restaurant at night.

At that point, my head was so achey (I guess I get a little bit sea sick). I had taken some seasick drugs, but it made me so drowsy. I was so entirely ready to sleep after dinner.
I don't think we made it past 9pm that night. Talk about being a party pooper on our first day! haha
And that ends our first day of the cruise!