Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Need to update...

So I realize I need to update...

Here's what you can expect in the next bit:

1. A story about our daring kitty Chantelle
2. How fun our how to host a murder party was!

BUT, for now...I'm on a plane to Atlanta... and I'm actually typing this on the plane. How cool is in-flight wifi?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Green Day!!!

I LOVE green day (St. Patrick's Day) because I get to wear lots of green - my FAVORITE color. :)

These are the bracelets I'm wearing today. Pretty, eh?

Besides that though, I have a ton to do for the rest of March, and just wish it was over and done with already.

1. Clean the entire house from bottom to top for a dinner party Saturday (tonight and tomorrow)
2. Do our money (tomorrow) to see how much we have left for grocery shopping
3. Go grocery shopping for that dinner party (tomorrow)
4. Try and get a good hour of swimming in today or tomorrow
5. Run in my new shoes and see if it fixed my leg problem! :) Wouldn't that be fantastic!?? If not, then return shoes within ten days!
6. Finish Gabe's quilt (tonight)- I ran out of binding and need a little bit more
7. Finish Natalie's quilt - I have all the blocks cut out and batting put inside. Now I just need to finish sewing the batting in the blocks, and then get the blocks together! Don't worry Natalie - I'm setting my goal to have this done by the end of March and then I'll ship it to you!
8. Figure out a better system for laundry. It is the one chore I absolutely SUCK at, and need a better way. I'm thinking that we need to buy two longer dressers (so the drawers are longer), and can fit a bit more, so I don't have to hang up quite as much. Anybody have any suggestions on where to get some?
9. Re-stain at least ONE of the chairs in my dining room. I plan on re-staining the table, chairs, and hutch to match our kitchen cupboards, so I'm going to start with a chair to see how it looks. Need to get this done already.
10. Put up some pictures and h's in the living room (before dinner party).
11. Go to Atlanta (next week)
12. Get my hair cut and dyed (saturday)
13. Finish sending March friend's birthday cards (tonight)

And if I get that all done, and am really ambitious....
14. Get pictures printed of the animals, and Eric and me, and get those on the wall.
15. Frame the wedding picture Kerstin got me.
16. Hang the wedding picture and manti picture somewhere.
17. Finally get wedding dress dry cleaned, and either put in keepsake box, or better plastic.
18. Try and relax for April :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our last day

Saturday, we departed our cruise ship, and my friend Paige, her husband Chris, and baby Fox came and picked us up. Thanks again Paige!

They dropped Eric and I off at Universal Studios. It was a fun way to end the cruise.

Here is a HUGE green screen backing up against this other set - making it all green. We saw this on the studio backlot tour where they film a ton of stuff. It was really cool to see it all.

These two cars are on a small set that does REALLY cool things. Watch the video- with the sound on.

This was another set where all the water comes flooding down here.
On our way we saw shaggy from scooby doo!
And then... JAWS!
This is the "ocean" they film Jaws eating people and stuff.
Then we passed the set for The Grinch Stole Christmas.
This is an ENTIRE plane they use as a plane crash site.
Us standing in line for the Simpson Ride.
We went to their water world play, and got to see a lot of cool effects.
Then we went to the animal actor show. Watch the videos below!

The trainer asked somebody to hold a dollar bill out. The bird took it... and then returned it.
This is Kara doing the "work away." I need to teach our dogs to do this. :)

Eric with a car he wishes he had.
And a picture with Jaws!
After Universal Studios, Paige, Chris, and Fox picked us up from there and took us to the airport.

We were STARVING at this point, so sat down to get dinner. I can't leave an airport without getting my double chocolaty chip frappuccino. It's absolutely freaking delicious - and if you don't drink coffee, a WONDERFUL choice.
And of course, you can't go wrong with some hawaiian pizza. YUM.
And then we headed back to Utah in our warm clothes... to be greeted by Utah's winter.

And now... it's finally getting warm here! Can it please be summer already? :)

And that was our trip! So fun, and can't wait to get back and do something like this again!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Last two sea days

It took us two days to get to LA from Mexico. They had this TV channel where you could see how far we were until we got to LA. I kept having to check on it to make sure we were getting closer. And now... all I want to do is go back to the ocean and play in the hot weather!

Both sea days were full of playing on the boat, going to activities and shows. I spent a lot of time chilling in the sun and sitting in the jacuzzi - trying to soak up the sun before we arrived back to Utah's winter. Eric wanted to sleep and watch movies before he had to go back to tons of work. After he finally emerged from our stateroom, he joined me in the jacuzzi fun and of course, had to eat lots.
The night of our first sea day, we saw a show - and it was very cool. It was interpretive dance, and a little bit of magic, about the elements, and they did a really fantastic job. They ended with winter, and had ropes coming down from the ceiling throughout the whole auditorium. Then people slid down them and did all these fancy tricks. It was really great.

Then we went back to our room and found this towel animal in our room.

And then Eric ordered his room service. He doesn't want to get messy, so he takes his shirt off, and throws the napkin on... Nice babe, nice.
The next sea day, we spent a lot of the day doing the same stuff as the sea day before. Then Daniela - from the previous magic shows - had a small workout with hula hoops. It was tons of fun, and all the men loved watching their ladies do the workout. At least, that's what I was told.

The waves the cruise ship makes.
Eric looking so handsome coming down the grand stairs.
Me... how I miss my tan.

And then once the sunset hit, we took TONS of pics. :) I wanted to make sure we had at least one sunset documented on the ocean from start to finish.

After all the pictures, we toured the boat some more before heading to a show that night. The crew did two shows that night - to say bye to us.

We probably walked these stairs over 1000 times during the week.
This was the last little balloon from Eric's birthday bash that survived the week.
And again, we ended our night with some more towel animals.
Goodbye Mexico... we hope to be back soon!

Next post- a day in LA before heading home.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Puerto Vallarta - Whale Watching

After all of our fun off the boat, we headed to the cruise ship and got to do whale watching! That is not in the description of the excursion - just an AWESOME bonus. We were the only two from our ship that went on this excursion - everybody else was from the Disney cruise or just visiting Puerto Vallarta. This was my FAVORITE one and we got to do SO much. I'm surprised more people didn't sign up for it.

Humpback whales can stay under the water for a VERY long time, but when they are watching over a baby humpback whale, they have to come out of the water more often. I'm shocked one of these didn't come under our boat and tip it over. They're over 50 feet long! We saw four different ones at one time when they all came up - IT WAS SPECTACULAR.

This was a HUGE manta ray. They can be about 25 feet long - I'm sure this one was at least 12 feet. It would swim around our boat and then under it. Very cool!

This is the wing of it's ray sticking up.
This is the whale going back down in the water. Poor Eric was trying to take pictures of the manta ray and then people started screaming about the whale, so then he was moving his camera back and forth, and zooming the lens in and out. I think he did an AMAZING job capturing both.
Then we got back on our boat, to get ready to leave.
Beautiful place.
And yes... this is a Walmart... In mexico.
This was a bull fighting ring you could see from the top of our cruise ship. I'm sparing you the picture of blood pouring down the bull. Eric said that the sticks that were on the bull - were actually swords killing the bull. HOW AWFUL. I failed to believe that, so I looked it up when we got back to the states, and it's true. When we put the pictures on the computer, we blew them up, and I have one of the blood coming out. :( It's so incredibly sad. I just can't believe how many people are in there watching it!
And then it was time to leave this beautiful place.

So back to our room to find another one of these...
I wonder how long it takes them to make each one of these for all the rooms.

That ended our shore excursions - and then we had two sea days back to Los Angeles. More about those later.