Thursday, March 10, 2011

Puerto Vallarta - Whale Watching

After all of our fun off the boat, we headed to the cruise ship and got to do whale watching! That is not in the description of the excursion - just an AWESOME bonus. We were the only two from our ship that went on this excursion - everybody else was from the Disney cruise or just visiting Puerto Vallarta. This was my FAVORITE one and we got to do SO much. I'm surprised more people didn't sign up for it.

Humpback whales can stay under the water for a VERY long time, but when they are watching over a baby humpback whale, they have to come out of the water more often. I'm shocked one of these didn't come under our boat and tip it over. They're over 50 feet long! We saw four different ones at one time when they all came up - IT WAS SPECTACULAR.

This was a HUGE manta ray. They can be about 25 feet long - I'm sure this one was at least 12 feet. It would swim around our boat and then under it. Very cool!

This is the wing of it's ray sticking up.
This is the whale going back down in the water. Poor Eric was trying to take pictures of the manta ray and then people started screaming about the whale, so then he was moving his camera back and forth, and zooming the lens in and out. I think he did an AMAZING job capturing both.
Then we got back on our boat, to get ready to leave.
Beautiful place.
And yes... this is a Walmart... In mexico.
This was a bull fighting ring you could see from the top of our cruise ship. I'm sparing you the picture of blood pouring down the bull. Eric said that the sticks that were on the bull - were actually swords killing the bull. HOW AWFUL. I failed to believe that, so I looked it up when we got back to the states, and it's true. When we put the pictures on the computer, we blew them up, and I have one of the blood coming out. :( It's so incredibly sad. I just can't believe how many people are in there watching it!
And then it was time to leave this beautiful place.

So back to our room to find another one of these...
I wonder how long it takes them to make each one of these for all the rooms.

That ended our shore excursions - and then we had two sea days back to Los Angeles. More about those later.


Sally and Paul said...

Love your pics!!! so glad you such a good time....

{natalie} said...

you are super tan in that pic. can't wait for summer. the whales look super cool.

Angela said...

Oh, I love whale watching. We did a whale watching shore excursion in Alaska and it was definitely one of my favorite parts of our cruise! It looks like you agree! :)

Kathy said...

What a dream come true to see whales up close. I get excited when we see dolphins from the beach and run around like a nut, pointing and jumping around. I can't imagine what I would do if I saw a whale. Great pics...enjoyed seeing them.