Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Host A Murder Party

A while back, I hosted a "How To Host A Murder Party". My parents did this every year when I was growing up, and I want to make it a tradition too. My old roomie, Christine, was visiting from Texas, so we planned it around her coming. It was SOOOOO incredibly fun! I am so excited to do another one soon. My mom and Lynda wrote one themselves, so that's the next one coming up!

Christine and Amanda talking as their characters to each other.
Matt listening intently.
Eric being tough. :)
Everyone after dinner, showing Matt that he was, indeed, the murderer.
Me :)
Everyone stayed in their character so well, and we laughed SO hard all night.

I can't wait for another one!

Thanks to all those who came and made it so fun!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Roxy!

Roxy turned three today. I can't believe she's that old already.

Tucker was born in 2006, so he'll be FIVE this year. I can't believe how time just flies. Jersey is 7 months younger than Roxy, so I don't have to freak out over her turning three for a while. :)

How nice of the AKC to email Roxy and tell her happy birthday (Roxy is AKC registered).

We'll have to bake a doggie cake tonight.

PS I suck at blogging lately. :( I still want to blog about our dinner party, and then we're probably going camping this weekend, so I'll have to blog about that. AND, I have to blog about Addi and I getting our nails the same color. Goodness gracious. Hopefully lots of blogs for you in the next bit!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

new addition to the stable

so we got a new car, new to us. Its awesome, its fast, its big, its a manual, all wheel drive, and got twice the turbos, its what we wanted, everything we wanted, so happy about it. 2002 Audi Allroad 2.7T 6MT Eventually Jackie will update this blog with photos and all that other good stuff. We have been busy with Tri training and sleeping at night. the days are getting longer, but there doesn't seem to be anymore time to get things done still..... weird how that works....... OK this is about as long of a blog as i have ever done, so now i need to stop. Have a great day... which ever day your reading this

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our daring little kitty

A few saturdays ago, my friends Katy and Kristin borrowed our truck to move from their house in Orem to Pleasant Grove. They came and grabbed my truck while I was in Provo getting my hair cut. They called me when they got it, and about an hour and a half later, they called me again. Katy said "Jackie, please don't kill me." My initial reaction was - oh, she crashed the truck, but it's okay - we have insurance, make sure she's okay. So I said, "what's up? you okay?"

Her next response...

"I have your cat."

WHAT? I was NOT expecting that. So after talking further, I start thinking that Chantelle rode to Orem in the bed of the truck, or inside the truck.... but no... she rode to Orem on the spare tire.

Our spare tire is connected to the bottom of the truck by this thingamabobber.

The top of this thingamabobber looks like this, and she curled herself in it and drove the whole way to Orem, from Lehi, here.
After my appointment was over, I went to Katy/Kristin's old place to go and get her. She had no idea what was going on, but when she saw me was like, oh, guess I am in the right place, and was fine. But then, I shoved her in a box. She drove from Orem, back to Lehi, here... I've tried explaining that it is MUCH better to ride IN the car. :)

Thank heavens that she didn't ever jump off the car at a stoplight, or some other break in the drive. And good for you Chantelle for holding on! We love you! Thanks for coming back safely.