Sunday, May 15, 2011


Two weekends ago, we went "camping". I say this with quotes, because we actually stayed in a house, but for some reason, we all called it this. After Christie arrived here from Idaho, Eric, Christie, her friend Tyler, and I all headed down to Meadow. Brian was already there. We stayed in his uncle's summer house.

We left on Friday night, and the next day was Christie's birthday. I wanted to make it really special (because I LOVE birthdays) and so we did lots of goofy things to make it fun!
Here is Christie with her bday tiara. :)
After eating, we went and played on the ATVs. I got up to 45 miles per hour - first time since my crash last year, and was so excited! (This weekend proved to scare me from them again... but more on that later.)

After playing around, we took the ATVs up to the lava tubes.

This is Brian playing 127 hours.

We found this baby rattle snake. Ah, so cute. :) Then Brian killed it. Not so cute. (

In one of the lava tube cave things, it was pitch black. My little iphone flash helped out immensely. :)

After all the ATVing fun, we headed out to the hot springs. I've never been in one - they are so cool!

We ended Christie's bday with a pinata. :)
The next day we drove out to go shooting.

And then we all got in the jeep and truck and left. The pups were pretty pooped I must say.
Such a good weekend!

Happy Birthday Christie!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A fun filled weekend

A few weeks ago, before we went to Dallas, I celebrated Angela's birthday with her by taking her out for breakfast and a spa day. Addi got to come and we had so much fun!

Pictures are courtesy of my iPhone... how did I ever live without you phone?

First, we headed off to Mimi's cafe. Addi got the Mimi Mouse pancakes - a kid's meal. Now tell me, why would the fruit come like this for a kid's meal? Shouldn't they have it all cut up in bite size pieces? Also, Addi was very sad that the pictures showed watermelon, and no watermelon came with her meal. She tried to change her meal over and over until they would give her one with watermelon - she didn't quite understand that they just didn't have watermelon. I still owe her a watermelon from the store. :)

After breakfast, we went off to get Addi's nails done, a manicure for me, and a facial for Angela.

Addi picked my polish for me - and we were twins.
Addi kept asking if we could go visit Angela to see how she was doing, and I told her she couldn't right then, but could after Angela was done. This is what resulted. :)

After all of that, we went shopping at Rod Works and got some stuff to decorate with.

A very fun day was had by all! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELA!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best Vinyl

They suck, they dont help out, they are not at all what they used to be, poor service, poor product. Now you all know, dont use them.