Thursday, June 30, 2011

Surprise Bday Party!

First off, I know I've been an awful blogger, but summer came and I've had 1,000 more things to do! AH!

Plus, dealing with the whole foot thing was driving me crazy, and everything just fell apart. BUT, guess what?! I went to the doctor today and he said I'm good to go - I get to start running, SLOWLY and gradually to build up, but he said, get on it, go do that race! So Spudman Tri... here we come! :) HURRAY!

Anyway, back in May, my hubby and my friend, Molly, threw me a WONDERFUL surprise party - it was SO fun. Molly said we were just going out to dinner, but then needed me to meet her somewhere and pick her up instead... and when I got there - SURPRISE! :) SO FUN. I love surprises, and definitely enjoyed this one. Thanks to everyone who came and made my birthday so special.

This little boy, Kai, always refers to be as "my jackie". I love when kids "own" me.

Thanks for the awesome party everyone! I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Who's a brunette?

So... I decided to dye my hair back brown last month. One, it will be cheaper to maintain my natural hair color, and two, I was just sick of being blonde.

To become a brunette after being a blonde, you have to have all the blonde covered with this stuff that looks like blood. YUM. If you don't, the brown color will soak into the blonde, turning your hair gray.
Then it gets to sit in your hair for a while.
Then get rinsed out and dryed - making me into a red head. I would NOT look good as red head if anybody was wondering.
And then you get the actual brown colors, and TAH DAH!

Now I just have to wait until the dark stuff fades, and my hair returns to its normal caramel color. :)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Friday the 13th

On Friday the 13th, I left my old job, knowing that Monday was bringing a new opportunity. After getting home, Eric, Christie, Brian, Andrew and I went out on ATVs. Eric borrowed a yamaha rhino from his friend, Jason, to show me that we should buy one.
So, Eric decided it would be fun to do a quick donut. See the passenger seat? See the seatbelt? See the rollbar cage? Specifically see the part of the bar that comes from the bottom - where your feet go - and up towards the blue part of the rhino?

Well, what do you get when the rhino doesn't land on four wheels?

A broken Jackie.

I was wearing my seatbelt and a helmet, and yet, (from either throwing my foot out to brace myself, or from my legs falling out when it tipped) my foot ended up under that roll bar.

Eric rushed me to the hospital as fast as he could while being careful to go gently over the rocks coming off the mountain. A BLACK bruise, and a bump just under the size of a tennis ball appeared on my foot. Eric was extremely concerned something was broken. We put a cold Capri Sun on it, and by the time we got to the hospital, the bruise was gone, but my foot was HUGE.

I told each doctor/nurse there that I had two rules - 1. no broken bones, and 2. no cutting my foot off.

After a visit to the hospital, I left with NO broken bones, and a small boot thing.

A day later...I took a picture of my foot just for you. :)
Notice, I've got cankles!
And my right foot is like 1000 sizes bigger than my left.
All scratched up.
Monday, I went to the podiatrist and found out that I bruised my tendon. Crutches and a LARGE boot for THREE weeks.

A boot is AWFUL. It weighs a million pounds AT LEAST. Under my boot, I had a "soft cast" - a cast made of three layers of bandages.

Taking a shower was unsuccessful. I wasn't supposed to get the bandages wet, and yet, I did. :( That was Wednesday. They instructed me to put my own ace bandage on, and come in Thursday to get it wrapped again.

This is when I took it off - it's nasty because it's all wet, and the ace bandage makes my skin wrinkly. You can also see all the rest of the bruising.
Later that night when it was finally dry.
Thursday morning, I had it rewrapped by the doc. I asked him again about the recovery time - time on crutches, time with the boot, time to be healed, etc. He told me I'd be off crutches within the week, a boot the whole time it's healing, and three to four weeks for healing.

Thursday night, I put an ice pack on, and it leaked out and got the bandage all wet again. SERIOUSLY? So, here's a picture.
I didn't want to get the bandages wet again, so I kept rewrapping it after my showers each day.

Friday morning...
The next day, I went back to the doctor, and he put me in one ace bandage, told me I was allowed to take it off to shower like normal again, but still needed to wear it when I'm not showering - and of course, with the boot. He said to still use the crutches as much as I can - and just be gentle with it. He said I could go swimming in my pool for my birthday, but wouldn't go roller staking. (What happened to being off crutches within the week?)

Thursday, June 2nd, I went back to the doctor. June 3rd would have been three weeks injured.
The doctor told me that...
1. I still have five to six weeks to heal (from the time I hurt myself - June 17th = 5 weeks)
2. I need to stay on crutches as much as possible for better healing
3. Still rest, ice it, and elevate it.
4. Still in the boot.
5. A tri would be quite possible on July 30th -but training for the tri - not happening.
6. There is an absolute possibility that when he finally says my foot is healed, something else could still be wrong, and we can't MRI it until this first part feels healed. He said if I start using it again, and then it starts hurting, we'll do an MRI. He knows everything is in-tact still, and that nothing is torn... just have to heal the bruise.
7. It's not JUST a bruised posterior tibial tendon but everything surrounding the tendon as well.
8. After 6 weeks of non-use, muscles atrophy...

Six weeks? Are you sure it's not just under four? Yes, the right one is the one injured. And creepily skinny and muscle-less.
Tuesday, June 7th
8 more days until my next appointment... Hey foot, how do you feel about being completely healed by then please? :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Goodbye old job, Hello new job

So some of you might know that I quit my job a few weeks ago ago. My last day was May 13th.

The last week I was there, a bunch of us went to Cafe Rio as a goodbye lunch.

Tonya, Matt, Moose and Ruthy.
Ryan, Dustin, and Tiffany.
Jessica, Katy, Taylor and Kaylyn.
Matt just got a bike, and so he took me for a ride on it too. Not as scary as I thought - but still freak me out.

I worked at Smile Reminder for three years - promoted from a support rep to a marketing manager, where I handled all of the tradeshows and several other marketing duties - like editing all of our products literature, newsletters, etc with that college degree I have. :)

After a good run, it was time to move on, and I now work for Rio Tinto as a recruitment coordinator in their HR department. It's been an easy switch since it's basically like doing the same thing with tradeshows, but this is with people instead. I really like it, and hope that I continuing loving it for a while.

Time for a new chapter in life!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dallas Part 3

After Fort Worth, we went to Weatherford, ate dinner, played some rock band, went to bed, and woke up to shoot bows and arrows, and take a walk. My cousins make bows and arrows, and Stephanie LOVES to do this. They gave her her first bow.

It was really fun getting together with my extended family. It's been a while.
My mom left to hang with a friend -so she's not in this picture.
Eric is the donkey whisperer - did you know that? Every time we saw a donkey, he'd call and they would come. I guess there's another reason the people at his work call him "Donkey".
All in all, it was a wonderful trip. It rained almost every day, and was SO humid and hot the day we went to Six Flags - but all SO fun. We also got to see Christine for about an hour before leaving back to Utah.

Welcome home Steph!