Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hogle Zoo - Work family night

So, Rio Tinto did a work night at the zoo this year. Because I work at Rio Tinto, and Eric works at Kennecott - owend by Rio Tinto, we both got a ticket to take five people (plus us) to the zoo - equaling TEN extra people. SWEET. We invited a bunch of family and friends and had SO much fun.

They supplied dinner and made all concessions free. DELICIOUS. It was wonderful. The zoo will never be the same. They also gave all the kids t-shirts and hats, and all the adults hats or visors.

Now for picture overload. I don't have a picture of the whole group OR all the dang food. Darn it.

Face paint!

We got this cart to store all the drinks we had. It was very worthwhile.
Baby elephant!

Carousel rides!
Sally, the camel, has two humps.
My favorite animal - the TIGER. My favorite tiger: white bengal tiger - don't get to see those a lot.
Look at the paws on that thing.

This ram kept posing for me. It was hilarious.
Giraffe licking this pole.

We went to the bird show - which was so cool! This bird untied two different signs in the show.
A bald eagle.

I remember when we had a bald eagle nest in our backyard as kid. It was awesome.
They kept releasing tons of birds - very cool indeed.
This chicken was shaking its tail feathers!
Addi and Kade both made donations to the bird show - the birds takes all the donations and puts them in the box.

The three butterfly ladies. They wouldn't let me paint my face with Add, but later in the night, there were no kids waiting, so I got mine done to match Add, and Sally joined.
Add is going to be a model - no doubt. :)

And that was our FUN trip at the zoo - wish they did this more often!

Thanks to all those who came!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Our 3rd year anniversary - part two

The next day, our actual anniversary, we headed off to breakfast at Fanny's grill. Eric decided that he could determine whether a tree was real or "fake". If you can put your arms around the tree, it's fake. If you can't, it's real. :)
Breakfast at Fanny's grill.
After breakfast, we had to check out. This was the sign for our cottage.
Nice patio off our room.
We had coupons for a free carousel, so we went over to the Zermatt and rode the carousel!

After we were all ready to go, we went and explored the surrounding area.
Eric found that he could drive from midway all the way back to American Fork on his ATV. Not sure how long that will take - but I have a feeling he might be finding out soon.
After our exploration of the area, we drove to Aubrie's again, visited for a while, and then headed on our way home.

Eric wanted to stop at Squaw peak first, and we saw these paragliders. This had been our original plan for the morning of our anniversary weekend, but we didn't think my foot was up to the running/hiking part of it- so we had to hold off on the Living Social deal we bought. It was fun to watch them, and we ended up talking to the guy who will end up taking us paragliding when we can actually use our deal.

And then we headed on home.

It was a wonderful anniversary!

Love you Eric!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our 3rd year anniversary - part 1

For our 3rd anniversary, Eric and I went to The Homestead in Midway, UT by recommendation of my sweet sister-in-law, Natalie. It was the most perfect idea ever! Thanks Nat!

Before we headed to Midway, we ate breakfast at One Man Band. Delicious.
After that, we went to Lowes and bought Eric his anniversary present - a screen door for our front door.

Then we headed off to Midway.

We had their anniversary special which included breakfast, and dinner at Fanny's Grill. So we started off with our dinner.

Big huge fish with all the little fish.
After dinner, we swam in the crater. It was so cool. We watched some scuba divers swim to the bottom and back up. So, Eric and I swam down to see how far we could go, and it hurts your ears! We asked the divers how they stop it from hurting, and they told us their tricks, but OW! Scuba divers - how do you get used to that?

After our crater swim, we went on a lovely carriage ride. The man sang a love song for us. It was very romantic.

They have a ton of little craters like this.
And everything is decorated in this swiss style - and most of the buildings are painted so beautifully.
And that ended our carriage ride.
Afterwards, we visited my friend, Aubrie. Her family moved to Midway a while ago, and I didn't realize they lived right there! I saw Aubrie's dad though, while on our carriage ride, and contacted her family, and went over to their house! Aubrie was even there because her husband was out of town. It was great fun to catch up!

More tomorrow!