Thursday, August 18, 2011

And MORE projects

When Eric and I moved in, our closet had one shelf. We've been talking FOREVER about adding a second one for more room. Well, it finally happened because we needed room on the one wall for Eric's gun safe.


Two shelves!

We've had this TV sitting on our dresser, and Eric put it up on our wall. SO much better. Below the tv - you can't really see it - we put up a mirror, that has just been sitting on the ground, up on the wall.
How to get a HUGE gun safe upstairs? Get a lot of men, a dolly for appliances, and haul that upstairs.


Last year sometime, I put these bars up in our closet for my necklaces and bracelets. I've never blogged about it- so here you go. I love seeing them all displayed in one place.
We also got new dressers, and an end table from Ikea. Got those built and love them so much more than the old ones.
It's been really busy around here for us - I have one more blog post to put up. I'll have to do it later though - still gotta take the pics! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More projects

First, we laid sod for our whole front yard. I LOVE having thick, full grass.

Then, in the back yard, Eric wanted trees. So, we got four of them, and Eric rented this excavator. There is a reason Eric has a job in field maintenance - he LOVES these machines.
Tree not planted...
Tree planted.
Last Saturday, my family came into town, and my brother and dad helped us put in our garden boxes for square foot gardening. The boxes are complete (except for the tree boxes - we'll do those when we actually have the trees. In the next few weeks, we need to put weed barrier cloth down, rocks, and fill the boxes with dirt. Next year, we will fill the boxes with veggies! WAHOO! Hopefully we'll do the trees next year, and have a beautiful garden. Once we have both arbors up - we'll add vine plants too - grapes, and honeysuckle. I'm so excited.

Eric got a trencher and made the trenches for the sprinkler pipes.

Dad, David, Eric, and myself got the pipes done while they were here, and the boys built the boxes.

The boxes all done.
This was our rose garden before I spent literally ALL DAY weeding it.
Still before...
And now! :)
Eric and Stephanie helped me move all the rocks, and put the weed barrier plastic underneath the rocks. Hopefully it will help the weeds stay away! Next year, we'll get a bunch of roses from Costco, and it will be so lovely!
And last, but not least, is our front door.

Our new screen door - I love having so much more sun coming in the house. Makes it so much more homey.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Concrete and Fence

This year was the year for the front yard and other random projects around the house. So, be prepared for a few blogs on all the things happening around here and why I haven't had a second to blog.

Best Vinyl put our non-sharing neighbor fence sides up in early March. As some of you know, they did an AWFUL job. We ended up getting our money back from American Express since Best Vinyl wouldn't cooperate. Now, we have to get back to them after vacation about taking the fence out. We'll see where it goes from there. Because they did an awful job, we found a new fence place, and they put in our neighbor sides.

We had to get the posts up before we could lay concrete so that we could have the concrete under the fence. So the posts went in.

And we cleared everything from the side of the house.
Leveled the dirt, put concrete down and leveled that, then tied all this rebar. Eric spent a TON of time leveling everything - it's a lot of hard work but worth saving $3000.
Larry, our neighbor who does concrete, helped us a TON as well. He was the one who convinced us we could totally do it ourselves.
We poured the concrete in two sections. This is the first - Phil's dad did concrete before, so he came to help since neither of the two neighbors we have who do concrete, could be there.

Brian also came and helped - and the concrete truck driver came out to give some pointers as well.
And tah dah! Serious kudos to Eric who got the entire thing finished himself because everybody left him. One half done - one to go.
Just kidding! Let's add some Tucker paw prints first. (Bad, bad dog.)

Then the same thing on the other half... but leave out Tuck's prints this time.

And tah dah! Our one neighbor, Greg, helped us do this side.

After the concrete was in, the fence could be finished. The pretty boxer in the above picture is Roxy's lover, Butch.
And everything done! :) We are finally starting to look good - no more white trash outside for us!
The fence in the back....
The side concrete we added so you can get out of your car and step on concrete.
Thanks to all those who helped with the concrete. It was a huge success!

More project blogs to come!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Spudman!!

About a year and a half ago, my friend, Melanie, told me about this tri that had an easy swim because you could practically float down the current.

January came, and I signed Eric and myself up for the race. The catch - you're put in a raffle so you may or may not get in. The day we got back in California from our cruise, I got the email that said we were in! :) I WAS THRILLED!

So training began. Lots of swimming, lots of biking, easy on the running because my knee was giving me issues from doing The Dirty Dash in September 2010.

Training was going really well....and then the side-by-side crushed my foot on May 13th. After finding out it wasn't broken, I was extremely optimistic that we'd still do the tri.

However, 5 weeks of crutches put quite a damper on the training. At 3 weeks of crutches, I remember the doctor telling me I could do the tri, but I wouldn't be able to train - and I had at least two more weeks of my boot and crutches. I was devastated. So imagine the excitement I felt when just 6 weeks before the tri, I got rid of those crutches, and 4 weeks before the tri, I was able to run again.

Then two weeks before the tri, I tried for over a mile - and BAM. The knee was bugging me all over again. But hey, who said you couldn't walk a 10k if you had to!? :)

So off we went to Idaho - the last weekend in July.

We arrived, and went and got our goodie bags - which included this awesome shirt. Eric told me these creatures were the ugliest things he had ever seen. I had to explain that they were potato men- hence the SpudMAN. :)
After getting our bags, we had to take our bikes to the transition spot.

There was THIS dude sporting for us.
Wow... are those some tight jeans or what?!
After dropping off our bikes, we went to the carbo loading dinner.

That night, we got a bit of sleep, got all dressed in the morning at 6 am, and headed to the race.

We don't have any swimming shots - but Eric did take our underwater camera. We forgot to put an SD card in it. So, once we got on our bikes, we were going to pass our car, so Eric grabbed an SD card from the car. haha.

The swim went well. The current was awesome. Where we were doing a 35- 40 minute mile swim in the pool, we did an 18 minute swim in the current! SO COOL! Eric and I decided that we will do a sprint tri every year, and if we feel like doing the olympic again, we'll come do the Spudman because the swim is AWESOME!

Then it was off to the bike ride. I've been training on a hybrid bike but rented a road bike for the race. It was like going from a rusty truck to a ferrari. IT WAS AMAZING. I NEED to buy a road bike.

After getting off the bike, it was time for the run. The run in which I wasn't even sure I'd be able to run. BUT, two days before the race, I saw the chiro who thought my fibular bone was out of place, and the day before that, saw another sports medicine doctor who gave me a cortisone shot in the back of my knee thinking there was a tendon that was inflamed. So I was hoping for the best.

I ran a mile, and then the knee went. We averaged 14 min miles though - walking and running, so it wasn't awful. I'm now seeing an actual knee specialist - who thinks I tore cartilage under my knee cap. We'll see if he's right.

At the end of the last mile, Eric and I could see the finish line was soon, and ran as hard as we could - then did a cartwheel (me) and a forward roll (Eric) over the timing chip line, then ran straight through the finish line. They were reading everybody's names as they came across - it was awesome to hear our names over the speaker system.

And tah dah! SO happy we did the tri.

We stayed in Jessica's home -Jessica was Stephanie's mission companion at some point. She came and watched us finish. HOW SWEET! It was fun to have someone to run through for.

After the race, we took a shower in her friend's house (Jessica's house only has a tub), and went to Jack In The Box! YUM!

And then we went and got shakes at Jessica's sister's company, and went home.

It was AWESOME -and I hope I can get this knee thing figured out and do another one soon!