Monday, October 31, 2011

Vegas - Lewis Black

Sorry for the lack of blogging... but here we go!

At the end of September, Eric and I went and saw Lewis Black in Vegas. 

On our road trip, we stopped by Jack in the Box - my favorite fast food place. 

We got in Thursday night late, late, late.

The next morning, we headed off to the Wynn Buffet - introduced to us by Natalie and Ethan. Absolutely delicious.

After the buffet, as we were leaving, I saw this cool game. I took a dollar and put it in AND...

Do you remember last year when I was kidnapped for my bday to Vegas and Eric didn't bring me any shirts? Well... I ACCIDENTALLY did the same thing to him. It was hilarious So off to Old Navy.

Then we headed off to the temple. Gorgeous.

That night, we headed over to the Luxor to buy a pass for the aquarium, circus circus rides, and the bodies museum.

We visited the bodies museum and learned so much: A baby looks like a baby at two weeks old, your heart is HUGE, and your lungs are a lot smaller than I thought. I also got to see where they will be taking out cartilage in my knee. EWWWWW.

Then we headed off to Lewis Black, and of course needed some popcorn. He was pretty funny. His introducing comedian - NOT FUNNY. Lewis Black is one of Eric's favorite comedians, and he really enjoyed it. I just did everything to try and stay awake after the first hour and a half. haha

The next morning, we headed to the buffet at the Bellagio. VERY DELICIOUS.

Then off to the aquarium...

And then time for the roller coasters - SO FUN.

This one jumps OFF of the rail - SCARY.

Then we headed home. It was a great trip - and so nice to just get out and relax. I always need to remember to save time to relax. DEFINITELY NEEDED.