Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A blog a day?

So, like I mentioned, I have been doing this photo-a-day thing on Instagram. But, it makes my blog writing lack a bit. Since I use this as our scrapbook for the year, I can't really do that. That being said, I don't have something to write about EVERY day, but maybe twice a week. So, I've been thinking of doing a blog-a-day type thing, but that may be too frequent. I could call it blog-twice-a-week, but that sounds dumb. haha

Any suggestions? I'm hoping there are some of you out there who would want to do this with me. If so, how often do you think is often enough? Do you think you'd do it if it was every day? If any of you are interested, I'll type up a list of what you should focus on for that day and we can do it together!

Let me know!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A funk

I've been in a funk lately. It's just been constant work, exercise, and sleep over and over and over. In turn, I've had nothing to blog about. A large part of me not blogging is also because I've been doing this photo a day challenge on my Instagram app. So I take a picture every day, and it ends up going on there and not here. If you're not following me, you should (click the link on the side of my blog). My sister-in-law Rachel introduced it to me while I was in New Jersey, and it's quite fantastic. Now only if I could figure out how to build an iPhone app myself, and put my cool idea out there. :)

Anyway, for now, I wanted to give kudos to my husband for the awesome job he did putting up blinds yesterday!

I have this plan to redo the whole downstairs, and then we'll start going upstairs. I want it to look clean, crisp, organized, and bright, but my house now feels claustrophobic and no matter how much I clean, I always feel like it's dirty. After explaining this to my friend Lynda, an interior decorator, we came up with some great ideas, and now I just need to get them done.

Eventually, I want my downstairs to kind of look like this room below. 

So yes, I will be putting molding around my windows, and crown molding by the ceiling, etc.

I would also love to have a room like this: 

The only problem: I like TONS of things separately, but not together. 

I was telling my friend Katie this yesterday, and she told me all about how she loves this kind of design stuff, and would totally help me. I'm super excited, and can't wait to see what she can put together for me! :)

Hopefully I can get this all done in the next couple months, and feel great about my bright, clean, cozy house! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Eric!

Eric turned 27 this last Saturday. I made him breakfast, then he played some Call of Duty, then we headed off to One Man Band to eat lunch with Nat, Kade and Addi.

Afterwards, we went shooting. All Eric really wanted to do was go shooting. Unforutnately, the gun he got for his birthday didn't get here on time, so he didn't get to take that, but we all still had fun.

Kade and Addi came along. Notice Kade's army pants. Eric and him have the exact same pants. They are now their "shooting pants". Kade loves to go shooting with his Uncle.

Usually Add doesn't want to go, but I gave her the option of going or staying home, and she chose to go, and actually enjoyed herself this time! :) YAY!

She shot five different guns - a Ruger mark II, a Ruger 10-22, a SW M&P 15-22, Red Ryder BB Gun, and Springfield XD 40. She shot the XD 40 last - that's a big bullet for a little girl!

And the videos:

Add and I took off after she was done, and went and got ready for Eric's party. We bought all car themed decorations. :)

We ate pizza and breadsticks.

Then Eric opened his presents.

Then we sang him to him, and he blew out his candles on his two DELICIOUS ice cream cakes, made by Angela. SOOOOO good! Thanks again Angela!

Then we shattered a Lighting McQueen pinata. :)

Afterwards, we went off to Trafalga and did a round of mini golf before we called it a night.

Happy Birthday Eric! I'm so glad you were born and are now my husband. There's no one else in the world I'd want to be with than you! I LOVE YOU!

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's 2012...

And I have nothing to blog about. What is this? I'm at a total brain loss. So, brainstorm with me. Throw out some ideas...and I'll get on it! :)

For now, let me tell you this. I LOVE this picture and all that it means to me. 

This little girl is the cutest. And I absolutely love her. And I LOVE how much she loves me. 

She reminds me how great it is to have such a wonderful, loving family.

 And she, along with her bro, remind me how important it is to laugh, and love just the littlest of things -like a puppy crawling all over you.

So, for this 2012, live, laugh and love!

And when too much life gets in the way and you forget to actually LIVE, just laugh and love harder than you ever could before, and you'll start living all over again.