Monday, February 27, 2012

Goodbye Charlie Part 3

We ate lunch at the Balance Rock Eatery and Pub in Helper, UT. It was delicious! If you ever pass through, go here!

Eric's role model = that camo dude behind Austin.

Addi, Austin, Kade

This dude was playing and had his performance in two or three hours but was doing a sound check... a sound check for two to three hours? Really? It was nice, live music though. :)
 Austin's friend holding up the mining statue

 Saying bye to Charlie... :(

 And then bye to Austin... :(
 And Addi and me! :)

We miss her lots but are so glad that she is in a good home!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Goodbye Charlie Part 2

After the dino museum, we went to the Western Mining and Railroad Museum in Helper. 

This was across the street and reminded me of a scene in a movie, or a theme park ride.
Old baking soda! 

 This would give you a perm... SCARY.

 A quilt Eric wants me to make him.
 Add at school

 The post office

 This is where they check in and out - description is below. Eric has to do something like this at work - but it's a box they put locks on and it shows who is working on the machine. 

 This is a battery charger! How cool!
 Austin brought charlie a pink collar with lots of bling. Add loved it.
 After the museum, we visited a ghost town. It's crazy to think that people lived here and then the mine shut down, and they all just left.

 I think Charlie likes the snow. :)

After that, we headed out to lunch! More later!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Goodbye Charlie Part 1

So, I guess it's time that I re-commit to my blog challenge. I'll be better now.

A few weeks back we met Austin in Price, and dropped off our sweet little Charlie to go to her new home. Because there are 55 pictures, I've split them up in a few different entires. 

Addi and Kade spent the night and we had waffles - made in the Blendtec. Addi is such a good helper in the kitchen.
 Then we started heading down to Price. 

Charlie was protecting Addi. 

These windmills are so cool - Utah is the first place I've ever seen something like these. 

Jersey and Charlie sat with Kade and Addi pretty much the whole time.
 Little Charlie Paw

In price, we visited a dinosaur museum with Austin and his friend.

 They have a whole section for activities for kids and as we went around to look at other things, Addi kept asking me, "when do we get to go do more activities?" :) 

There are these huge boxes with sand - so you can uncover the fossils.

At first, you see this and think, oh what a big mammoth.
 And then you notice this...

When we got to this display of naked people, Addi said, "all those people are naked!" 

Addi asked me what these were - I told her and she said her mom has moccasins. So Nat, this picture is for you!  

This teepee (or tipi, or tepee- why can you spell it so many ways?) has a book inside about a wolf who steals blankets off this rock. We took a moment to read here. 

Then we went on to the next museum! More later!!!