Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Randomness to the max

It has been SO long since I posted that Blogger went in and changed all their settings on how I write my blog entries...weird!

I spent most of the day with the Schofields today - it was so refreshing and relaxing. Thanks Nat for letting me chill! When I got back home, I realized all the things I need to get done. I walked into my messy craft room in search of a book to write my to-do lists on - something that I could carry in my purse with me. There's just something to be said about writing things down in a hard copy instead of using my phone for my notes and such.

Instead, I found a box of old journals. I've been writing in a journal since I was very little, but consistently since I was 12. I have always thought it would be so fun for my kids, and my future self, to look back and see the history of me. As I sat down and read some, I remembered who I was, and took a good hard look at my present self. It's something I've been working on for the last month - in light of recent events in my life - and I think to read some of my journals would be a very rewarding experience.

On a side note, while on this search for a small book, I realized, I will need a new purse to carry my to-do list book around in. Something super cute, not too big, and not too small - that has lots of pockets inside to separate the things I carry in it - like receipts, my wallet, my make-up, gum, my keys, cell phone, and now - my book! (B-day present idea for me :) )

Anywho... so as I was thinking about all this stuff to write in my new little book - I realized, I better get to blogging too! So, I'm going to share my to-do list with you - and hopefully have a new entry all about our trip to WA - tomorrow!

My to-do list - not in priority order (it will be when I put it in my book):

1. Finish 2009 blog book
2. Edit photos for Alexa
3. Edit photos for client
4. Clean the downstairs
5. Find a place in the garage? for bunnies
6. Blog about bunnies
7. Blog about WA trip
8. Blog about journaling
9. Write in my other two blogs
10. Put the strings up for my boxes
11. Plant in the boxes
12. Clean and organize the craft room
13. Clean and organize the loft
14. Take stuff to DI or put on KSL
15. Put away all of the laundry
16. Finish washing the last of the laundry
17. Organize schedule to include getting laundry done
18. Make up my own tri schedule for the tri on June 30th
19. Do the budget - STICK TO IT
20. Come up with list of items to save for and how long it will take to reach them
21. Make up realistic goals and a realistic plan for weight loss (15 lbs by July 13th)
22. Write a note and mail it
23. Find an elliptical on KSL - save for it and buy
24. Watch library movie and take back
25. Put up shelves for collection of shotglasses and put up collection
26. Make a new batch of cookies for primary kids and take to them
27. Get stuff ready for young women's activity - 7pm tomorrow
28. Go through clothes and figure out what to give away
29. Cancel hotel days in FL
30. Find a weekend for paragliding and schedule
31. Find a weekend for photo class and schedule
32. Look up schools for my masters and figure out if it can be any cheaper
33. Go through recipes and consolidate into one book
34. Take gifts to Alina
35. Take back un-tinted paint to S&W
36. Safety and Emissions on my car
37. Email back photo client - thanksgiving point
38. Email back photo client -wedding in June
39. Buy light set-up and printer
40. Buy parts for car to be fixed

And I'm sure there's more, but that's what I can remember this late in the night. Now I need to go to bed so I can exercise at 5 am!