Monday, May 28, 2012

Florida Part 2

After the airboat ride, we played at this little park next to where we boarded our airboat.

Awbs and I wrestled this alligator down. :)

Afterwards, we set off to eat. We stopped at a place called The Catfish Place. Everyone really wanted to try gator. I was not too thrilled about trying it - I hate eating weird meat. 

But in the end, I tried the gator, and went to eat turtle, and stopped trying it because I could tell it was going to be chewy. EWWWW.  Everyone else loved it and ate all of it.

After we ate, and dropped off the rental car Eric and I had for the day, we headed off to Wonder Works. It's like the Seattle Science Center - just a bunch of cool science-y stuff. 

We did a ton of cool stuff. They had this one bucket where you put your hand in the FREEZING water to see how long you could keep it in there. It was the temperature of the water when the Titanic sank. I would have died for sure. Eric would have held on a bit longer. 

Eric and I both laid on this bed of nails.

We played with bubbles!! 

We also looked at this huge google earth screen, and looked at where we all live, and where Awbs served in Iraq. 

After playing around, we went to a comedy dinner show at Wonder Works. It was hilarious -and a great way to end the night. 
 This picture is the INSIDE door of the women's bathroom. It makes me laugh so hard that it has a "men" sign. 

After that, we went back to play with the bubbles some more.


Afterwards, we went to Friendly's again. :)

More again in the next blog! (Aren't you all so happy I'm blogging again? )

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Florida - part 1

We took a trip to Florida, and met up with my friend Awbrey, her husband Chris, and their daughter, Mercedes (I call her MJ because her name is Mercedes Joy). They are living in South Carolina right now, so they came down and we all hung out.

The day we arrived, Awbs and fam were still in South Carolina, and were driving down that night. So we met up with my friend Eric, and his wife Melanie, and headed to Dave and Busters.

We ate there, and played games, and...

I hit the jackpot!

When we went to buy our prizes, we found this gem. :)

After that, we headed to Friendly's for ice cream. 

The next day, Awbs and fam arrived and we headed off for an airboat ride in the swamp.

The airboat is so cool - it can go over all the weeds, brush, etc and go through the water. It is like it's gliding.

I think MJ (Mercedes) was enjoying herself. :)

See the gator? We saw 39 gators during our ride.

These cows are in a field across the way, but they walk through the water to get to the rest of the field, and they look like they are floating in water.

This bird is called an Evergreen Snail Kite and you can't get near them because they are federally regulated. So if they are on these poles, you have to make sure you drive far away from them.

Half way through our ride, we took a nature tour at this little island that I call the Dr. Seuss island. It looks like trees that could be made by Dr. Seuss, or maybe in the Lorax.
 Eric said "look, the big tree is helping this little tree grow."

Awbs wearing the hair off of the trees

We got back on our airboat, and headed out to see more gators.

These pink things are snail eggs!
I really want to have a pond with lily pads. SO COOL.

More in the next blog!

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Addition to the Fam

I'm so sorry for my lack of posting. BUT, I finally got the computer organized and am ready to blog again. :)

So first off... we have new members to our family: Gerard and Archer (originally Vanessa when we thought she was a girl - but vet confirmed, definitely a boy. Poor bunny getting a girl's name for a while!) We got them last month. 



Roxy with the bunnies - she FINALLY is nice to them AKA doesn't try to eat them 

And this picture makes me laugh so hard. When Roxy eats, she will end up putting one paw in the bowl or on the plate, and hold it there until she is SURE there is nothing left. 

Do I have a Roxy bunny twin?

They are the softest little creatures ever! Just love them!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Washington Part 2

Ride the Ducks is a boat/car that takes you all around Seattle and then down into the water.VERY cool.

Where are Jackie and Rick?

This is outside of my duck window - this is the EMP (Experience Music Project). It was built to look like Jimmy Hendix's smashed guitar from above.
Bill Gates opened a new building down here and they have a fake tree. So shiny!

The Beatles apparentally stayed in this hotel.
The Crab Pot was featured on "Man vs Food"

Ivars... a famous seafood restaurant

 A really cool clock tower
 Our driver kept putting on different hats - they were pretty funny. This one was to represent all of the Starbucks we have. Every time we passed one we all had to yell Cha Ching! 
 Pike's place!
 Blue trees
 The driver played music the entire time for what we were talking about. When we passed the cops putting away a homeless person, he put on the "cops" theme music. It was hysterical.
 This is a famous car wash. The driver said there was an elephant and it's two babies traveling through, and this car wash told their owner to bring them through to cool off. So that is where it gets it's name - and the two little babies next to it. I don't know how true this story is as I can't find it anywhere! But cool story! :)

 Again, so sunny and gorgeous!
 After we drove into the water and turned into a boat, we passed a bunch of house boats.
 These boats here were filmed in some tv show - I don't remember which one now though.
 A sea plane!

 Gasworks Park - people were flying kites- looked like so much fun!
 The Sleepless in Seattle boathouse 
 Doesn't it look like this plane might run into the space needle? ha.
 Gasworks again
 On our boat, they had a girl wear this duck hat and had her dance. She was amazing at it! It made everyone laugh so hard!
 And I really want these chairs. All of them!
 The building behind the McDonald's is the Komo 4 building - also used for scenes in Grey's Anatomy.

The next day, we hung out with some friends, and caught our flight that night. As always, we got our starbucks drink - DELICIOUS.

 That's all!