Thursday, June 21, 2012

On the pet front...

This is a little frog named Taddy. He was just a wee little tadpole when we got him from Petsmart. They gave him to us for free because he comes in their shipment of feeder fish and they don't know what he is to sell him. 

He started like this - just two little legs, a body, head, and tail.

 Within the week, his arms just shot out! It was crazy cool.
 Then we left for our trip to New Mexico and came back to him looking like this.

 Two weeks later, after not being able to feed him anything he wanted to eat, I released him into the pond near our house for some chance to eat flies or something.

It was so cool to see him grow. I've never seen a tadpole! (Or at least not that I remember).

As far as our other pets, poor little Jersey did something to her toe. She cut the pad of it somehow, and her nail was sticking up. After it wasn't getting better, we took her to the vet, and he had to remove her nail. He said it would grow back BEFORE he did surgery. After the surgery, he told us that her toe was actually broken on the top (if you were looking at your own fingers, it would be everything above your cuticle) and he had to take it out. So... she may never get her nail back. If she does, it might not really be a nail, but more like a skin flap. EWWW. So we'll see how it goes. Right now though, she looks great, and is just missing a nail.

 This is her nail and the part of her broken toe. 

This is her on the car ride home. She was so doped up on drugs she could barely move. 

Her poor little wrapped up foot.

And this is the way I chose to place her. It seemed like it would be most comfortable. As long as we were watching her, we didn't leave her cone on. She didn't really understand how to wear it and walk. Poor thing.

She's all better now though! We sure do love our pets.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Mexico

Over Memorial day weekend, Eric and I took a road trip to see Austin and Ange in New Mexico.

We drove all night - and Rox and Jerz slept like this. :)

This sunrise looks like those pictures of the Santa Fe sunsets/sunrises. 

These are the boys shopping - can you tell they are bros?
 This is so blurry but still funny. We went out to dinner one night, and across the street is a wedding chapel and to the left of the chapel, a brazilian wax shop. HA!

At the place we ate at was called Kelly's.  They have dog food on their menu. 
 It's an old service station - used to be called Jones Motor Company way back when. Again, sorry for the blurry photo.  It was a super cool place.

We ate out for breakfast as well, but I can't remember what the place is called, but here is a picture of all of us.
We went shopping for some stuff at Walmart, and Aus and Ange talked about buying themselves these bikes. They totally need to!
 Ange took me out to get a pedicure for my birthday - LOVED IT. Thanks Ange! 
 We went to Tucano's for my bday as well and saw this sign on a Gentleman's club. It had be laughing so hard.
 Inside Tucanos as they are about to sing to me. 
 Roxy got to play with her baby, Charlie. They are such twinners.

We took all the pups out to the dog park too. They loved it.

We grilled one night and Eric made DELICIOUS chicken.

 Sadly, we had to head back home. I sure wish Austin and Ange lived closer so we could visit more often.

Thanks for having us again! SO MUCH FUN!

We headed on our way back and watched the sunset.
 Then Eric even drove us ALL the way to Colordao. I was so impressed as usually he is out once it gets dark and he is driving. He did such a good job! :)

We miss you Aus and Ange!!!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Florida - Part 9

That morning, we woke up and walked to Miami Beach - right outside our hotel. It was so nice to swim in the ocean. 

I thought this lifeguard stand was so unique looking - loved it!

Me and the hubs


A really cool beach tractor

A freaking awesome pelican who we took videos of - below. I love the way he dives into the water and tries to get fish.

After we were done playing, we went inside, showered and packed. 

We drove around to see places in movies and TV.

This is a building in Scarface.

This is Miami Ink! I even went inside and inquired if they did toe tattoos- and they said they don't because the tattoo will end up looking bad. I only recognized one guy off of the show.

This is the apartment complex Dexter's apartment is in.

This is the best picture Eric could get of it since it's a gated off building, but this is where you see Dexter walking away from his apartment in the opening scene.

Eric always picks up flowers for me and puts them in my hair. I love him.
After all of that, we went to eat. Lunch on the ocean. :)
Eric thinks he could build me a table like this. I want our kitchen table to look like this.

After lunch, we played on the beach some more - this is the bay harbor. (Remember when they call Dexter the bay harbor butcher?)

Then we went to the airport... and it rained a TON. Florida was obviously sad to see us go.

And that ends our Florida vacation.

Eric and I definitely need to take vacations like this more often. I say next, a cruise or Australia!

Florida - Part 8

The drive from Key West to Miami is about 4 hours, so we obviously got hungry and stopped to eat. 

It was at this adorable little place called Cafe Largo. It was delicious and everyone there was so friendly!

And of course, got the key lime pie since we are at the Keys! :)

We made it back to Miami and slept the night knowing that sadly, the next day would be our last day on vacation. :(