Monday, September 10, 2012

Girl's Camp

Last year, I was called to be our girl's camp director. It was a lot of fun to plan, but even more fun to go. The girls in our ward are just adorable, and my camp assistants were hilarious to hang out with. 

We did tons of crafts while at camp, sang tons of songs, served each other, and just had fun!

This jar has a light in it, and we used a ton of them all together to be our "campfire" since we couldn't light fires.

We wrapped hair :) 

And did a ropes course to learn to work together

And braided LOTS of hair

And hung out with the stake at the amphitheater

Sweet, adorable girls!

What a blast! Now we gotta start planning for 2013!

Stephanie's Wedding

Stephanie got married in Utah, and a week later had her reception in Washington.

Addi was a flower girl - she was so dang cute. I love this girl.

My brother and his family 

All the bridesmaids with the bride 

All the groomsmen with the groom

Nat and Eric

Nat and me

My parents and Steph 

J.D. and Steph at the reception hall

Eric and me dancing - I love dancing with my hubby!

My dad and Steph for the daddy/daughter dance

After all the Utah events, Eric and I drove to WA a week later. 

This is how Eric and I road trip. I can drive all night - but Eric needs to drive during the day.

The downside to this trip was that we were driving my dad's Scion back to him, and it had a flat tire. So we stayed with Christie in Jerome (after filling up the tire every 30 - 50 miles just to make it there). Thanks for hosting us Christie! We stayed there the next day, and then headed off - after getting four new tires for my dad from Costco.

On our way we saw Thomas the Train in Snoqualmie!

We saw my cousin Sarah's new baby girl - Wynter. She loved Eric. 

We went to lunch with Kenz, Jarad, Michelle and AJ at Las Margaritas. It is a necessity to eat there when we go. :) 

I went and got my hair done with Lexi at the old Bellevue Beauty school. I think it is called Evergreen Beauty College or something now.

That night we went to the reception. It was great fun seeing everyone. 

The next day, we had lunch with AJ and his girlfriend, Jenny, and went and said bye to my Granddad. 

 Lexi took us to the airport afterwards. I miss her already!

It was so fun to be in WA - especially cuz Lexi was out there too and it's been so long since we've been in the same state. :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stephanie's Bachelorette Party

Stephanie got married in the Bountiful temple on Friday, July 13th. I threw her a bachelorette party the night before and it was so much fun!

I did an "Alice in Wonderland" theme. I chose this because as kids, we used to have tea parties with our cousin Elyse. We used to make cucumber sandwiches and hot chocolate for our tea. 

I gave everybody cards as a party favor.

I made little "drink me" tags for their "tea"

And we used martinelli's for our drinks. :) Stephanie drank hers out of shotglasses, and Mary Jane taught us how to do shots. 

I cut out the cucumber sandwiches as spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

We had a chocolate fountain too.

And cupcakes!
 I made "eat me" tags for these.
 I decorated with cut-outs of hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds.
 And created a card garland.
 And had bachelorette party balloons!
 Stephanie and I always drink our "tea" with our pinkies up. :) And not on purpose either. It just happens.
After eating, we played "kiss the stud".

And I got the kiss on the crotch. (We told Stephanie she should take this as a map of where to kiss JD on her wedding night. ;) )
 We played a game where we taped celebrities on the back of each other and had to ask questions about the guy, and guess who it was.
 Stephanie had J.D. :)
 We tried to embarrass Stephanie with lots of "sexy" presents.

It was so fun! And now my last sibling is married! CRAZY!!