Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Garden

This year, I took after my brother and put a garden in. We planted a million things and it was so fun watching it all grow! I can't believe so many things come from tiny, little seeds.

My cucumbers and yellow squash went crazy. I need to remember to plant way more yellow squash next year. It was delicious!

 We planted blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. No berries this year. We will see if they produce anything next year.
 I planted my watermelons and cantaloupes a few weeks too late. I need to remember to start them and corn earlier. Still, what a cute little watermelon.

 I can also start my pumpkins earlier. They were ready on time though, and it was so fun to grab them out of the garden instead of buying them.
 We planted black and green beans. They also can be planted earlier than what I did.
 This is just one of our four boxes.
 This little plant is an extra potato. We planted six red potatoes and six regular potatoes. They both grew like crazy and produced a ton. Then, we left some in the ground, and they came back. Potatoes grow VERY well here. I want to move them out of the boxes next year though, and plant them in potato towers.
 This is my little corn - needed to start a month earlier.
 These are onions. I left them in the ground and they will come again next year. I'm hoping they will be bigger. They never produced a huge onion. So we will see what next year brings.
 Our carrots were CRAZY! They were insanely huge.
 We planted broccoli and needed to cut it more often for sure.
 We planted lots of lettuce. Next year, I need to stagger plant the lettuce so it comes at different times instead of all at once. Romaine and iceberg both did well.
 We planted several peppers. We started their seeds inside, and then took the plants outside. They went into shock right away. This one came back and produced this little pepper. Next year we will start them in bigger pots and keep them inside longer I think.
 These were brussel sprouts but the aphids attacked, and even though you can take soapy water and get it all off - it grossed me out.
 I planted a bunch of herbs - cilantro, basil, thyme, chives and oregano. I think I won't plant any herbs next year because I didn't use them very much. If I want to use them more, I'll plant them in the Aerogarden inside. If I do any herbs, it would be cilantro.

 We planted strawberry seeds but they never came up, so then we planted starters. After that, they did well and were delicious!
 We planted six tomato seeds (2 roma, 2 cherry, and 2 beefmasters) and should have done just one or two total. We had tomatoes galore!
 We planted an artichoke. It won't produce for three years, but it will be cool when it does!
We planted four asparagus plants. They were so weird! They would come up at different times, and just appear one day and be HUGE.
Our apple tree is still producing fruits. I can't wait until we add more fruit trees!
And the garden in whole!
I'm so excited to plant again next year. It is so fun!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


My friends Anna and Cory decided it would be fun to do a tri with Eric and me. So the training began. We swam, biked, and ran regularly.

 Because beach cruisers are hard to push around, we figured training on a beach cruiser would make riding a road bike a piece of cake! We were told there was this nasty hill in the Kokopelli tri, so we rode our bikes up suncrest to get a feel for the hill in the tri.

And then it was off to St. George for the tri. At one point, one of the wheels fell off our roof, but we saved it, and all was well. Not broken or anything. Didn't even hit a car.
 We got to St. George and got a good night's rest. Then we woke up and headed out for our tri.
 It went so well -and I beat everybody by about 6 minutes! :) I'm a little obsessed with triathlons.

Eric won a little raffle prize - he is so proud!
 Anna and me
 Eric and me
 Cory, Anna, me and Eric
 After the tri, we checked out of our hotel and went to Vegas to meet up with Kenz/Jarad who were going to be there the same weekend!

We went around to a bunch of places on the strip and Kenz bought one of these gorgeous looking cupcakes. 
 Anna and Cory stood with Woody and Buzz - Vegas is kinda like Disneyland I suppose. lol
 We watched the Bellagio fountains. Very cool to watch.
 The next morning, we went out to breakfast before we headed back home. 
I miss my Kenz tremendously and hope we can hang out again soon!!

Rebecca's Wedding

My friend, Rebecca, got married in Delaware at the beginning of September. Since Eric and I had just been on the East Coast, I flew out by myself, and stayed a few extra days to hang out with the family.

I flew in late night Friday and Rachel picked me up. Thanks for all of your hospitality Rach/Brian! 

I drove to Delaware and met up with the rest of Bexter's bridesmaids, and we all got our hair done.

 Bexter getting her make-up done

Bexter and me

Scott waiting to see Rebecca for the first time 
 An awesome watermelon!
 They had the cutest details - like this little tag to tell me where to sit
 Teesha (one of Bexter's bridesmaids) and me

 After all the wedding events, I went back to New Jersey. The next morning, we all went out to eat at Colonial.
 I got to play with the boys a lot! They loved sitting in this box and scooting around the floor.

 Jack giving me a flower  - isn't he sweet?

 I ran a few times while in Jersey. It is so pretty there, but the humidity kills!
 The boys came with me sometimes :)
 We played at lots of parks
 And did lots of things inside too as it was raining outside most of the time
 After a fun filled weekend, I met up with Noelle and Brennan and got some water ice. A jersey staple.

It was a fun trip, and I'm glad I got to go out again!