Sunday, November 11, 2012


A year ago, I had surgery on my knee. Today, I can run without pain in my knee, I can do lunges, I can walk up and down stairs, etc. The hardest thing for me - crawling on my knees/kneeling. But it gets better every day. And I am so grateful for modern medicine and for Dr. Cooley! It's so nice to know that we can be healed to do the things we used to do! I have done three tris since my surgery. AMAZING.

Now, I just have to get back to running a 10k. Hopefully by March of next year.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

2nd Annual Halloween Party

For two years now, I have thrown a Halloween party. AND IT IS SO MUCH FUN! I probably won't do it next year however, as I like to go all out and it gets SUPER expensive. haha We will see.

The pictures are not in particular order.

Pumpkin Pizza

 Chelsey with her polar bear!
 Mary-Katherine and Spencer being the woman who swallowed a fly. SO COOL.
 Addi as a witch
 The kids throwing darts at the balloons filled with candy
 Jr and Aisea 
 Lions, Tigers and Bears! :) I love this.
 Sarah and Christian - they were acting out Claire and Phil from Modern Family
 Calvin as a lion
 A frozen brain
 Eric and Angela as exercise peeps
 I was playing with the panoramic feature on my phone :)
 Pearl, Autumn, and Alex - very creepy!

 DJ and Chelsea - DEXTER!
 Another panoramic view.
 Bones for food :)
 Mummy dogs
 Little pudding desserts
 Just jello - no worms!
 A frozen hand
 And a delicious witches brew
 The wizard of oz! VERY COOL! Brandon had to come over on back of a truck because he couldn't sit in his car. haha
If you missed it, you totally missed out!!