Monday, December 31, 2012

The Puppies!

On November 9th, Roxy had seven puppies! She dropped her temp the night before (meaning she would go into labor soon) then was breathing heavily all night. I stayed up with her all night, and she decided to wait to have her first puppy the next morning. Silly girl. 

The first boy was born at 7:22 am and weighed 1 lb 8 oz. He was a big one! We called him chunkers. His new family is below. However, the husband is too allergic to him, and they will probably sell him. He was my absolute favorite one. I hope he goes somewhere good.

The 2nd puppy (girl) was born at 8:55 am at 1 lb 1 oz. It was such a long time between pups, I was worried we would be having pups for the next 24 hours! She had to get seven out! Good thing we got the x-ray. 

Eric named her Madison. She does not have a home yet.

The third puppy (girl) was born at 10:56 am at 1 lb 1 oz. She went to a home that has three other boxers already, and their fourth one died recently. Her name was Roxy like our Roxy and they say that Roxy looked like Roxy. haha They named their new pup Abbie. 

The 4th puppy (boy) was born at 12:01 pm at 1 lb 1 oz. He went to a family with four children - all girls. The husband needed some men in the family! They named him Dakota.

The fifth puppy was a girl born at 12:24 pm at 1 lb 2 oz. Roxy finally decided to start having them close together at this point. :) Her name is Laila and she went to a family with two sons. They decided to get one of the boxers before Roxy even had them. They chose this one and named her Laila. 

Indi went to my neighbors - Chelsea and DJ. She was the 6th puppy born at 12:44 pm at 1 lb. This is her new brother - Harley.

The 7th puppy was born at 1:28 pm at 1 lb. The smallest one. He went to Madison (with the purple headband) as a Christmas gift from her mom (in red).  They named him Zeke.

And now pictures of all the puppies!

I can't believe they went from being so little to so big!

They never really understood that they could share ALL of the bowls. haha

They always did this - separated themselves into boys/girls. It made me laugh so hard every time.

Chunkers fell asleep in the food bowl. 

And now we just have Madison left - looking for a home. 

I miss them all so much and hope they are getting taken very good care of!