Saturday, January 19, 2013

Eric's 28th Birthday

Eric turned 28 this year. We had everybody over for some yummy ice cream cake on Jan. 13th.

The next day, I surprised Eric with a skiing trip to Sundance! First, I made him breakfast in bed, and then I told him we were going skiing so it was time to leave! 

It was SO cold on the mountain - the audi said it was NEGATIVE 7 degrees!!!! But it was still a lot of fun. Eric asked me if we should get lunch, and I said, well, we can eat in our room or at a restaurant. And he said, our room!?!? :) hehe

After a day of skiing, we went to our lodge.

It was the most amazing room I have ever stayed in. I wish I could live there. And the service was awesome, and the people were so friendly. I never wanted to leave.

The room had several of these reading nooks. Eric said they reminded him of a place Cathi would want to go. :)

The bathroom had a shower and a separate tub. The shower had a steamer in it. Unfortunately, ours did not work. Neither did a bunch of the light bulbs, but maintenance came within five minutes of our call to fix it.

For Dinner, we ate at the Foundry Grill. Eric had prime rib and on every bite made yummy noises. He really enjoyed it. 

They sat us next to the fireplace (a spot reserved for us for Eric's birthday :) ). It was so nice since it was FREEZING.

Then they gave him dessert for free for his birthday. :)

We were supposed to ski the next day, but Eric said he felt like an old man, and didn't want to. So we slept in, and stayed in our wonderful room until check out.

And then it was time to go. And I was SOOOOO sad.  

But, of course, it's always good to come home and see the animals. :)

Happy birthday babe!